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From a short tour, by the Rev. P. E. GOTTHEIL, during the summer : I joined brother H- at L-; we took Jewish child, of whom we learnt that, not our passage for H- -, and at the station satisfied with the Hebrew prayers at meals, conversed with a Jewish brother from it always prayed from the heart in German. F-, who told us he held the honorary We spent Sunday at II-, and held a office of circumciser; he sorrowed much numeronisly attended Missionary meeting over the decline of piety among the Jews, in the evening. and informed us that he had just been We paid a visit to Mr. L-, at Eexercising his office in one of the richest they said that our visit was quite opporJewish families at Stutgart, but that he tune; their welcome was indeed cheering. did not venture to touch any thing that was They had lately suffered much through offered for refreshment, for fear of its not the loss of a brother, and other calamities. being prepared in accordance with the Through much tribulation we must enter talmudical prescriptions. He believed Is- the kingdom of leaven;" we believe that rael's present depression to be on account this word will come true of this family. of their sin. When he discovered that we Mr. L- and his wife are believers in believed in the Toleh, he exclaimed, “ How Christ. We spent four happy hours in their could God have a Son?" and with many house and family, and believe that, through angry words, hastened away from us. the mercy of God, a work of grace has been

We found a large Jewish community at commenced there. K

our first visit was to an aged We asked after the teacher; not finding Jewish couple. 'They had lately lost an him, the landlord of this house and his adult son,-a circumstance which led us to wife asked us in. With them and another speak of death and judgment, of Jesus as Jewish visitor we held friendly and argunot only the Judge, but as being the true mentative converse. We parted from them Comforter, the Forgiver of sins, the Prince to dine; not long after we were joined again of Peace, the Conqueror over death and the by the Jew who had been a visitor and grave. After further conversation on the listener in the house we had just left; the present times, and concerning the resur- Gospel seemed to have great attraction for rection of the dead, of which he was very him, for he requested us to come and see. ignorant; after proving the divinity of him in his native place. We tried at several Christ, and urging, according to Jeremiah houses to find the teacher, but could not, xxxi., the circumcision of the heart upon either he was not at home, or was denied them, as distinguished from the circum- being so. We left the village, when we cision of the flesh,—we parted friendly: found ourselves followed by a man who Mrs. E— having joined in our conversa- soon accosted us, and at once entered on a tion the whole time with hearty good-will, lively controversy. It was pleasing to find and listened attentively. With Mr. L- this searching soul so glad of an opportuwe spoke of the true nature of

prayer, con- nity to talk of these things, for he actrasting it with the Jewish acceptation of tually sought us. He spoke of the differthe term. The old man, on our departure, ences existing among Christians, and told wished to see us again. We also went to us that he loved all who held the unity the teacher, with whom we conversed on of the Godhead. We explained many the influence which the Gospel exerts on things to him, and parted in a friendly way. the intellectual development of a nation, At M-, we visited the young rabbi, especially on its language.

a very superior man. His acquaintance On Saturday, we went to the synagogue,

with German literature is considerable. and heard a sermon on the rebellion of On mentioning our names, and talking Absalom; but we regretted to find the ex. of Basle, he spoke with great affection position, as well as the application, destitute of Dr. Auberlen, a Christian divine of the sound moral requirements which the of his acquaintance, and expressed his Bible makes on the human heart. After pleasure at the distinguished critical conversing with several groups of Jews on works published by him. They had been the brevity of life, and the importance of fellow-students together at the university. eternity, we again visited Mr - We (Dr. A. is a man of great Christian exfound him surrounded by his daughter and perience and piety, who has lately comher family, together with some visitors, to mented on the book of Daniel.) My name all of whom we spoke of the peace of God he remembered from the little work ou the dwelling in Christ. We explained the Messiah issued last year. The rabbi feels true nature of prayer, and spoke to one that Israel wants regenerating; he thanked



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us for our visit, at which we conversed for Christ. He has great difficulties to encounabout an hour on a variety of subjects. ter: his wife and children are greatly We felt gratified by his kind indulgence. opposed, and his son from America has

In the afternoon we visited Mr. H written to say that, if his father confesses a wealthy man; he was at home with his Christ, he will not be owned by him. He daughter. He is an old man, and we spoke has a great desire after the Saviour, and of eternity as near, Brother H- said, wishes to be a secret disciple. We felt that he had no desire for the days of his obliged to tell him that the Lord must youth to return, but that he would rather confessed openly, at whatever risk or danger. depart, and be with the Lord. Mr H- We prayed with him, and encouraged him replied, that he had no such desire, as he to trust in the Lord, giving up everything fared well enough in this world. We to Him, that He, in return, may give him life answered, and argued with him for some eternal. time; but he met us only with smiles of We conversed at W with a Jewish complacency. The daughter maintained, family for about an hour, hearing the chil. against us, that there was no place of pun- dren read, and explaining their prayers. ishment, its having been invented to scare We went to a house where we found about the mind, &c. We reminded her of judg- a dozen Jews and Jewesses assembled, the ment to come; but the mure we urged her, subject discussed was, Who are the true the more she showed, or feigned, an air of Jews?" we maintaining that believers in frivolity; our serious remonstrances secinea

Christ were.
This made some angry,

but to raise their anger, and we took our de. they being subdued by the rest, they all parture with a heavy heart.

listened kindly to the end. We received a visit, on the twentieth,

We visited N and were well refrom Mr. L—, and were truly thankful ceived by the family K—, who requested to tind that he had become a believer in us, wher in their locality, to call again.

At the close of a more recent journey Jr. GOTTHEIL observes :I believe I mentioned to you before, the to separate me from my mother's womb, recent conversion of one of the ablest and and to call me by His grace. He has reintellectually most gifted Jews of Ger- vealed His Son in me, that I might preach many, Mr. S.C. He had been known Him among the heathen, (Gal. i. 15-16.) before as a man of great learning, both in

God has delivered me to make me free rabbinical and classical lore; a man of ex- and comfort me; hence I left my mother's cellent character, a very ornament of his womb; God has put His love into my nation. Many honours, both academical heart, and therefore I left the land of my and literary, fell to his share. His opinion fathers. Faith has enlightened mine eye, in matters literary and political carried

and enabled it to see; therefore I do not with them great weight, and were much

feel the burdens of this world. Without desired. Yet how sweet it is to see his power- any misgivings I enter upon my new fuful mind humbled at the foot of the Cross; ture; I am safe in life and death, for His to hear him confess, as it were, as the grace is with me. Not men have influenced result of his life's study and thoughts, me, and I have not consulted with flesh and that be considers the reproach of Christ blood; He himself las been my teacher greater riches than all the honours the (Gal. i. 12.), and therefore my hope is in world could bestow-Jesus Christ and His Him: He has revealed Himself to me in my cross as the highest standard of wisdom, need, therefore what can men do unto me? of righteousness, of sanctification, and re- His Holy Spirit has been given to me when I demption—to see him sit down at the feet went astray, therefore I hid myself in the of Jesus, to learn of Him, to become a child, shadow of His wings. Heavy trials are in looking up to be instructed, and led into store for me, but as I have deserved them, all truth! The Gospel is indeed the they must be borne. Though I be alone, power of God unto salvation, if a man like yet He will be with me; there will be much this can thus write:* “ It has pleased God to suffer, but love shall not cease in iny

heart. The teacher (the Mesites: the law) * In the preface to the Dissertation ho pub. lished in the month of June 1855, on the occa

I now leave I shall not omit to esteem in sion of his baptism. It is entitled: Der Mit. love and affection in future. Hence tler, (Mesites, and tries to explain and solve

those pages, the results of my meditations the difficulty of Galatians iii., 19, 20. This panphlet is distinguished, like the other in days of sweet associations, are dedicated works of its learned author, by great depth of to the old friend, the Law, and the newly research, and proves a vast store of reading, found Redeemer, the eternal Mesites. And even in Christian literature, both of ancient

hence, its contents, however much they are and anodern date It well deserves the notice of the learned in England.

conceived in weakness, are intended as a

memorial of that hour, when the Lord said We have a right to hope great things unto me: “Get thee out into a land that from a mind like this, thus dedicating his I will shew thee,'"* (Gen. xii. 1.) Who pen, as well as all his energies, to the service can value the influence such a mind, of the truth. Hiving once grasped the distinguished at once by piety and depth truth in the love of it, there is no doubt of thought, is intended to exercise on the but that, with the aid of the Spirit, he will minds of his nation? I may here meno make it available for the benefit of others. tion, that Mr. C

lias also published Not less so the Lord reveals himself a larger work, entitled, “ Irene," in which people of lower degree in intellect : Yea, he strives to point out the essential differ- they, we know, are especially the objects ence between what the world calls peace,

of His care. In my last journey I met a and that peace which the world cannot poor Jewish woman of very humble cirgive nor take-aye, which passeth all un- cumstances, and of small capacity, but derstanding, and of which the Saviour who is earnestly striving after saving knowspeaks in His sermon on the mount. This ledge, and finds in the Lord and His Word work is equally distinguished by great re- comfort and encouragement in her sorrowsearch and learning, and was published ing widowhood. She loves to have inter. some six months previous to its author course with God's people, and desires their professing Christianity. The spirit of "intercession and prayers. Such humble souls piety and biblicity (if I may be allowed the Lord still loves to visit and clicer, as He to use such a word in English-it exists did in the days of His earthly career. Let already in German, and means,

me bespeak your prayers on her behalf. My agreement with the word of God"), pre- friend at T is still in lively correvailing in that work, may well serve as spondence with me, and seems to progress a pattern, and be recommended to Christian in knowledge, though he wants the power students.

of faith. May be yet be led by the Lord ! * Referring to the day of his public profession of Christ.

" close

MARSEILLES. Concluded from our last, p. 174. The following is the address which the the Old Testament Scripture, that the Rev. Jean Monod gave at the baptism Lord our God, the God of Abraham, of of R. H-, which I have translated from Isaac, and of Jacob, is a holy God, who the French:

will reign over a holy people, whose eyes My friends, we are met to administer are too pure to behold iniquity, and before the rite of baptism to our sister R. H whom every sinful man is condemned. who, in fact, has several times asked for it. You have, I hope, felt, in a certain meaWe shall commence by reading some por- sure, the anguish of sin, which separates tions of Scripture applicable to the present us from God. You know that you have circumstance. Gal. iii. 22-29, and John within you a bad heart, which can only be iii. 14-17, 34-36.

purified by the grace and peace of God “ Here is, in a few words, the counsel shed abroad in it ; and you have asked, of God toward sinful men, and it is this like the jailor of Philippi, “What must I counsel of love upon which the ceremony do to be saved?' Well, my dear sister, of baptism puts a divine seal. After hav. God, by the Gospel, has contracted with ing learned to know, and having com- sinners, on condition they repent and bemenced to taste the Gospel, you have ma- lieve, a new alliance, an alliance of grace. nifested a desire, my dear sister, to enter, You cannot save yourself, but God has so by baptism, into the Protestant Christian loved the world that He gave His onlyChurch. After having satisfied myself begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in sufficiently long of the sincerity of this Him should not perish, but have everlastdesire, I do not see any motive for my op

ing life.'

(John iii. 16). posing it. May He who searcheth the " Here is the great and glorious news of heart and trieth the reins, ratify in heaven the Gospel, which is manifested in baptisin. the solemn act which we are going to ac- As certainly as a spot is effaced when complish here upon carth.

washed in pure water, so certainly is the “ Born in the Jewish religion, which stain of sin taken away from whosoever religion has a right to the most pro- will accept the means of purification which found Christian respect, for salvation God has offered us in the Gospel. This is of the Jews,' you have learned from promise of grace is made to yourself to-day, receive it with faith; hopeless of yourself Holy Ghost. May you from henceforth be and of your own works, cling to Jesus happy in the Christian faith in which you Christ, accept the salvation which He has make a profession. Receive with patience purchased for you at the price of His great the painful dispensation with which it has sacrifice, and God will make you feel the pleased the Lord to visit you, glorify Him sweet experience that there is now no in your illness by a complete and filial subcondemnation to them who are in Christ mission into His hands, and you will feel Jesus.' If you have seriously repented of that all things work together for good to your sins, if you har, put your confidence,

them who love Him. May the grace of for the present life and that which is to the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, come, in the Lamb of God who taketh away and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be the sins of the world, then receive the bap- with you. Amen." tisin in the name of the Father, Son, and

A few weeks only had passed after this affecting solemnity, when Mr. Cohen was called to witness the closing scene of this youthful Christian's pilgrimage. She had fled from the city of destruction, escaped the terrors of the law, and entered, through the wicket-gate, on the narrow way which conducted her home. She had learned, in the Interpreter's house, lessons of heavenly wisdom; and having faithfully pursued her brief and heavenward journey, like Christiana, " She came forth and entered the river with a beckon of farewell to those that followed her to the river side." Mr. C. thus describes the last scene :

Our Jewish sister in Christ, R. H —, and he offered fervent prayer to the God is no more. She fell asleep in Jesus of Israel, for having called another of the on Wednesday last. Her death was like lost sheep of the house of Israel to His her life, full of joy in believing: sho simply Son's fold; and closed by asking the Sabut firmly relied on her Saviour, whose viour to continue to bless my efforts among peace and pardon she felt in her soul. my brethren. After which, she took his Death did not terrily her, nor was she band and thanked him. afraid to die; for when I asked her to The next morning I found her still alive. tell me which she would rather, live or die, She offered me her hand, but could not she always assured me, and other friends speak, and she died without a struggle too, that she would rather die and be with about 11 o'clock that morning. I asked ber Saviour than live. Her bodily suffer- the matron, who is a most experienced ings were great, but she bore them with Christian lady, whether R. said any. patience and Christian resignation ; and thing after I left last night? She said, she more than once told me that she felt “ Aboat 9 o'clock, she called me, and that her illness was for her good, and said, 'I shall soon be with Jesus, who is care from the Lord, "whose will be done.” already with me to conduct me home-do

The evening before her death I visited you not see Him? He is here.'” I have her; she told me that she was very happy followed her to the grave, and Pastor Béin believing in Jesus, who had done so much ziès buried her (Mr. Monod being from for her. She took my hand and said, " I home), and gave a very touching address am very happy, Christ is my all; and let at her grave. He said, “ This sister was a me once more thank you for all your kind- believing Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, ness, and the trouble you have taken in and of the race of Jesus Christ, who found directing me to Jesus Christ, who has peace in believing in His name; and of her saved my soul, and for which you will it may be said, ' Blessed are the dead who receive your reward hereafter.” The same die in the Lord: even so saith the Spirit, evening, in taking leave of Mrs. Cohen, she for they rest from their labours.'” said, “I thank you, and bless God for I have seen the Rev. Jean Monod tohaving directed you and Mr. Cohen to me, day, who told me that, from what he had from whom I have received so much good.” seen of R., and the conversation he has While Mrs. Cohen was with her, one of had with her, he believed her to be happy. the French pastors (Mr. Bézies) visited He said, “I saw her on the Saturday her, who asked her several questions rela- before her death; and I more especially tive to her faith and hope in Jesus, and spoke to her about death, which I saw was having replied to them satisfactorily, he not far off, to which she listened with great asked the matron to call some of the sick, calmness and composure of mind. I asked

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her whether she was happy, to which she replied, 'I am very happy.'

I may add, and all those who knew her will say the same, that R. H- was a woman of modest manners, and extremely neat in her person, of ardent, yet unassuming piety,

fully aware of her situation, but sustained by a firm faith, with an unwavering trust in the merits of Christ, which rendered her cheerful, submissive, and happy. She was 35 years of age.


From Mr. FRANKEL (Lyons): Since my return I have again visited all at Mme. G's, I found her engaged in a the accessible Jewish families. I was hear- warm discussion with several other Jews; the tily welcomed by all; and many were not question at issue was, whether a woman only glad to see me, but delighted to hear had any right to meddle in religious matagain from my lips the things that appertain ters. She works very hard all the day, to to their eternal peace. The first visit I paid support herself and numerous family; and, was to old Mr. C- I found him engaged in the evening, the reading of the Bible is as usual, reading the Hebrew New Testa- her chief recreation; the Jews are aware of ment. During my absence his children invited this fact, and they are doing all they can two rabbies from Palestine, who happened to dissuade her from becoming a Christian. to pass through Lyons, for the purpose of con- On the present occasion they were endeaversing with Mr.C- -, and convincing him vouring to convince her that it was not that Christianity was false: after two days' only not desirable, but even sinful, for & discussion, the two rabbies pronounced woman to read the Bible; they declared him possessed with an evil spirit, and that that God had never intended that book for there was no possibility of turning him

She replied, that the Bible must from his evil course. He has not given up have been intended for her, inasmuch that the hope of making a public profession of it brings peace to her soul, and reveals to his faith in the Saviour; but as his children her the nature and character of Jehovah, are still very strongly opposed, I often who is beyond all dispute the God of despair of his ever carrying his resolution woman as well as of man. Mme. G-reinto effect; in the meantime, however, he joiced at my timely visit, and referred at never loses an opportunity of proclaiming once the question to me. I told them, that Christ to those around him.

it would be more profitable to talk first My next visit was rather a painful one: about the points in which we all agreed, for the last two years I have been in the viz, that the Bible is the gift of God to habit of visiting a very respectable family, man; that it was not only our duty, but and the eldest son (about 18) became deeply our high privilege, to read such a holy interested in the Gospel. For more than a book; that we shall be judged, not like the year I instructed him in the doctrines of lieathen, by the light of nature, but by the Christianity, and had every reason to hope light of revelation. The all-important questhat the Gospel had proved to him the tion that each of us had to decide, was, power

of God unto salvation. His father whether we have paid sufficient attention has lately failed in business, and their cir- to its coutents, and whether we had fulcumstances are so much reduced that they filled its demands, or whether that revelahave resolved to emigrate to Algiers; and tion will not rise in judgment against us? I am to part with that interesting young They were greatly surprised when I proved man, probably never to meet again here to them, from Moses and the prophets, that below. Another of my inquirers has drawn “by the deeds of the law ? Il no f.. be an unfortunate number in the conscription, justified," and that it was 'y throug - the and left us last week, Such cases are blood of the Messiah that pardon and etervery dislieartening, and fall not unfre- nal life could be procured. Before parting, quently to the lot of the Jewish Mission- two of the company confessed that they ary. Still we are bound to persevere in our were quite ashamed that a woman should work of faith, and hope that, by the Divine know more about the Bi than tl did, blessing, these very removals may tend to and expressed their deter: ation sei, pusly diffuse the seed of the Gospel in different to study the Word of Gch. I promised to parts of the world.

lend them a Bible, ar 1 to render them During the feasts, my intercourse with every possible help to fc. 2rd their wishes. the Jews has been very extensive, and al- On the last day of the vals ( e Feast most every day I met groups of Jews in of the Law), I was invite to the ouse of different families, to whom I could freely Mr. W, where I found a room full of preach Christ and Him crucified. Calling Jews; they asked me to give them some

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