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into the covenant the deliberate act of their own free will—The astonishing display of the divine power and majesty made to them after they had declared their determination to serve the Lord-Sublime description of the giving of the law--Solemnity with which it was accompanied-The first principle of all religion confirmed-Unity of the Godhead declaredWorship of God established — His name to be reverenced-A seventh part of time to be devoted

the remembrance of the great Creator Beneficial consequences of the institution of the Sabbath..




A knowledge of the Old Testament of great im

portance towards forming distinct views of the Christian dispensation-The truths communicated by revelation illustrative of those which had been acknowledged by reason-Weakness of human reason shewn in the universal prevalence of idolatry-Nature of the laws delivered to the Jews by Moses--Nature of the rewards and punishments announced-Difficulty of extirpating idolatrous worshin-Power

of of example and of fashion over the opinions and conduct-The apostacy not universal..70


The general scope and design of Scriptural his

tory-In what respect distinguished from other history-Of the prophecies--Of the character of the prophets-- Individuality of their style and manner-Their general harmony and agreement-Unity of design manifest in the progress of revelation-Exact fulfilment of the prophetic denunciations against the JewsThe judgments denounced by Moses on the disobedient, temporal and national—those of the Gospel individual and eternal......... 86


Different circumstances attending the promulga

tion of the Mosaic law and the Gospel--In what a true and salutary belief in the Christian system consists-Faith shewn to be a prio

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ciple of action-Knowledge of the divine nature and government afforded by the GospelOf the superior motives which it supplies for the strict performance of duty-Of the obligations which it imposes on believers--to superior virtue--Means, afforded for its attainment-Piety favourable to benevolence...105


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The pure morality of the Gospel conformable to

the sentiments of the most enlightened philosophers of antiquity-Superiority of our Sa. viour's precepts Of the light thrown by the Gospel upon the Divine government—The Christian system promotive of human happi

-Favourable to the benevolent affections --The doctrine of brotherly love, and mutual forgiveness-Difficulty of forgiveness examined

- Faith shewn to be essential for enabling the mind to obtain a complete controul over the selfish and vindictive passions--Partial efforts of obedience shewn to be alike ineffectual under the Mosaic as under the Christian dispensation...



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Of the promise of divine assistance-The assur

ance we have of the fulfilment of the promise

-Delusions of visionaries, no argument against a promise specifically declared---Means of obtaining the divine assistance, Proper use to be made of all the events of life---Salutary tendency of innocent enjoyments-Resignation to the divine will-Benevolence-Essential distinction between the law of Moses and that of Christ- The power

of the latter in meliorating the dispositions of the heart--Of the special means of grace-Prayer-Its influence---Its tendency to inspire universal goodwill - The Lord's prayer--Examination of cach of its parts---The spirit of devotion......



Examination of the special means of grace con

tinued--Of baptism-Its first institution After our Saviour's death, attended wjih visible


displays of divine grace, in the sensible influence of the Holy Spirit—This shewn to be exactly conformable to the former evidences given to the prophets of the truth of the

promises—Moral effects of baptism--The influence which it ought to have upon the character-Of the Lord's Supper-A memorial of our Saviour's death“A pledge of immortality -The dispositions which it requires and cherishes-Changes the objects of hope from this world to the next-Blesses the soul with an assurance of forgiveness-Reflections on the happy tendency of this divine ordinance..186


Some situations in life more favourable than

others to the cultivation of the Christian virtues Illustration-Pursuit of happiness-Directed by our Saviour to the proper objectThe.distinctions of this world declared by him to be unfavourable to the attainment of immortal glory— Their tendency to cherish the affections which the Gospel teaches us to subdue-of the rich man's question concerning


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