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progress. I am glad, indeed, that I read, whilst in England, the greater part of his writings, and am therefore able to refute its pernicious doctrines, and point out the

differences on which my belief is based, from those on which Mr. Channing has based his.

WURTEMBERG. From the Rev. P. E. GOTTIEIL : The weather turning unusually fine for without which forgiveness the soul of the this season of the year, I went out last Jew, as well as of the Gentile, must perish. week to spend a few days among the Jews The question was not difficult to be disalong the railway. I visited six villages—posed of. I assured him, that as soon as all, except one, old acquaintances. The every minister of the Gospel, in every vilnew village I was led to enter, expect- lage and town where Jews are residing, ing to find several Jewish families, but came to see the necessity of offering the actually found but one remaining, all the Gospel to the Jewish inbabitants, as well rest having removed either to Ulm or to as to Gentiles,-yea, consider them as part America. This one family I visited, and and parcel of their spiritual charge and care, found a ready entrance. One of the chil. and as soon as private Christians came to dren, now about eighteen, has been bed- see the necessity and the blessedness of ridden all his life, and is a source of much winning their Jewish neighbours for Christ, grief and sorrow to his parents. I seized there would be no necessity for a special this opportunity to remind the mother of agency, and it would be withdrawn to the purposes God has in view in afflicting places where there are plenty of Jews, His creatures, - viz., to draw them unto but no Gospel ministry, and no Bible Him, to listen to invitations, and to prepare Christians. As long as these conditions them for eternity. I adduced many Old- are not fulfilled, we must consider a special Testament passages, and also a few from the agency to the Jews necessary, even in the New Testament: the latter, I found, were midst of a Protestant congregation. The not new in the house. The little girl visits minister admitted this plea, and seemed the Christian school in the village, and satisfied; at all events, he gave me bis best joins the reading of the New Testament, wishes on parting. but always says God, where the name of The greatest part of Saturday I spent Jesus occurs. This she has been advised with my Jewish friend, the teacher at T to do by her parents, who, probably, are whom I found more than ever disposed not aware of the admission they make deeply to enter into all the questions pendthereby, identifying Jesus with the Father. ing between us. I believe that he is ad. In the same place, I had hard work with vancing, and would do so yet more, were the second Protestant minister, whom I his whole day not taken up so fully with visited, and who had strong objections to teaching; so that but little time remains for the evangelistic efforts made among the his studies. I fully believe that the grace Jews, though himself a truly pious be- of God will yet prevail with him. He has liever. He at last came to ask, “Why to bear many reproaches from the Jews, have a special agency for the purpose ?" that he is not kindly inclined towards because I had been showing him, that what them; but this is merely the consequence we had to offer to the Jews was none other of his truthfully exposing to them their but what we had to offer to the Chris- present position. The truth is not always tians,—viz., the Gospel of the forgiveness welcome, nor pleasing, nor flattering. of sins through the blood of the Redeemer;

HANOVER. The friends of the Society will be gratified with the following extract from Mr. Wu. BRUNNER's report, although they will perceive the wisdom of waiting awhile for further particulars :

I am thankful to say that my mission reference to its influence on the whole comhere is assuming a promising character, munity, and not to the immediate and perand although I do not now place before sonal fruit resulting from it. The mission you tangible evidence of that fact, it is, first, a work of awakening, and a call is because when such work has com- to the mass of slumbering spirits ; and menced, it must be first viewed with then follow the results of individual re. GIBRALTAR. From Mr. LOWITZ : By the good help of the Lord, I continue means of persuading the other, Abraham in my efforts to spread the Redeemer's Ben Oliel, to imitate his example, and they kingdom among His ancient people here, both left their country and kindred, and by means of conversation, as well as by the are resolved to seek and“ find Him of whom distribution of tracts. Apart from these Moses, David, and the prophets did write," ordinary duties, I have the privilege of in- even Jesus of Nazareth, the Saviour of the structing two Jewish youths, of whom I world. They attend regular instruction, can speak with a certain hope of their sin- and I spend daily upwards of four hours cerity, for they seem quite determined in with them in reading and writing, as they their inquiries into Christianity. One of had no idea of any other letters but the them is Haim Ben Oliel, whom I men- Hebrew and Judeo-Spanish, and they were tioned to you before, and who was the obliged to begin with the A B C. Now

pentance and faith. In my last letter, I gave you a short outline of the spiritual state of mind of the Jews of Hanover, and the peculiar religious tendencies prevalent among them. Since that time I have been endeavcuring to extend and direct my efforts further, both as to Jews and Christians, truly in the spirit of Nehemiali, quietly and without ostentation, yet resolutely and without fear; and thus I have been enabled to enter positively upon my work, which I hope will prosper and bear fruit. It is, indeed, difficult where infidelity, rationalism, and unbelief have planted their strong ramifications, to preach to men of peace, righteousness, and faith ; but as we have the truth on our side, and are equipped with the whole armour of Christ, we shall overcome every opposition, and bring low every thing that setteth itself up against His dignity and authority. To these Jews the story of the Cross is a hard thing, because, it is humbling to their pride and exhibits to them all their nothingness and vainglory; and that God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, that in His presence no flesh should boast. Their notion of the Messiah is quite unscriptural, but of a modern character, namely, that of an abstract idea, embodied in their gradual and ultimate deliverance from their subjugation and hardships among the nations. When such men are asked what the typical sacrifices of the Old Testament dispensation signified, the answer is, that they were merely customs of the time, which also prevails among all other nations. But is such an answer satisfying? Or does it not rather confirm the great truth of man's original fall, and of the Divine institution of sacrifices, or a means of propitiation, and as typical emblems of Him who was, in the fulness of time, to offer Himself up once for ever? But what is astonishing is, that men who admit in their daily prayers and services the great truth

of a personal Messiah, and the scriptural teachings as to His character and offices, should so far err, and hold such opinions as these! They need, indeed, to be first awakened, and made alive to the truths, the fundamental truths, of their own faith, and then they are able to perceive and understand the preaching of the Gospel of a suffering and glorified Messiah, of justification and righteousness to be obtained by Him, and will learn to know that the Christian faith is not a cunningly devised system, but that it is the reflection of ancient Judaism, and that in it the vital principles of the Old Testament dispensation are perfected and consummated. However, there are some Israelites in this place, who, while following the faith of Their fathers, have not given up the hope of the Messiah, the Redeemer, and, like Simeon of old, are anxiously awaiting His appearance. May the Spirit of truth breathe upon them, to convince them of their error, and enable them to see in Jesus of Nazareth the fulfilment of their long-cherished expectation!

In my present letter I do not give you a statement of separate facts, to which you have a right to look forward. But you may be sure that I am not asleep, but at work, and endeavour to arrange and set my mission on such a footing, that it should be efficient, and answer the end which we seek. But I pray you not to judge my activity by the quantum of report I may send you, for that is not a sure criterion to estimate the real work of the Missionary and his usefulness. I am sowing the seed, and when it shall please the Lord that it shall spring up into visible and unmistakeable fruit, I shall record to you such instances, for your own satisfaction; and that it may also strengthen the hearts of those who are deeply concerned in the building up of the Lord's temple, by the spiritual gathering in of His people Israel.

they are able to read the Castillian-Spanish, at a loss to know what could be done for and even English, pretty tolerably; but them, to release them from their peculiar more than two hours are every day devoted and painful situation; were they to go to to the study of the Old and New Testa- England the difficulty would be only shifted, ment, in the examination of the Messianic and not obviated. prophecies, and I am happy to say that I may also inform you, that on Saturday, they evince a great interest in the subject the 12th instant, Rev. Alex. Levi gave us of Christianity. I have had, of late, occa- an interesting statement of the circumsion to consider with them minutely the stances of his conversion to Christianity, Divine decrees respecting the Messiah's suf- in the Methodist school-room; the audifering and death, and their complete ful- ence was composed of Jews and Christians, filment in the garden of Gethsemane, and and pretty tolerable for the first time. At on Mount Calvary; and whilst I was thus the end of which, I stationed myself at the referring to the different passages which door, and gave suitable tracts to each and clearly treat on our Saviour's death and all as they went out. Mr. Levi and mypassion, suffering for sinful man, I per. self remained behind, arguing for some ceived that they were both very much length of time with two Jews, who insisted affected, and tears came into their eyes, on the divine institution of kidersh on the which they could scarcely restrain. This sabbath and other feast days. marked feeling strongly proved the veracity Last Saturday, Mr. Levi delivered, of the prophet Zechariah’s words, " They again, a discourse on the advent of the shall look upon me whom they have pierced, Messiah; but I am sorry to say that there and mourn," &c. (Zech. xii. 10.) I have was but one Jew present. It is thought reason to think them sincere, and seriously that the bad weather might have been the inclined to ernbrace the truth as it is in cause of their absence, but I fear that they Jesus, from the fact of their being already have leagued together to keep away; still exposed to hardships and privations on that I am glad to see Mr. Levi persisting in account. I, moreover, told them before- delivering his discourse agair on Saturday hand, that worse trials await them; but if next, please God, and in some measure they decide to put themselves under the acting on the principle of the prophet Saviour's sure protection, He will never Ezekiel, chap. ii. 1, &c. I told you, in leave nor forsake them. But I am, never- in my last, that I was preparing to deliver theless, concerned to think on the conse- a few lectures in the Spanish; but as I quences that will naturally follow their shall have far greater difficulty in proconviction and conversion. It often sug- curing a Jewish audience than Mr. Levi gests itself to my mind, that if satan will has, because of my being sent to them more try to counteract my efforts by his evil directly than he is, I thought better to devices, how can I oppose it? I mean, what postpone it, and to proceed with my work can be done for these two youths, to deliver quietly, in the name and strength of the them from the evils which they have Lord. already began to experience, the hatred of the I have occasional calls from Jews, naJews here, who will insult and injure them tives of the different towns I visited, on the in any way they can; the separation coast of Barbary, whom I endeavour to and unkindness of their parents towards direct to the light of the Gospel, and to them, as soon as they hear of their deter- supply them with tracts, that they may mination to become the disciples of the read them on their return to the land of despised Nazarene? Such, and the like con- darkness. Would that the blessing of freesequences are unavoidable; it is also true, dom and toleration, which is hoped to be it will be a test to try their sincerity and soon enjoyed by the people in Turkey, wonld stedfastness in the faith. Still there are reach this benighted empire of Morocco, other circumstances to be taken into con- and so open a door of salvation to the desideration, which must be presented; for scendants of Israel and Ishmael who live instance, they could not any more return in it! Surely the time cannot be very far off, to their native land Barbary, nor could they, when the kingdoms of this world will bein their Christian character, stay long in come the kingdom of our Lord Josus Christ, this place, as there is no chance of finding who shall reign from pole to pole with employment for them here. I am, therefore,

illimitable sway.

LIVERPOOL The Missionary at Liverpool, in the portion of time devoted exclusively to Jews, is encouraged by indications of inquiry and confidence :

You will be pleased to hear that one of me, I am glad to state that two of them are my Jewish inquirers has applied to me for regular inquirers with me during the week, baptism. His name is G- He has and both of them attend occasionally Chrisa wife and four children, and, notwith- tian places of worship. There is a great standing the opposition of his wife, he is similarity between them in sentiment and still determined to embrace the truth as it in searching after the truth, although I is in Christ Jesus. I recommended him to never have them with me at one time; but the Rev. C. M. Birrell, who has had some the difficulties that each has to contend conversation with him, and asked him to with are peculiar; the former being con. call on him occasionally, in order to become tinually annoyed by his ungodly and worldmore acquainted with his views and charac- ly-minded wife, whilst the latter is harrassed ter. I have knowu G-since last winter, by the Jews, and exposed to much conand visited him at his house. He used also tumely. This, however, they endure with to call on me, and, through my conversa- patience, and often ask me to engage with tions with him, his mind has been awakened, them in prayer that the Lord would graand I trust that his heart is softened. ciously grant unto them fortitude, and full On last Saturday evening, whilst he was reliance upon His aid, in order they might with me, I went through with him several pass through these trials to the honour and Messianic passages of the Old Testament, glory of His holy name. I greatly sympabut dwelt especially on the ninth chapter thise with them, and am somewhat able to of Daniel. I tried to explain that chapter enter into their feelings. I try therefore, on to him in as plain a manner as possible, every occasion I meet with them, to lead holding before his eyes the great fact that, them to Christ, and to read and explain to whilst within the period specified by the them such passages of the Holy Scriptures prophet, the sin offerings and sacrifices, as are calculated to remove some obprophecies and visions, should cease, and the stacles in their way, fortify their minds second temple itself, after its being built, against prejudices, and enhance the value of again be destroyed, the Messiah also is Christ's doctrines in their eyes. stated to appear and be cut off, but not for On one occasion R

requested me to Himself. As the former particulars really explain to him the arguments used by took place during that period, so must the Christians for keeping Sunday, instead of coming of the Messiah also have taken place: Saturday, as the day of rest. I did so, and one cannot be separated from the other; and showed to him that Christians, not being the Jews must either reject Daniel as a under the law of Moses, but under grace, prophet, or, with believing in the divine are not committing any sin by preferring authority of Daniel, believe also in Christ. the day in which their heavenly Master G- approved of my explanation, and said rose from the dead to the Old Testament that the Jews were undoubtedly in error, Sabbath. That the law was not intended May the Lord give him grace to confess to be permanent even the Jews themselves Jesus as his Redeemer before his uncon- admit, for in their writings it is asserted verted Jewish brethren!

that the law will only be binding for the I had several other Jews visiting me dur- space of two thousand years, and then be ing the past month, and Mr.W-, of whom superseded by the ushering in of the time I made mention before, is progressing very of the Messiah, and the new covenant of satisfactorily in his inquiries; I have also which the prophet Jeremiah speaks in visited some Jewish families, and preached the thirty-first chapter of his prophecy. Even unto them Christ crucified. One Hebrew the Sunday itself, I went on to say, is noBible I made a present to a Jew, whom I where commanded in the New Testament have known for some time, and to whom I to be observed ; but from some passages also gave a New Testament at his own re- which we find, where the day of the Lord, quest. And last night I presented W- or the first of the week, is mentioned, in with a Bible, which I bought. W- which the Apostles and the early Christians thanked me very much for it, and promised came together for the purpose of prayer, to read it, both with the understanding and it appears that Sunday was observed by the heart. May the Lord guide him into them; and this usage having come down to all truth, inasmuch as he is also a son of our time, we Christians think right and Abraham!

consistent with our holy calling to rest on Among the different Jews that visited that day and dedicate it to the service of God. R- was satisfied with my explanation, interrogated as to where they got the tracts and asked me to read with him the passage from, and then strictly prohibited to repeat in Jeremiah. At another time I was visited their visits to me. I hear the Jews sent by two Jewish youths, whom I met for- these two youths away from Liverpool, merly in a Jewish family. They were and are much incensed against me for trybrought to me by G- and I con- ing to delude the youths. Of this, howversed with them for some time. They ever, I am not sorry, but I only pray that were quite ignorant of Christianity, but it might lead to some happy result. Oh ! listened to me with marked attention. that the Lord would soon visit His ancient However, not long after that they were people, and pour out upon them the Spirit surprised, one day, by some Jews, who saw of prayer, and searching after the great them reading my tracts, and brought to truth of their Messiah, the leading Jews of this town. They were

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NOTES FROM THE MISSION IN LONDON. I PAID and received my visits during last found. I afterward read to them the month as usual. In the course of my sermon on the mount, with which they were conversation with my brethren about much delighted. Christ being the Saviour of the world, and My two inquirers continue to come reespecially in urging upon them the fact that gularly for instruction, and Mr. A-, whosoever refuses to be saved by Christ one of them, is, I hope, progressing in Divine here, will be obliged to receive judgment knowledge. I introduced him to the Rev. Mr. at His hand hereafter. Several of those R—, who had a long conversation with who were in the habit of reviling the name him about the salvation of his soul. Thus, of Jesus gave utterance to feelings of a on the whole, I can look back upon the very encouraging nature. I know that labours of last month with encouragement this is not sufficient, that we must look for and gratefulness. change of heart: and so I trust we do. An honest young man named Mr. KNevertheless, when I hear reformed lan- who having for some time read the Bible, guage, words of reproach changed into which he borrowed from his cousin Mr. those of admiration, I cannot but feel gra- L whom I furnished with it, asked tified and hopeful; for I believe that salva- him to entreat me to call at his own house. tion, like destruction, has a preparatory He seems to be very much impressed by course. Just as man usually does not the Christian truth, his questions not being become a degraded being at once, but gra- put in the way of dispute, but rather in dually descends deeper and deeper into the way of anxious inquiry. Amongst the pit of destruction, so he is not raised others he said to me, as Jesus is also our from it at once to the hill of salvation. Messiah, how can you explain that those It begins, continues, and ends. Every in- who recognise Him as such have been, and dication, therefore, of sinful language being still are, our greatest persecutors? I am supplanted by reverential feelings, through only sorry that our important discourse the preaching of the Gospel, we ought to was interrupted by two Dutch Jewesses hail. My brethren, who know from sad who were present. I promised him, thereexperience what it is to listen to the re- fore, that I would call again. viling language of Jews, and who had the Another young man, named Mr. Sjoy of hearing such language changed, will who is an inmate of the family 14, 1 be able to sympathise with me.

visit, thinks also very earnestly about I also inet with some more definite cases Christianity, though constantly mocked of encouragement. A bigoted family, which by another young man. The first deep imI have visited for some time, have at last pression on him was made by a clergyman consented to read the New Testament, in the country. When he first came to Enwith which I at once supplied them. When gland he was deprived of all the necessaries I brought them the Bible, one of their of life, he therefore addressed a Jew in the children, a girl about six years old, read to streets to relieve him. He refused it and me, in compliance with my request, the even threatened to beat him. He then history of the fall of our first parents, upon asked a gentleman, who witnessed this from which I questioned the child; and then a distance, to inform him where most of addressed myself to the parents, and re- the Jews lived. He answered him, Why go minded them of the justice and love of to the Jews, you see how they treat you? God, that whilst He administered justice here lives a gentleman a great friend of with one hand, He pointed with the other your nation. It was a clergyman, who into the Messiah in whom mercy is to be deed relieved himn. This temporal reliel,

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