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5. But Jehovah shall en|dure forever:

He hath prepared his throne for judgment;
6. And he shall judge the world in righteousness,

He shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness. 7. JEHOVAH also shall be a refuge for the oppressed,

A | refuge in times of trouble. 8. And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: For thou, O JEHOVAH, hast not forsaken them that seek



[Ps. xxi.] 1. The king shall joy in thy strength, | O JEHOVAH ;

And in thy salvation how | greatly shall he rejoice! 2. Thou hast given him his heart's desire,

And hast not with held the request of his lips. 3. For thou hast bestowed on him the blessings of goodness :

Thou hast set a crown of pure gold on his head. 4. He asked life of thee, thou gavest it him,

Even length of days forever and ever. 5. His glory is great in thy salvation :

Honor and majesty | hast thou laid upon him. 6. For thou hast made him most blessed forever :

Thou hast made him glad with the joy of thy countenance.
7. For the king trusteth | in JEHOVAH,
And through the mercy of the Most | High he shall not be

8. Be thou exalted, O JEHOVAH, in | thine own strength :
So will we sing and praise thy power.

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SELECTION 78. [Ps. xvi. 5.] 1. JEHOVAH is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup:

Thou | dost maintain my lot. 2. The lines are fallen to me in | pleasant places;

Yea, the heritage is pleasing to me. 3. I will bless JEHOVAH, who hath | counselled for me :

My reins also in struct me in the night. 4. I set JEHOVAH | always before me:

Because he is at my right | hand, I shall not be moved. 5. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:

My flesh | also shall rest in hope. 6. For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell;

Neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy | One to see corruption. 7. Thou wilt make me to know the | path of life :

In thy | presence is fulness of joy; 8. At thy right hand

Are pleasures forevermore.


[Ps. cxvi.] 1. I love JEHOVAN,

Because he hath heard my voice, my supplications. 2. Bec

he hath inclined his ear to me, Therefore will I call up on him in my days. 3. What shall I render | to JEHOVAH,

For all his | benefits toward me? 4. I will take the cup of salvation,

And call up on the name of JEHOVAH.


5. I will pay my | vows to JEHOVAH,

Now in the presence of all his people. 6. I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving,

And will call up on the name of JEHOVAH. 7. I will pay my vows to JEHOVAH,

Now in the presence of all his people, 8. In the courts of the house of Jehovah, In the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye


SELECTION 80. [Ps. cxviii.] 1. O give thanks to Jehovah; for | he is good :

Because his | mercy is forever. 2. Let | Israel now say,

That his | mercy is forever. 3. Let the house of | Aaron now say,

That his | mercy is forever. 4. Let them now that fear JEHOVAH say,

That his | mercy is forever. 5. I called upon JEHOVAH | out of distress :

Jehovah answered me, and set me in a large place. 6. JEHOVAH is for me; I | will not fear:

What can man do to me? 7. It is better to trust in JEHOVAH,

Than to put | confidence in man. 8. It is better to trust in Jehovah,

Than to put | 'confidence in princes. 9. O give thanks to Jehovah; for he is good;

4For his | mercy is forever.

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SELECTION 81. [Ps. lxxxix.] 1. I will sing of the mercies of Je|hovah forever: [erations.

With my mouth will I make known thy | truth to all gen2. For I have said, Mercy shall be built | up forever :

Thy truth shalt thou establish | in the very heavens. 3. I have made a covenant | with my chosen,

1 have | sworn to David my servant, 4. Thy seed will I establish forever,

And build up thy throne to all generations. 5. And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, | O JEHOVAH :

Thy truth also in the congregation of saints. 6. For who in heaven can be compared to JEHOVAH ?

Who among the sons of God, likened to JEHOVAH? 7. God is greatly to be feared in the assembly | of the saints,

And to be reverenced by all about him. 8. O JEHOVAH, God of hosts, who is a mighty Jan like to thee?

Or to thy | truth round about thee?

[Ps. cxxxv.]


Praise ye Jah. 1. Praise ye the name of Jehovah;

Praise him, Oye | servants of JEHOVAH. 2. Who stand in the house of JEHOVAH,

In the courts of the house of our God. 3. Praise ye Jah; for Je|hovah is good :

Sing praises to his name ; for it is pleasant. 4. For Jah hath chosen Jacob | for himself,

Israel for his peculiar treasure.

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5. For I know that Je|Hovah is great,

And that our | Lord is above all gods. 6. All that JEHOVAH pleaseth,

[deeps. He doeth in heaven, and in | earth, in the seas, and all 7. He causeth the clouds to ascend

From the ends of the earth; 8. He maketh lightnings for the rain;

He bringeth the wind out of his treasuries. Praise ye Jan.

SELECTION 83. [Ps. cxxxv. 13.] 1. Thy name, O JEHOVAH, is forever ;

Thy memorial, O Jehovah, to generation and generation. 2. For Jehovah will | judge his people,

And he will repent him self concerning his servants. 3. The idols of the nations are | silver and gold,

The work of the hands of men. 4. They have mouths, but they speak not ;

Eyes have they, but they see not ; 5. They have I ears, but they hear not ;

Neither is there breath in their mouths. 6. They that make them are | like to them :

So is every one that trusteth in them. 7. Bless JEHOVAH, O | house of Israel :

Bless JE|hovah, o'house of Aaron : 8. Bless Jehovah,' house of Levi:

Ye that fear Je|hovah, bless JEHOVAH. 9. Blessed be Jehovah | out of Zion, 4Who / dwelleth at Jerusalem. Praise ye



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