Sivut kuvina


A thousand fylvans, demigods, and gods,
That haunt our mountains and our Alban woods.


But if you'll profper, mark what I advise,
Whom age and long experience render wife,
And one whofe tender care is far above
All that these lovers ever felt of love,
(Far more than e'er can by yourfelf be gueft)
Fix on Vertumnus, and reject the rest.
For his firm faith I dare engage my own;
Scarce to himself, himself is better known.
To distant lands Vertumnus never roves;
Like you, contented with his native groves;
Nor at first fight, like moft, admires the fair;
For you he lives; and you alone fhall fhare
His last affection, as his early care.

Befides, he's lovely far above the rest,
With youth immortal, and with beauty bleft.
Add, that he varies ev'ry shape with ease,
And tries all forms that may Pomona please,
But what should most excite a mutual flame,
Your rural cares and pleasures are the fame :
To him your orchards early fruits are due,
(A pleasing off'ring when 'tis made by you)
He values thefe; but yet (alas) complains,
That still the best and dearest gift remains.
Not the fair fruit that on yon branches glows
With that ripe red th' autumnal fun bestows;
Nor tasteful herbs that in these gardens rife,
Which the kind foil with milky fap fupplies;

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Nec quidquam, nifi te. miferere ardentis: et ipfum,
Qui petit, ore meo præfentem crede precari-
Sic tibi nec vernum nafcentia frigus adurat
Poma; nec excutiant rapidi florentia venti.


Hæc ubi nequicquam formas Deus aptus in omnes, Edidit; in juvenem rediit: et anilia demit Instrumenta fibi: talifque adparuit illi, Qualis ubi oppofitas nitidiffima folis imago Evicit nubes, nullaque obftante reluxit. Vimque parat: fed vi non eft opus; inque figura Capta Dei Nympha est, et mutua vulnera fentit.


You, only you, can move the God's defire:
Oh crown fo conftant and fo pure a fire!
Let foft compaffion touch your gentle mind;
Think, 'tis Vertumnus begs you to be kind!
So may no froft, when early buds appear,
Destroy the promise of the youthful year;
Nor winds, when first your florid orchard blows,
Shake the light bloffoms from their blasted boughs!
This when the various God had urg'd in vain,
He straight affum'd his native form again;
Such, and fo bright an aspect now he bears,
As when through clouds th' emerging fun appears,
And thence exerting his refulgent ray,

Difpels the darkness, and reveals the day.

Force he prepar'd, but check'd the rash design;
For when, appearing in a form divine,

The Nymph furveys him, and beholds the grace
Of charming features, and a youthful face!
In her foft breast confenting paffions move,
And the warm maid confefs'd a mutual love.









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