Oliver & Boyd's new Edinburgh almanac and national repository. [With] Western suppl

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Sivu 189 - Watches or besets the house or other place where such other person resides, or works, or carries on business, or happens to be, or the approach to such house or place; or 5.
Sivu 187 - ... that he had no reason to believe at the time when he sold it that the article was otherwise, and that he sold it in the same state as when he purchased it, he shall be discharged from the prosecution...
Sivu 122 - ... or upwards, is acknowledged to have been settled, satisfied, or discharged, or which signifies or imports any such acknowledgment, and whether the same is or is not signed with the name of any person.
Sivu 112 - Where a sub-purchaser takes an actual conveyance of the interest of the person immediately selling to him, which is chargeable with ad valorem duty in respect of the consideration moving from him, and is duly stamped accordingly, any conveyance to be afterwards made to him of the same property by the original seller shall be...
Sivu 123 - Any instrument, whether voluntary or upon any good or valuable consideration, other than a bona fide pecuniary consideration, whereby any definite and certain principal sum of money (whether charged or chargeable on lands or other hereditaments or heritable subjects, or not, or to be laid out in the purchase of lands or other hereditaments or heritable subjects or not), or any definite and certain amount of stock, or any security, is settled or agreed to be settled in any manner whatsoever : For...
Sivu 117 - Kingdom, and entitling any person to become the proprietor of any share of any foreign or colonial company or proposed company...
Sivu 193 - The provisions of this Act conferring a special jurisdiction on the court as defined by this Act, shall not, except so far as the jurisdiction extends, affect the jurisdiction of any court in Scotland or Ireland in any proceedings relating to patents or to designs or to trade marks ; and with reference to any such proceedings in Scotland, the term
Sivu 190 - ... or as near thereto as is practicable, in white or yellow on a dark ground, or in black on a light ground, a circular disc twelve inches in diameter, with an horizontal line eighteen inches in length drawn through its centre.
Sivu 111 - By sect. 71 (1), where the consideration, or any part of the consideration, for a conveyance on sale consists of any stock or marketable security, such conveyance is to be charged with ad valorem duty in respect of the value of such stock or security...
Sivu 96 - Hydrometer, for every Gallon of the Strength of Proof by such Hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less Strength than the Strength of Proof, and for any greater or less Quantity than a Gallon...

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