The Works of Nicholas Machiavel ...: Translated from the Originals; : Illustrated with Notes, Annotations, Dissertations, and Several New Plans on the Art of War,

T. Davies ... J. Dodsley ... J. Robson ... G. Robinson ... T. Becket ... [and 2 others], 1775

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Sivu iv - Henry the Eighth, by the grace of God King of England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and of the Church of England, and also of Ireland, in earth the Supreme Head ; and that the said style, &c.
Sivu 346 - Submit yourfelves to every ordinance of man " for the Lord's fake : whether it be to the King " as fupreme ; or unto Governors, as unto them " that are fent by him for the punifhment of evil " doers, and for the praife of them that do well.
Sivu 342 - Switzerland, brought, by that means, a little before the last age, to a considerable commonwealth, courted and sought to by all the potentates in Christendom. If princes will seriously consider this matter, I make no question, but they will rule with clemency and moderation, and return to that excellent maxim of the ancients, 'almost exploded in this age, That the interest of kings and of their people is the same : Which truth, it hath been the whole design of my writings, to convince them of.
Sivu 356 - If any man will read over my book of the prince with impartiality and ordinary charity, he will easily perceive, that it is not my intention therein to recommend that government, or those men there described to the world ; much less to teach men to trample upon good men, and all that is sacred and venerable upon earth, laws, religion, honesty, and what not.
Sivu 352 - ... of the blind devotion and ignorance of the Goths, Vandals, Huns, &c. and since, of the ambition and avarice of Christian princes, stirring them up, one against another, and sending them upon foolish errands to the Holy Land* to lose their lives and to leave their dominions, in...
Sivu 348 - ... whereas it is obvious to the meanest understanding, that St. Paul, in this text, means to- distinguish between a person inspired with the spirit of God, and one remaining in the state of nature ; which latter, he says, cannot judge of those heavenly gifts and graces, as he explains himself, * la ttc Church of Ronre. \vhen he snys, ' The natural man cannot discern the things of the spirit, because they are foolishness unto him.
Sivu 344 - ... we shall see that the faith and religion preached by Christ, and settled afterwards by his apostles, and cultivated by their sacred epistles, is so different a thing from the Christianity that is now professed and taught at Rome, that we should be. convinced, that, if those holy men should be sent by God again into the world, they would take more pains to confute this gallimaufry, than ever they did to preach down the tradition of the Pharisees, or the fables and idolatry of the Gentiles, and...
Sivu 349 - In the dreadful prisons of this inquisition, many faithful and pious Christians, to say nothing of honest moral Moors, or Mahometans, are tormented and famished, or, if they outlive their sufferings, burnt publickly to death, and that only for differing in religion from the Pope, without having any crime or the least misdemeanor proved or alledged against them ; and this is inflicted upon these poor creatures, by those who profess to believe the scripture ; which tells us, that
Sivu 352 - ... faith and profession, and all that •was virtuous, prudent, regular, and orderly upon earth, so that whoever would do good and good men service, get himself immortal honour in this life, and eternal glory in the next, would restore the good policy (I had almost said with my author, Livy, the sanctity too) of the heathens, with all their valour and other glorious endowments ; I say, whoever would do this, must make himself powerful enough to extirpate this cursed and apostate racef out of the...
Sivu 354 - God hath chosen, or can choose, to teach ami reform the world, though they have neither moral virtues nor natural parts equal to other men, for the most part, have by this pretence prevailed so far upon the common sort of people, and upon some too of a better quality, that they are persuaded their salvation, or eternal damnation, depends upon believing or not believing of what they say. I would not be understood to dissuade any from honouring...

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