Sivut kuvina

possessed of an independency he would gladly devote his whole time to the amelioration of their conditions.

Excuse this hastily written note, penned in hope that some slight amount of encouragement might be afforded to those who, amidst much to | dishearten them, are labouring in this good and holy cause.—I am, dear sir, yours in the bonds of Christian love.



Sir,-Allow me to offer some answer to the Queries proposed in your Jewish Herald for February. If I shall have done anything that may be for good, it will be matter of thanksgiving for me to Him who would have us all do good. I am a collector for your Society, and, sir, yours, &c. Romsey.

B.J. B. Answers to Queries in Feb. No. of "Jewish Herald." 1855.–1. The most important considerations are to be found in the immortality of the soul, the truth of God's word, and the uncertainty of life; the Jew's case, his blindness and unbelief, make his conversion appear most difficult;

his condemnation seems to be heavier, as sinning against law and to be judged by law. If Jesus Christ “had not come, and done the works He did, they had not had sin, but now they have no cloke for their sin" (St. John xv. 22). These things urge to attempts for their conversion, their danger urges, and the seeming difficulty urges also, and the proper action demanded from us is the action of love, to reprove “ all sin” in the Jew, which may be done from the Word of God, and not to suffer sin upon him who is our brother, nor hate him in our “ heart” (Leviticus xix. 17). This may include preaching the Gospel, since their great sin is rejecting Christ. Christians therefore should, by all loving, friendly means, converse and argue with the Jews, or send Missionaries to do so.

2. Grace grows by use (2 Peter i.), and our love to Jesus Christ may be evidenced, to ourselves and others, if we show love to our brother. "Every one that loveth Him that begat, loveth Him also that is begotten of Rim” (1 John v. 1), and if we love Jesus Christ we shall love our brethren, and by this,“ we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments” (1 John ii. 3), and “His commandment is that we should love one another” (1 John ii. 23). Thus we shall have an exercise for our love, for we can love Jesus in His brethren; and by so exercising our love it may be increased.

There is also another argument, that interest in the cause of the Jews may lead to searching of the Scriptures concerning them, and we may be furthered in Divine knowledge.

3. The apostle's argument from Isaiah x. 22, which he quotes (Rom. ix. 27): “ There is a remnant according to the election of grace” (Rom. xi. 5); and God has declared that if they “ seek Him with all their heart, He will be found of them ” (Deut. xxx.); and out of this last-mentioned chapter (as the verses 11-14), even to exhort the Jews to believe in Jesus Christ.

4. Jews and Christians are agreed in the truth of the Bible, and in the necessity of observing the ten commandments in the serving the One God, and in the goodness of works of piety, alms, deeds, and good-will towards men. They should therefore unite against infidelity and profanity, and live as brethren. In which things man's reason ought to be convinced, and prejudices overcome.

The Synagogue. “ But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart; nevertheless, when it shall

turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away."-St. Paul. I saw them in their synagogue,

Robed in his sacerdotal vest, As in their ancient day,

A silvery headed man And never from my memory

With voice of solemn cadence o'er The scene will fade away;

The backward letters ran, For, dazzling on my vision, still

And often yet methinks I see The latticed galleries shine

The glow and power. that sate With Israel's loveliest daughters,

Upon his face, as forth he spread, In their beauty half divine!

The roll immaculate. It is the holy Sabbath eve,

And fervently that hour I pray'd, The solitary light

That from the mighty scroll

Its light, in burning characters,
Sheds, mingled with the hues of day,
A lustre nothing bright;

Might break on every soul,

That on their harden'd hearts the veil On swarthy brow and piercing glance It falls with saddening tinge,

Might be no longer dark,

But be for ever rent in twain, And dimly gilds the Pharisees'

Like that before the ark.
Phylacteries and fringe.

For yet the tenfold film shall fall,
The two-leaved doors slide slow apart O Judah, from thy sight;
Before the eastern screen,

And every eye be purged to read
As rise the Hebrew harmonies,

Thy testimonies right, With chanted prayers between,

When thou, with all Messiah's signs And 'mid the tissued vails disclosed, In Christ distinctly seen, Of many a gorgeous dye,

Shall by Jehovah's nameless name, Enveloped in their jewell'd scarfs,

Invoke the Nazarene. The sacred records lie.


Quarterly Minute of Meetings held, and Contributions received.

Ending, February 16th, 1855.

1854. November 26.-Bocking.- Independent Chapel. Sermon

by the Rev. A. D Saimon. November 26.--Braintrer.-Independent Chapel. Sermons

by the Rer. A 9. Salmon. November 27. Braintree. Independent Chapel. Public

Meeting. The Revs. Messrs Craig, Carter, M. Reed,

and Mr. Jafle.
November 28.-Nanchester.-Grosvenor St. Chapel. The

Rev. P. Thomson, A.M. presided Speakers, the Rers.
Dr. Clunie, A. E. Pearce, F. Tucker, W. M'Caw, J.
Muncaster, G. T. Perks, A. D. Salmon, Messrs J. Dil-

worth, F. Lockyer, anu Ś, Bradlev.
December 3.-Watiinfield.-Independent Chapel. Sermon

by the Rev. M. Reed. December 3.-Botterdale --Sermon by the Rer. M. Reed. December M.-Clare.-Independent Chapel. Lecture by

the Rev. M. Reed. The Rrv. J. Reynolds presided. December 10,-Hanerhill.-Independent Chapel. Sermons

(Morning and Afternoon) by the Rev. M. Reed. December 11,-Needham.- Independent Chapel. Lecture

by the Rev. M. Reed. Decemher 12.-Mendlesham.-Independent Chapel. Lecture

by the Rev. M. Reed. The Rev. F. W. Fisher presided, December 13. -toxmarket.-Independent Chapel.' Lecture

by the Rev. M. Reed. The Rev. J.H. Browne presided. December 18.-Beccle.- Independent Chapel. Lecture by

the Rev. M. Reed. The Rev. T. Flower presided. December 20.-Hale-worth.-Independent Chapel. Lecture

by the Rev, M. Reed. The Rev. D. Carnson presided. December 21.-Birmingham.-Cherry Street Chapel. Dr.

Melson presided. Rers. Mesars. M'Gowan, Swann,
Dale, A. D. Salmon, and H. Wright, Esq.

January 2.-Doncaster.-Wesleyan Chapel. Lecture by

the Rev. A. D. Salmon. The Rev. P. Samuel conducted

the preliminary service. January 3.-Rotherham, --The Court House.

G. Taylor, Esq. presided. Lecture by the Rev. A. D. Salmon. January 1. Barnaley - Wesleyan Chapel School Room.

Lecture by the Rev. A. D. Salmon. Rev, R. N. Wall

Cor conducted the preliminary service.
January 7.-Lancaster,-Sermons by the Rev. A. D. Sal-

mon. Wesleyan and Independent Chapels.
Jannary 8.-Lancaster.-Wesleyan Chapel. Lecture by

the Rer, A. D. Salmon. January 9.-Bradford.-College Chapel. Lecture by the

Rev. A. D. Salmon. The Rev. Walter Scott conducted the devotional service,

January 10.-Huddersfield.-Ramsden Street Chapel. Lrce

ture by the Rev. A. D. Salmon. The Rev. R. Skinge:

conducted the preliminery service. Jannary 11.-Blackburn.-Chapel Street Chapel. Public

Meeting. The Rers, Messrs. Fraser, Skinner, Scullard,

Barker, Cock, D. Williams, and A. D. Salmon.
January 12. - Preston. - Wesleyan Chapel. The Revs.

Messrs. G. Scott, R. Slate, Birnie, Bugby, and Salmon.
January 14.-Chorlev.-Sermons in the Independent and

Wesleran Chapels, by the Rer. A. D. Salmon.
January 13.-Sheffield.-Mount Zion Chapel. Lecture by

the Rev. A. D. Salmon. The Rev. Mr. Batchelor con

ducted preliminary service.
January 16. - Bolton. - Wesleyan Chapel. The Revs.

Messrs. Wilkinson, Bext, and A. D. Salmon.
January 17.-Bury.-Bethel Chapel.-The Reve. Messrs.

Roseman, Thorburn, Mather, and A. D. Salmon.
January 18.-Heywond.-Baptist Chapel. The Rev. Messn.

Britcliffe, Harrison, and A. D. Salmon.
January 21.- Bouden.-Independent Chapel. Sermon by

the Rev. A. D. Salmon.
January 21.-Monmouth.-Independent Chapel. Sermons

by the Rev. M. Reed. Jannary 22.-Monmouth. - Borough Court, Public Meeting.

Mr. Graham in the chair. The Rev. M. Reed

addressed the Meeting. January 22.-Wigan.-Independent Chapel. R. Beran,

Esq. in the chair. The Rev. Messis. Roal, Stead,

Vasey, Marshall, and A. D. Salmon.
January 23.-Chepstow. Independent Chapel. Lecture by

the Rer. M. Reed. The Ker. W. Rees presided.

23.-arclesfield-Wesleyan Chapel. Lecture by the Rev. A. D. Salmon. January 24-Ross --Baptist Chapel. The Rev. J. Buck

presided. The Rev. M. Reed addessed the Meeting. January 25.--Hereford. --Countess' Chapel. The Rev.

Messrs. Aldridge, Reed, and Darey addressed the

February 9. -Islington Chapel.-(Juvenile Aasociation) Ad.

dress by Mr. Wilkinson. The Rev. B. S. Hollis presided. February 14.-Chatham.-Ebenezer Chapel. Lecture by

the Rev. A. D. Salmon. The Rev. Mr. Hall condacted

the devotional services. February 15.--Chatham.--Address by the Rev.A.D.Salmon. February 6.- Liverpool Rond Chapel.-Mr. John Wilkinson

was ordained as a Missionary to the Jews, in connection with this Society. The Revo. J. Hall, Hooper, W. C. Yong, W. H. Rale, A. D. Salmon, and Mr.'Yonge took part in the Service.

In addition to the foregoing, devotional meetings have been held in about forty places, in Nottingham and Leicestershire, by Mr. GINSBURG, in all of which was evinced a very encouraging interest in the cause of Israel's conversion.

Mr. WILKINSON has pursued a similar course in other parts of the country; and both these Missionary brethren, while thus pleading the cause of the Society, have sought out and visited the Jews, either passing through or resident in the several localities.




£. $. d & Thantontering

400 Atkin., J. N. Fsq.

. 10 00 Arolet, by Mise

1 3 10 C. M.

• 600 Bristow, Mre.

100 Cohen, by Mr. J.P.

. 710 Cook. by Miss, Box • 1811% Dari, Res. S'A.

• 0 10 6 Da vie, Mrs.

• 0 10 6 Ellis, Nr.

0 2 0 F.P

10 0 0 Geirdaer, by Mias

2 12 10 Gervis, P. S.Esq.

5 00 Gill, Mr. E.

1 10 0 Gook,L.

0 60 Gostling, Miss

. 100 Greeory, Mrs.

. 080 G. H.

0 10 0 Harris, Richard Exa. 10 00 Henderson, d. Esg.

100 00 Holford, J. F. En.

100 JS K.

. 050 Kalley, Dr.

• 1 0 0 Leris, Mr

1 0 0
Martin, M. Fs. Sub. £2 25
Martin, M. Esq. Don, £3 35 5 5 0
Morley. Mis

1 1 0 Nathan, ns.

2 0 0 Perleet M

. 0 5 0 Piper Mrs. W

2 1 0 Redmayne, Rev. J.

0 14 5 Ripley, Mies

0 10 6 Ripley. Mies H.

0 10 6 Ranty, Mrs..

1 46 Smith, Yrs. E.J.

1 1 0 Wren, Mes.


TIONS, ETC. Abney Chapel

3 15 0 Alaviek

5 70 Ametoban

. 3 8 6

1 2 6 Bath

44 0 0 Blackburn

7 13 2 Faltas

3 3 9

2 13 7 BOWDER

. 10 il 0

£d. Brad'ord

0 100 Braintree

26 12 9 Brampton

2 9 0 Bridgewater

13 9 Brighton

4 15 6 Brixton Trinity Chipei

85 0 Burnley

16 6 6 Bury

4 11 Cam

. 600 Camberwell

19 7 9 Cambridge

31 6 9 Chepstow

1 17 6 Chester

2 16 6 Chorley

761 Clare

2 10 2 Clipston

2 86 Colchester

2 13 9 Darlington

. 5 12 9 Doncaster

168 Edmonton

04 6

1 10 0
Glasgow, United Presbyterian
Church (Calton)

2 0 0

. 180 Gravesend

011 0 Greenwich

• 3 12 9 Guildford

0 11 1 Halesworth

106 Halifax

33 7 7 Halstead

2 0 0 Hammersmith

900 Hartlepool

2 19 0


3 19 6

2 70

2 1 0

14 15 10
Irvine Jewish Missionary

6 80
Islington Juvenile Association 9 13 1

419 10 Leicester

16 13 6 Long lane Wesleyan Chapel 2 16 6 Lubedham

096 Lyme Regis

. 00 Macclesfeld

8 17 6 Margate.

116 Mendlesham.

0 10 0

Molton Mowbray.
Moddleton Road Chapel
Nowcastle on Tyne
New Court Chanel
Norfolk and Norwich
Orange St. Chapel
Park St. Chapel
Poultry Chapel
Tunbridge Wells
Wrich House Chapel
Westbury, Wilts
Westminster Chapel
Wycliffe Chapel
York Road Chapel

$ A, d. 9 09

1 1 3 • 6 7 8 13 1

3 10 . 10 12 1

1 14 0
. 14 0 0
. 1000

3 6
1 1 6
1 126
2 0 0
1 10 6
3 7 0
27 1
5 70
1 15 10

2 1! 6 21 19 0

3 40 4 3 6 2 2 1

3 13 2 . 120

1 13 0 • 5 6 2 • 6 7 9 • 2 0 0

1 18 3

312 3 • 211 0

011 0 10 00 2 3 10 5 16 0 6 17 4 500 1 5 2 6 1 9

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2 19 6

5 100 • 013 0

9 110 2 10 4


A FRIEND, writing to one of onr Missionaries, says:-"We have had several deaths in our village since you were with us. Oh! when the Master calls for us, and those dear to us, may we and they have our lamps trimmed with faith, and burning with the oil of Divine love! A dear friend to the Jews, a relative, said one morning, while breakfasting with me: 'I- I know these feelings are from the Lord (tears rolling down her face). I feel it so keenly I have done so little,- indeed, have neglected the poor Jews so long. Remember, if there is a five-pound note about me at my death, 'tis for them. I shall do what little I can for them while I live, and then I will contrive to leave that when I die.' She expects soon to finish her earthly career. I mentioned these, dear friend, as some of the encouragements with which the Lord is so good as to allow us to be cheered.”

Notices, &c. The Monthly Meeting of Jewish and Gentile Christians, for Prayer and Scriptural Conference, will be held at the Office, No. 1, Crescent Place, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 21st, at Seven o'clock.

The Meeting is open to all Friends of Israel.

To Officers of Associations, Collectors, and other friends. The accounts for the present year will be closed on the 31st inst., and sums received after that date will be carried to the next year.

The Committee beg respectfully to press this on the attention of the Friends of the Society throughout the country, and to urge them kindly to use every effort that the gatherings may be as large and as numerous as possible. At present the debt to the Treasurer is very considerable, but hope is cherished that our Christian brethren and sisters, to whom the cause is so greatly indebted, will, by a timely and strenuous effort, free the Society from this very serious impediment to its progress, and enable its Agents to enter joyfully, as well as prayerfully, on the labours of another year.

It is desirable that all sums should be made payable to the Resident Secretary, special care being taken that his name is written exactly (GEORGE YONGE), as payment is refused at the Post-Office where there occurs the least incorrectness.

The Secretary will also be obliged by a list accompanying the last payment, stating the names of the Office-bearers, and the contributions, precisely as it is wished that they should appear in the Report. Where it can be done without offence, it will save expense to have subscriptions under five shillings so stated without names.

A statement of the several sums paid in since March 31, 1854, with the dates, will also be acceptable.

The ANNUAL SERMON will (D. v.) be preached in Bloomsbury Chapel (Rev. WILLIAM BROCK's), on Monday Evening, April 17, by the Rev. C. M. BIRRELL, of Liverpool.

The ANNUAL MEETING will be held in Freemasons' Hall, on Friday Evening, April 27. The chair to be taken by SIR John DEAN PAUL, Bart.

The Committee respectfully suggest to Ministers, to bear the cause in which the Society is engaged on their hearts, in special prayer on the Lord's-day previous to the Annual Meeting, and to commend the Society to the co-operation and prayerful support of their several congregations on that day.


Just Published, 18mo, cloth gilt, price One Shilling,

Israel and Judah. The Text of a Conversazione.
London : Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. Leicester: Winks & Son.

London : Published by PARTRIDGE, OAKEY, and Co., Paternoster Row; and 70, Edgware Road, Printed by Charles Frederick Adams, of 23, Middle Street, Cloth Fair, City, and William Gee, of 48, Seward Street,

St. Luke, at their Printing Office, 23, Middle Street, Cloth Fair, City.








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The Innibersary. How pleasant it is to come within the sound of the silver trumpets which are beginning to summon us to the festivals of the Lord, and to invite fellowship and prayer on behalf of a world yet at enmity against God, but destined to present the reality of “New Heavens and a New Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness!" Among the earliest of these gatherings will be that of the friends of this institution ; and yet prior to this, the Jews themselves will keep the Feast of the Lord. The paschal supper will be prepared, the families will be gathered, the unleavened bread will be eaten, and the cup will pass from hand to hand—the voice of prayer will be heard, and the hallel will be sung;—but where is the appointed lamb ? Ah ! 'where? Well may the children now ask, “What mean ye by this service ?" But, oh! were it the will of God suddenly to unveil the hearts of these, how clearly would they perceive that they are retaining the shadow of what in the New Testament is revealed! and who, of all the tribes of man, would enter so fully into the spirit of our enterprise for erangelising the world? whose voices would blend more sweetly in the hallelujahs of the Great Assembly? and who would sit more humbly, more joyfully at the feast of love instituted by the Lord Himself, than these our brethren over whose minds the shades of night still hover?

If we may not yet realise this, let the hope of it rekindle our zeal and inspire our devotions. Nor let us doubt that the day will come when side by side we shall stand for Christ and His cause, and when to each other


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