Reports of a Commission Appointed for a Revision of the Revenue System of the United States, 1865-'66, Nide 1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1866 - 483 sivua

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Sivu 305 - ... from two and a half to three and a half inches in diameter...
Sivu 375 - Woolen cloths, woolen shawls, and all manufactures of wool of every description, made wholly or in part of wool, not specially enumerated or provided for in this act, valued at not exceeding eighty cents per pound, thirty-five cents per pound and thirty-five per centum ad valorem...
Sivu 329 - A protective tariff disturbs the operation of the primal law of trade which governs all exchanges by the supply and demand of the articles to be exchanged, and openly and shamelessly violates the principle that every man has a right, subject only to governmental necessities, to buy where he can buy the cheapest and sell where he can get the best i rice.
Sivu 205 - ... not sold or offered for sale, or advertised under any other name, form, or guise than that under which they may be severally denominated and laid down in said pharmacopoeias, dispensatories...
Sivu 371 - ... of the best quality, the value of the whole shall be appraised according to the value of the bale of the best quality ; and no bale, bag, or package shall be liable to a less rate of duty in consequence of being invoiced with wool of lower value...
Sivu 371 - The duty upon wool of the sheep or hair of the camel, Angora goat, alpaca, and other like animals of any class which shall be changed in its character or condition for the purpose of evading the duty, or which shall be reduced in value by the admixture of dirt or any other foreign substance, shall be twice the duty to which it would be otherwise subject.
Sivu 205 - But nothing in this section shall be construed to exempt from stamp tax any medicinal articles, whether simple or compounded by any rule, authority, or formula, published or unpublished, which are put up in a style or manner similar to that of patent or proprietary medicines in general...
Sivu 297 - And now, brethren, I am at a loss whether to thank you or not for the honor you have done me in calling me to preside on this occasion, for it was only when the alumni of Harvard had lost their head that they invited me to supply its place.
Sivu 205 - ... or proprietary medicine in general, or which are advertised on the package or otherwise as remedies or specifics for any ailment, or as having any special claim to merit, or to any peculiar advantage in mode of preparation, quality, use, or effect.
Sivu 378 - Flannels, blankets, hats of wool, knit goods, and all goods made on knitting-frames, balmorals, woolen and worsted yarns, and all manufactures of every description, composed wholly or in part of worsted...

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