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dertook to satisfy the claims of inflexible justice on my behalf ? Yes, blessed and adorable Redeemer! How can I do otherwise than love thee, who didst unsolicited tender down that full ransom, which procured my release?

Do I love the deliverer, who saved my life from the greatest danger, by hazarding his own ?And shall I not much more love that generous and mighty Saviour, who not only hazarded, but also actually gave up his own life to rescue me from the abyss of destruction? Do I love the benefactor, whose hand and heart are always open to relieve and assist, even when all others forsake me? And shall I not love him, out of whose fulness all my wants are liberally and constantly supplied ? O thou most gracious and merciful Redeemer, I am constrained to love thee! Thou art worthy of my most ardent affection. Thou didst deliver my poor helpless soul from the bottomless pit of perdition; and every moment thou art loading me with benefits ! Such are the sentiments, which rise from the melting and grateful heart of the renewed Christian.

It is the duty, and ought to be the delight of all believers to honour Christ. Come, 0 humble Christian, and bring to Jesus the tribute of praise. " He is thy Lord, and worship thou him.” Give to him the homage due to his Nature. “ Is he not

the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last? Is he not over all, God blessed for ever?”. It is on this ground, that “all men are commanded to honour the Son, even as they honour the Father."

Draw nigh, o believer, and give to the Re. deemer the glory due to his Name; a name which in far above every other, so that at the name of Jes sus every knee should bow, and every tongue swear,

Come, grateful Christian, render to him the praiso due to his finished work. He vanquished all thy foes, and entered the everlasting gates of glory in triumph. Yes, replies the believer, Thou, gracious Saviour, art worthy to be inces, Nantly magnified and adored. Once thou wast orowned with thorns, and mocked with a reed and a purple robe ; but now thou art crowned with glory, swaying a sceptre of righteousness, as the Hend of all principalities and powers. Once thoy wast by blasphemous tongues vilified and reproached, and by wicked hands crucified and Hlain ; but now thou art seated with the Father on his throne, receiving homage from ten thousand angels, who cast their bright crowns at thy feet, And shall not I bring my poor offering of praise ? Though I can add nothing to thine essential blessedness, yet would I join the heavenly hosts to celebrate thee. My mouth shall be filled with thy praise and thy honour all the day.

¢. It is the duty, and ought to be the delight of believers, to obey Christ. • Possessed of universal authority, girded with irresistible strength, and exalted to transcendant majesty, he demands and deserves submission and allegiance from all. Wherever the Gospel has produced a thorough change of heart, it will be manifested by actual obedience to Christ. The true believer does not consider him as a hard Master, nor his service as a wearisome drudgery. Bowing at his feet with unfeigned humility, he cries, “ Lord, what wilt thou have me to do ?” I believe thou art wise to direct, gracious to assist, and able to defend me. I would call no man master on earth, for thou art my Lord and my God. Thou didst purchase me with thine own blood, and I would therefore glorify thee in my body and spirit, which are thine.

2. If all perfections and excellencies dwell in Christ, then to reject and despise him involves in it the deepest guilt and the most dreadful consequences. The degree of enormity or evil in any offence rises in proportion to the dignity or amiablenes of the person offended. This is according to the eternal rule of rectitude. He who reviles and resists a great and good prince, whom he ought to revere and obey, commits a heavy crime. What then shall we say of those, who

despise the King of heaven and earth, the divine Redeemer, and reject with scorn his salvation ? No words can fully express the height of their presumption, and the heinousness of their guilt. As angels rejoice in the return of one repenting sinner to God, may we not justly suppose that they mourn, to see worms of the earth daring to set themselves against the Lord and his anointed, whom they unceasingly adore ? How awful and tremendous are the Divine threatenings against the enemies of the Saviour! “ If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema maranatha," I Cor. xvi, 22. Is it asked, why does a curse so heavy hang over his devoted head? Why does a doom so terrible await him? It may be sufficient to answer, because the want of love to Christ necessarily indicates enmity of mind, perverseness of will, and unbelief of heart, To reject Christ, and his word, is to choose darkness rather than light, to prefer error to truth, and to forsake infinite excellence for vanity and sin. If this, reader, be your case, let me entreat you to think seriously on your guilt and danger. While alienated from God, and without Christ, you are pouring contempt on the greatest gift of heaven! While in your present hardened state, you are making God a liar, because you receive not the record he hath given of his Son !” Awful condition! He that despised Moses' law died without mercy, under two or three witnesses. Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace.” He, whose power could have long ago sunk you to the lowest hell, still exercises his marvellous long-suffering and mercy to'wards you. Hear then the voice of warning and exhortation, “ Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little ; blessed are all they that put their trust in thee."

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