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chalice, put them on the table in the ancient Jewish fashion, which completed in the room the appearance of the approach. ing Sabbath. The minuteness and satis. faction with which he performed his preparations, evidenced his state of mind, and showed to me that he had a zeal, but not according to knowledge. I endeavoured to enlighten his mind on what true religion is, and I pray that my words may not be spoken in vain.

I intend, before my leaving Hanover, to pay also, please God, another visit to Mr. S-, the teacher at G-I meet and converse here frequently also with his brother, but I always find that he is more anxious to sell me lottery tickets than to hear about the Gospel. May the Lord be merciful to him, and lead him into the way of truth!

CONFESSION OF A CHRISTIAN ISRAELITE, On the occasion of his public baptism in the Congregational Church at Kingsland, by the Rev. Thomas Aveling, on Thursday evening, December 3rd, 1857. (Communicated by Mr. Stalberg)

Christian FRIENDS, -In standing up capital, as the business which I had to in the presence of the Almighty God transact only led me to the northern and this congregation, to confess pub- part of this country. licly the Lord Jesus as the Messiah, the In the year 1851, I established myself Redeemer of Israel, and my faith in in the same line of business. Two years Him, I feel that I stand upon hallowed after, when my business was in the ground, and consider this moment to be most flourishing state, I came to the the most important and solemn in my most unreasonable resolution, to give it life.

up, and to leave my native country; a Although the Gospel has no respect resolution so unaccountable, as incomto the former history of an individual prehensible for any human mind to conwho may be brought under its influ- ceive. But this was the Lord's doing. ence, but that everybody, without dif. "His ways are not like our ways, nor ference, be he Jew or Gentile, through IIis thoughts like our thoughts." In repentance, faith, and love towards God July last year I set out for Hull, where and Christ, may obtain eternal life, yet I abode for about ten months, until I it may not be quite uninteresting to felt the desire to see that town, of which you, if I endeavour to give you a short I heard and read so much, London, the statement of my former life and my pre- capital of this happy empire. I arrived sent feelings, for which purpose I ask here in the latter part of last May. On your patient indulgence for a few mo. the 19th of June, that memorable day, ments.

which I trust will never be effaced from I was born at Hamburg, in the year my mind, I called upon a gentleman 1833. My father was a merchant, and (whose name is objected to be men. died in 1852. My dear mother and five tioned), in order to obtain a situation, sisters are still alive and in good circum- who in the course of conversation asked stances. I was brought up among that me to what denomination I belonged ; portion of the descendants of Abraham, and when I told him that I was a Jew, who on the Continent are generally this gentleman, as a disciple of Christ, known under the name of modern Jews. kindly endeavoured to prove to me the I went to school when six years of age, fact, that the Messiah, whom the Jews and left at my fifteenth year, when I was expect yet to make His appearance, has confirmed in what that confirmation already come, and that it is none other consisted is more than I can say), and than Jesus of Nazareth, whom our soon after entered into business life. I forefathers pierced and murdered, and was situated in a mercantile house, in whom the present Jews despise; and which I served for about seven years, that no Jew could serve God as he and where I had the opportunity of ought to do, after the law of Moses, travelling through a great part of the because the offering of sacrifices has Continent, as Russia, Prussia, Austria, come to an end, since the last eighteen France, &c. When twenty years of age, centuries, in fulfilment of Hosea iii. 4; I came every year three times to these at the same time proving, that without islands, in order to buy goods, which the shedding of blood there is no remis. we sold again at Hamburg, but never sion of sin. I could not refute what I had an opportunity of visiting this heard from this eminent man of God, as

* Go

the truth thereof was clear to my mind; under God's blessing, a daily spiritual but an evil voice within me said,

adviser. thy way for this time, when I have con- My dear Christian friends, my heart venient season I will call for thee." is overwhelmed with gratitude, and it is

Friends! I leave it to yourselves impossible for me to describe to you the prayerfully to consider what a blessing kindness with which this dear Jewish it would be, if every one who calls him- brother of mine treated me. I found in self a Christian would, wherever he him a warm and sympathising friend, finds an opportunity of speaking of God who has not only borne with the impeand Christ, promote His honour and tuosity of my character and my unacglory in doing so, especially to the quaintance with the Christian religion, Jews, to whom the Christian Church but with love, long-suffering, and for. are debtors for all they revere and bearance, assisted me in my ardent inesteem sacred.

quiries after the truth. Thank God!

his efforts have not been in vain, but Far, far from Zion, far from God,

crowned with a heavenly blessing; as And suffering still the chasteving rod, Hopeless and homeless meets your view

this friend has been the instrumentality, The weary, weeping, exiled Jew!

in God's hands, of leading me to the In him no priest, no worship sweet,

right way of truth, which, by the grace No Saviour's love, no mercy-seat;

of God, I have found. Tbe giste he spurn'd are brought to you. In diligently and prayerfully searchThen share them with the exited Jew!

ing the Scriptures, I found that the Oh! Christian hearts, that thrill to hear heart is deceitful above all things and The news the Gospel heralds bear,

desperately wicked, that all deserve the le there no sympathy from you

wrath of a just God, and that there is To cheer the drooping, exiled Jew?

but one way to escape everlasting Say, can ye view the Eastern star,

damnation, the pit where the worm Which brought the wise men from afar, And whilst it shines so bright on you,

does not die and the fire quenches not Forget the darkness of the Jew ?

-even Jesus, that He is the Messiah, Or can ye hear our God's decree,

and that only by faith in Him we can He shall be bless'd tbat blesseth thee,

be justified. Ani sull refuse the tribute due,

And now I publicly and solemnly To teach and bless the exiled Jew?

declare, that I believe in the Father,

Son, and Holy Spirit, the One living This conversation, however, left such and true God, the Triune Jehovab. I an impression upon my mind, that I felt believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the a certain anxiety, an anxiety of which Messiah, of whom Moses and the proI never knew anything before, and of phets did speak. I believe that He was which I tried to get rid. “But as for God manifested in the flesh, who came God, His way is perfect.” The work down from heaven in His infinite love within me began, though I knew it not; to save sinners, even me, His sinful and as my mind was in such an unset

creature, from everlasting damnation. tled state, I came to the resolution to I believe that He fulfilled the law, in inquire and seek after truth. The fol- laying down His own life, and died the lowing day, the 20th of June, I met a cursed death of Calvary; that He rose countryman of mine, who, after I had

again the third day for my justification, informed him of my failure in obtaining and sits on the right hand of God to a situation in the above-named gentle. intercede for me as High Priest. man's establishment, kindly advised me Herein is the love of God manifested to call upon Mr. Stalberg, who might towards me, that He did not spare His use his influence with this anonymous only-begotten and beloved Son, and gentleman to get me in; but to my sur- gave us the exceedingly rich promise, prise, upon my first intercourse with that " whosoever believeth in Him shall Mr. Stalberg, he told me that he had

not perish, but have everlasting life.” nothing whatever to do with business I believe that my sins were laid upon affairs, and at once commenced to tell | Him, and that by His stripes I am me the tale of redeeming love. This healed, that His righteousness is counted was the second time that I ever heard

for my own righteousness, and that I of the depravity of the human heart, the have free access to God the Father, preciousness of the soul, and the inesti- through Jesus Christ His Son I furmable price paid for its redemption ; ther believe, that the Holy Spirit made and in this faithful labourer in the me understand the truth, that I believe Lord's vineyard I found not only a it through His persuasion, and that I constant friend and benefactor, but,

can obey it through His influence and


power. My soul has experienced the may shine as the brightness of the Divine presence of that Spirit, and firmament and the stars for ever and beareth witness within me that I am Christ's.

O Thou eternal and Triune Jehovah ! Blessed be God the Almighty, who save Thy people and bless Thy inheby His grace allowed me to experience ritance. Let the time speedily arrive, what it is to be at peace with Him, and and Thy gracious promise be fulfilled, that He thus enables me solemnly to that all Thy people Israel may serve assert before this congregation, that my Thee in true holiness, and call the trust and hope in life and death is in crucified Redeemer blessed, for Thine God, and in Him alone, through Jesus own honour and glory, and for Christ's Christ, my Lord and Saviour.

sake. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! Dear Christian friends, I cannot omit I entreat Thee to bless all the friends of with heartfelt gratitude to acknowledge trodden-down Israel, more especially the rich blessings I have, through grace, one friend and true servant of Thine, derived from the Gospel truth prowho interested himself so much on my claimed within these walls by our behalf. Bless him with all spiritual beloved pastor, the Rev. Thomas Aveand temporal blessings; make him more ling, and fervently pray to the God of and more zealous for the cause of Israel, my fathers, that it may please Him to with a zeal according to knowledge and spare his life, and the life of those dear charity ; spare his life for many, many to him, and that the seed which he years, and thus enable hiin to be á soweth from time to time may fall on living sacrifice, holy and acceptable good ground, and bring forth abununto Thee; and may all those who sur- dantly, to the honour and glory of round him, by his works and conversa- Immanuel's name. Amen. tion, see that he is with Christ, and Now, dear Christian friends, I need follow the example set before them. I not tell you that a Christian's path, ask this for our Redeemer's sake.

especially that of a new-born one, a Almighty and everlasting God! who babe in Christ, is not always a smooth art the hearer and answerer of prayer, one, but beset with thorns and thistles, pour down Thy richest blessing from and there is a cunning enemy to be above, I beseech Thee, upon my spiritual overcome, and that I require strength adviser, the son of Abraham, Thy and power from on high to walk secure. friend; prolong his useful life, the life Wherefore allow me to beseech you, of his partner in life, and all the mem- when you retire your closets, bers of his family, for many years, that to remember unworthy me in your he, by Thy gracious providence and prayers, that our heavenly Father may grace, may continue to be the instru- ! strengthen me in the inner man, upinentality, in Thy hand, to bring back hold me hy His Spirit, and increase my some of the lost sheep of the house of knowledge and love of Him, that I may Israel, sheep without a shepherd ; that be a partaker of that knowledge which he, being a living sacrifice unto Thee, passeth all understanding.


NORTH LONDON AUXILIARY TO THIE BRITISH SOCIETY. On Tuesday evening a public meeting Jews, the present generation of that race of the above Society was held in needed the salvation provided in the Myddelton-hall.

G.' H. Davis, Esq. Gospel, because they were sinful men, (of the Religious Tract Society), presi- and if God entered into judgment with ded. A hymn having been sung, and them, how could they stand before Him the Divine blessing invoked, by the Rev. at the last day? The second principle J. Hartley (of Liverpool-road chapel), was, that inasmuch as the Jews were a

The CHAIRMAN said that the work of very peculiar people, they needed a the conversion of the children of Israel very peculiar agency to present Divine was a matter of much speculation and truth to their minds. The third prinrather warm controversy among the ciple was, that though it is a truth that children of God. Many opinions were some, who for a time turned from Judaheld concerning the past and the pre- ism to the profession of Christianity, gent in connexion with the future of had not been really converted, yet there the Jews, but there were principles on are many of the Jews who have received which all might agree ; first, that what- the truth in the love of it, and that they ever may be the earthly future of the ought to be encouraged even by that


degree of success. If they but kept the unsectarian constitution of this so. these three principles before them, he ciety commends it to the support of all thought they would find no difficulty who feel themselves interested in the whatever in supporting that and kindred progress of Christianity." He said that societies, whatever might be their indi. the signs of the times, with regard to vidual views as to the future of the the Jews, were most impressive and children of Israel. The fortunes of the encouraging. Many persons, when Gentiles were mixed up with those of speaking of the Reformation, ask why the Jews. The very lapse of the Jews something had not then been done for had been the life of the Gentiles. What, the Jews? But the reason was plain. then, must their restoration be produc- The great reformers had enough to do tive of? In concluding an excellent in fighting with the Church of Rome speech, Mr. Davis said that the Society and her errors. But when Chalmers had six agents in England, and nine in was honoured by God in establishing foreign countries, and that as its labours the glorious doctrine of justification ! were conducted in the most judicious by faith, numerous revivals sprang up manner, it deserved their prayers and in Scotland, and particularly in Kil. support. (Ilear, hear.) He then called syth and Dundee, About that time, upon

M'Cheyne, Black, and others, who had Mr. J. Yonge, jun., to read the re- been diffusing the truth concerning Jeport, which stated the one object of the sus in Palestine, returned with tidings Society-to give the Jew a hearty wel. of great joy; and, as a consequence, come to the Saviour-recommended the efforts

commenced for a still cause to the sympathies, prayers, and greater diffusion of the Gospel among aid of the meeting; showed that the the Jews. The rev. gentleman conclufunds for the past year had not been ded by remarking that prayer, as had large; that the accounts of the Society's been said in the report, was the great progress are very cheering from home resource of the Society. and abroad, and especially from the The Rev. Mr. KESSLER, one of the Socontinent; and that the Society wanted ciety's continental agents, gave an in. additional collectors, and an increase in teresting account of the efforts that had the number of subscribers.

been made by the Society's agents in The Rev. A. M. HENDERSON (of Clare. Brussels, Antwerp, Frankfort, Wurtenmont Chapel), in an interesting address, burg, Breslau, &c. spoke of " the advantages of the Jews." The Rev. H. MADGIN (of Tonbridge He said that, looking at them, ejected Chapel), in a short but impressire adfrom their own land and scattered dress, spoke on the following topic :among the nations, one might wonder “The conversion of the Jews, a theme what were the advantages of the Jews. for earnest and believing prayer." But, unto them were committed the The Rev. B. S. Hollis, in an energe. oracles of God. While the Greeks, tic but brief address, commended the Romans, and Persians worshipped Society and its object to the sympathies their mythical gods, the Jews had had

of the meeting a distinct revelation--"'The Lord thy Mr. G. Yonge (secretary to the SoGod is one God.” The rev. gentleman ciety) proposed, and Mr. BAMFORD seexpatiated on the advantages that the conded, a vote of thanks to the chair. Jews derived from this.

man, which having been adopted, the The Rev. J. WEIR, D.D., addressed doxology was sung, and the meeting the meeting on the next topic, “ That ' departed.


Tu MontuuY DEVOTIONAL MEETING will be held as usual at No. 1, Crescentplace, Blackfriars, on Wednesday Evening, April 21st, at 7 o'clock. The Meeting is open to all friends of Israel.

London : Published by JOHN SNOW, 35, Paternoster Row.

Printed by Charles Adams and William Gee, at 23 Middle Street, West Smithfield, E.C.-10.148-April 1, 1828.

The Jewish Herald ,








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How various are the thoughts awakened in the mind by the mention of the words “ the house of Israel!” A people start up at once before us by far the most remarkable of any on the face of the earth. The marks of antiquity are on their countenances; they present, though scattered everywhere, a unity of manners, customs, thoughts and hopes to be found in no nation beside. Seek we for illustrations of holiness and sin-of love and hatred—of spiritual sublimity or moral degradation,—where can we find them so fully and numerously exhibited as in the history and condition of Israel? This strange people stand before us with God's book in their bands, and God's curse upon their heads; ever using holy words, yet completely out of sympathy with God; enduring, in many places, the most extreme sorrow, yet sure heirs of the richest blessings.

Were it only as a matter of curiosity, the study of such a peculiar nation would be most interesting; but it is not thus that we are called to think upon them. We are bound to them by links which we cannot sever; we have responsibilities relating to them, resting upon us, which we cannot shake off. Surely, then, it behoves us to form as intimate and correct an acquaintance with them as possible; to endeavour to unlearn all misconceptions, and cast away all prejudices; in a word, to aim to get into sympathy with God toward Israel, so that we may act a right part toward them. Then we shall not be found among those “ jalkers” of whom God speaks in Ezek. xxxvi. 3, nor do that which is so feelingly complained of by Jeremiah, “ They called them an outcast; saying, This is Zion whom no man'seeketh after” (Jer. xxx. 17.)

We must not dwell on the marvellous history of Israel, including their delirerance, prosperity, apostacy, scattering, and wanderings. In all they are a wonderful people. The last eighteen centuries have been heavily laden with


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