The elements of Roman law summarized, a concise digest of the matter contained in the Institutes of Gaius and Justinian


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Sivu 18 - Law Journal. In 8vo., price 2s. 6d., MORIARTY ON PERSONATION AND DISPUTED IDENTITY AND THEIR TESTS. In a handy volume, crown 8vo., 1870, price lew. 6d., cloth, THE LAW OF SALVAGE, As administered in the High Court of Admiralty and the County Courts ; with the Principal Authorities, English and American, brought down to the present time ; and an Appendix, containing Statutes, Forms, Table of Fees, etc. By EDWYN JONES, of Gray's Inn, Barrister-at-Law.
Sivu 20 - LORD CAIRNS'S DECISIONS. Reported by FRANCIS S. REILLY, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. In 8vo., 1871, price 2is., cloth, A TREATISE ON THE STATUTES OF ELIZABETH AGAINST FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCES. The Bills of Sale Registration Acts, and the Law of Voluntary Dispositions of Property generally. BY HW MAY, BA (Ch.Ch.
Sivu 43 - Mr. Brown has undertaken a double task—the translation of his author, and the analysis of his author's matter. That he has succeeded in reducing the bulk of the original will be seen at a glance; the French translation consisting of two volumes, with some five hundred pages apiece, as compared with Mr. Brown's thin volume of a hundred and fifty pages.
Sivu 33 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Sivu 36 - COMMENTARIES ON THE LAW OF MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE. With the Evidence, Practice, Pleading, and Forms ; also of Separations without Divorce, and of the Evidence of Marriage in all issues. By JOEL PRENTISS BISHOP.
Sivu 30 - Election Reports, has done his work well. . . . For practical purposes, as a handy manual, we can recommend the work to returning officers, agents, and candidates ; and returning officers cannot do better than distribute this manual freely amongst their subordinates, if they wish them to understand their work."—Solicitors
Sivu 32 - BROOKE'S (Sir Robert) New Cases in the time of Henry VIII., Edward VI., and Queen Mary, collected out of Brooke's Abridgment...
Sivu 32 - KELYNGE'S (William) Reports of Cases in Chancery, the King's Bench, &c., from the 3rd to the gth year of His late Majesty King George II., during which time Lord King was Chancellor, and the Lords Raymond and Hardwicke were Chief Justices of England. To which are added, seventy New Cases not in the First Edition. Third Edition. In one handsome volume.
Sivu 5 - Law Times. THE LAW OF CORPORATIONS. In one volume of One Thousand Pages, royal 8vo, price 42*. , cloth, A TREATISE ON THE DOCTRINE OF ULTRA VIRES: BEING An Investigation of the Principles which Limit the Capacities, Powers, and Liabilities of CORPORATIONS, AND MORE ESPECIALLY OF JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. SECOND EDITION. BY SEWARD BRICE, MA, LL.D. LONDON, OF THE INNER TEMPLE, BARRISTER-AT-LAW.
Sivu 34 - AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONS: Comprising the Constitution of each State in the Union, and of the United States, with the Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation ; each accompanied by a Historical Introduction and Notes, together with a Classified Analysis of the Constitutions...

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