Bankers' Magazine, Journal of the Money Market and Commercial Digest, Nide 15

BPC (Bankers' Magazine) Limited, 1855

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Sivu 456 - Company not then paid up : provided always, that no such execution shall issue against any shareholder except upon an order of the Court in which the action, suit, or other proceeding shall have been brought or instituted, made upon motion in open Court, after sufficient notice in writing to the person sought to be charged ; and, upon such motion, such Court may order execution to issue accordingly...
Sivu 521 - In citing this act in any instrument, document, or proceeding, it shall be sufficient to use the expression "The Summary Procedure on Bills of Exchange Act, 1855.
Sivu 375 - Yellow muscovado and brown clayed sugar, or sugar rendered by any process equal in quality to yellow muscovado or brown clayed, and not equal to white clayed .... per cwt.
Sivu 375 - Not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 456 - If any execution, sequestration, or other process in the nature of execution, either at law or in equity, shall have been issued against the property or effects of the company, and if there cannot be found sufficient whereon to levy...
Sivu 520 - No. 5 (on which judgment no proceeding in error shall lie), for any sum not exceeding the sum indorsed on the writ, together with interest at the rate specified, if any, to the date of the judgment, and a sum for costs (to be fixed by the...
Sivu 520 - Court the sum indorsed on the writ, or upon affidavits satisfactory to the judge, which disclose a legal or equitable defence, or such facts as would make it incumbent on the holder to prove consideration, or such other facts as the judge may deem sufficient to support the application, and on such terms as to security or otherwise as to the judge may seem fit.
Sivu 520 - ... superior courts, or any three of them, subject to the approval of the judges thereof, or any eight of them, of whom the Lord Chief Justices and the Lord Chief Baron shall be three), unless the plaintiff claim more than such fixed sum, in which case the costs shall be taxed in the ordinary way ; and
Sivu 521 - Writ is to be served within (Six) Calendar Months from the Date thereof, or, if renewed, from the Date of such Renewal, including the Day of such Date, and not afterwards.
Sivu 520 - The holder of any bill of exchange or promissory note may, if he think fit, issue one writ of summons, according to this act, against all or any number of the parties to such bill or note, and such writ of summons shall be the commencement of an action or actions against the parties therein named respectively, and all subsequent proceedings against such respective parties shall be in like manner, so far as may be, as if separate writs of summons had been issued.

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