Who's who in Hockey

Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2003 - 459 sivua
If there is one book that's missing from the ever-growing number of hockey books available, it is an A-to-Z guide of the sport's all-time greatest stars. Finally, that book has arrived. Veteran hockey authors Stan and Shirley Fischler's Who's Who in Hockey is the complete guide to the game's greatest players.This indispensable hockey reference book features all of the sport's most notable players, from Wayne Gretzky and Howie Morenz to Rocket Richard, Marcel Pronovost, and Bep Guidolin.For easy reference, this comprehensive 480-page volume is divided into three parts: pre-World War II players, World War II to Expansion, and From 1967-68 to the present.Each player's entry includes his biography, personal statistics, and career highlights, along with anecdotal information. In addition to player listings, this power-packed book will include: o Dozens of player photoso Capsule histories of every past and present NHL franchiseo The colorful history behind the Stanley Cupo Profiles of the game's best coaches and managers o Profiles of others who've helped make the game great, such as Pete and Jerry Cusimano, who pioneered the Detroit tradition of throwing octopuses onto the ice for luck.Perhaps the most complete compendium of biographies on hockey's greatest players ever published, Who's Who in Hockey will be a hot item with both die-hard and newer fans of this popular professional sport.


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Acknowledgments xiii
TaflyAbel 3
Syl Apps 9
Ace Bailey 15
Bobby Bauer 21
Max Bentley 27
Herb Cain 57
Gerry Cheevers 63
Alexei Kovalev 221
Pierre Lacroix 224
Jacques Laperriere 230
Albert Leduc 236
Pit Lepine 242
Carl Liscombe 248
Bryan McCabe 265
Johnny McKenzie 271

Dit Clapper 69
Erik Cole 75
Shayne Corson 81
Marc Crawford 87
Hap Day 93
Danny Gare 135
Fred Glover 142
Anders Hedberg 169
Busher Jackson 199
Ted Kennedy 215
UlfNilsson 304
Bert Olmstead 310
ZiggyPalfly 316
Lynn Patrick 322
Chuck Rayner 347
Joe Sakic 365
Serge Savard 371
Frank SelkeSr 376

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Fischler is regarded as "the dean of North American hockey writers." He is an analyst for Fox Sports New York and the Madison Square Garden Network.

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