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U' Question your Excellency will surmount eyery Difficulty with Honour and Safety.

Her Majesty's Reign will make a bright Leaf in 'History; and, as 'tis the Advantage of the pre'sent, fo 'twill be the Admiration of future Ages;

not more for her Successes abroad, than her Pria 'dence at home: And tho' our Distance has been, ' and may sometimes be disadvantageous to us, yet * we experience the Effect of her Princely Care, in putting an End to the worst Administration NewJersey ever knew, by fending your Excellency, whose Administration must always be easy to her Majesty's Subjects here, and satisfactory to your felf, whilft you follow so great and to good an Example. ..,

We have no Animosities with one another, but firmly agree to do our felves and Country Justice; and perswade our felves none that deserves publick Censure will have Share in your Excellency's Esteem; but that we shall meet with a hearty Concurrence from you in all those Measures that conduce to our Peace and Satisfaction.

We shall contribute to the Support of her Majesty's Government to the utmost of our Abilities, and most willingly so at a Time when we are

freed from Bondage and arbitrary Encroachments, ...and are very much satisfied that Vice and Immo

rality will meet with a different Treatment from what it did, and not receive that publick Countenance and Approbation.

We do assure your Excellency, all your reason able Desires, shall be Commands to us, and that we will study to make your Excellency's Admi nistration as easy and happy as we can to your Excellency and our selves.

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Numb. XXVI. , The following PRAYER having been prin: ted in several Languages, as made and used by Prince EUGENE, we thought fit to insert it in this Colle&tion; tho we cannot affirm it to be genuine. However, if that Prince be the Author of it, all maji own he knows as well how to pray, as he knows how to fight. It is

i My God, I believe in theg, do thou strengtherr

me; I hope in thee, do thou confirmy my Hope; I love thee, vouchsafe to redouble my Love. : I am sorry for my Sinş. O, do thou increase my Repentance; I adore thee, as my first Principle; I desire thee as my laft End; I thank : thee as my perpetual Benefactor; and I call uporr thee, as my fupreme Defender. ..

My God! Be pleas'd to guide me by thy Wif. dom, rule me by thy Justice, comfort me by thy • Mercy, and keep me by thy Power. To thee I * dedicate all my Thoughts and Words, my Actions

and Sufferings; that henceforth I may think of. 'thee, speak of thee, act according to thy Will, and suffer for thy Sake..

*Lord! My Will is subject to thine, in whatsoever thou willeft; because it is thy Will. I be• seech thee to enlighten my Understanding, to give • Bounds to my Will, to purify my Body, and to • fanctify my Soul.

Enable me, O my God! to expiate my past Offences, to conquer my future Temptations, to "reduce the Passions that are too strong for me, and

to practise the Vertues thar become me. O! fill 'my Heart with a tender Remembrance of thy Fa*vours, an Aversion for my Infirmities, a Love ' for my Neighbour, and a Contempt of the World. * Let me always remember to be submillive to my • Superiors, charitable to my Enemies, faithful to my Friends, and indulgent to my Inferiours.


Come, O God, and help me to overcome Plea. fure by Mortification, Covetousness by Alms, Anger by Meekness, and Lukewarmness by Devotion.

O my God! make me prudent in Undertakings, couragious in Dangers, patient under Disappoint*ments, and humble in Success. Let' me never

forget, O Lord, to be fervent in Prayer, temperate in Food, exact in my Employs, and constant in my Resolutions.

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have a quief Conscience, an outward Modefty, an * edifying Conversation, and a regular Conduct. Let me always apply my self to refift Nature, to afsft Grace, to keep thy Commandments, and to deferve to be

? My God! Do thou convince me of the Mean. ness of the Earth, the Greatness of Heaven, the ‘Shortness of Time, and the Length of Eternity. Grant that I may be prepard for Death, that I may fear thy Judgment, avoid Heli, and obtain Paradise : through the Merits of our Lord Jefus Chrilt. Amen. -19 09 :!7.11nst . .

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