A History of Jammû

Manas Publications, 2008 - 259 sivua
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Since Its Founding In 1747, Afghanistan Has Been Besieged By Tribal Warfare And Nearly Constant Turmoil As The Central Government Has Attempted To Consolidate Control Of The Country. There Have Been Three Anglo-Afghan Wars, Battles Between The Russianbacked Marxist Government In Kabul And A Coalition Of Tribal Armies, And A Taliban Takeover. Now, In The Midst Of A War Against Terrorism, The United States Is Supporting The Current Government In Yet Another Struggle In This Remote, Mountainous Region.This Second Edition Of Historical Dictionary Of Afghan Wars, Revolutions, And Insurgencies Traces The Information Available On The Chain Of Wars Stretching Over Two And A Half Centuries. It Includes The American Involvement In Afghanistan Since October 2001, As Well As Individual Campaigns, And Explores Tactics And Logistics Of Skirmishes, Weapons Used, And Leaders Involved In The Battles. Extensive Analysis Of Regional And Ideological Divisions Within The Ccuntry And The External Forces That Have Introduced Conflict To This Area In Addition To A Chronology, Numerous Maps And Illustrations, Several Appendixes, And An Extensive Bibliography Makes This Updated Edition An Indispensable Reference.

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