Canadian Criminal Cases Annotated, Nide 28

Canada Law Journal Company, 1918

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Sivu 31 - The imposition of punishment by fine, penalty or imprisonment for enforcing any law of the province made in relation to any matter coming within any of the classes of subjects enumerated in this section; 16.
Sivu 230 - ... are not alike favourable to all the players, including among the players the banker or other person by whom the game is managed, or against whom the other players stake, play or bet...
Sivu 303 - No act is a crime if the person who does it is, at the time when it is done, prevented, either by defective mental power, or by any disease affecting his mind...
Sivu 310 - ... conversant with the disease of insanity, who never saw the prisoner previously to the trial, but who was present during the whole trial and the examination of all the witnesses, be asked his opinion as to the state of the prisoner's mind at the time of the commission of the alleged crime, or his opinion whether the prisoner was conscious at the time of doing the act that he was acting contrary to law, or whether he was labouring under any and what delusion at the time?
Sivu 165 - We shall probably be safe in laying it down that the law will permit a compromise of all offences, though made the subject of a criminal prosecution, for which offences the injured party might sue and recover damages in an action. It is often the only manner in which he can obtain redress. But, if the offence is of a public nature, no agreement can be valid that is founded on the consideration of stifling a prosecution for it.
Sivu 28 - The Criminal Law, except the Constitution of Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction, but including the Procedure in Criminal Matters.
Sivu 75 - There must be a misstatement of an existing fact: but the state of a man's mind is as much a fact as the state of his digestion.
Sivu 439 - All offences of a public nature, that is, all such acts or attempts as tend to the prejudice of the community, are indictable.
Sivu 313 - Having already given its attention to the particular subject and provided for it, the Legislature is reasonably presumed not to intend to alter that special provision by a subsequent general enactment, unless that intention is manifested in explicit language...
Sivu 126 - Provided that no conviction shall be set aside nor any new trial directed, although it appears that some evidence was improperly admitted or rejected, or that something not according to law was done at the trial or some misdirection given, unless in the opinion of the Court of Appeal some substantial wrong or miscarriage was thereby occasioned on the trial...

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