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ENGLAND :-Generally prosperous and peaceful State of the British Empire

at the commencement of 1852—The late Coup-de-Main in France-State

of Trade, Agriculture, and Revenue at Home-Aspect of Home Politics

Recent Removal of Lord Palmerston from Office - Anticipated effect of

this Event on the Whig Cabinet-Parliament opened by the Queen in

Person on the 3rd of February-Debates in both Houses—The Address in

the House of Lords is moved by the Earl of Albemarle, seconded by Lord

Leigh-Speech of the Earl of Derby, who animadverts on the intemperate

Language used towards Louis Napoleon by the English Press-Speeches

of Earl Grey and Lord Brougham-Allusions to French Affairs, and to

the Retirement of Lord Palmerston from Office-Speech of the Earl of

Harrowby, who vindicates the Course taken by the English Press with

reference to the Coup-d'Etat-The Address is agreed to by their Lordships,

nem. con. In the Commons it is moved by Sir Richard Bulkeley, and

seconded by Mr. Bonham Carter-Sir B. Hall calls on Lord J. Russell to

explain the cause of the recent Rupture in the Cabinet-Lord John Rus-

sell enters into a full explanation of the Circumstances which had im-

pelled him to advise Lord Palmerston's removal from Office The Noble

Lord also announces the intention of the Government to propose an in-

crease in the Estimates, with a view to the Defence of the Country, and

explains at some length his Views respecting the existing Foreign Rela-

tions of the Empire-Lord Palmerston enters into a long Detail of the

Transactions in reference to which his Conduct has been impugned, espe-

cially of the Circumstances which have taken place upon the Coup-d'Etat

in France—He justifies his own Acts, and his general Policy, during the

time he had held the Seals of the Foreign Office-Observations of various

Members on the Points in controversy, Mr. Baillie, Mr. M. Milnes, Lord

Dudley Stuart, Sir Harry Verney and Mr. Roebuck—Mr. Disraeli enters

at large into the Topics embraced in the Royal Speech--The Address is

assented to without a Division . . . . . . Page 1

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