Sivut kuvina

300 A good conscience the best support
301 Confidence in God's care and guidance
302 Faith and hope in the divine goodness
303 On recovery from a dangerous illness
304 All is well under the direction of God
305 Consolations of religion in affliction

See also g. 16
306. 307. Trust in God under affliction
308 Benefit of afflictions and support under them
309 The unsearchable decrees of Providence
310 Submission to the divine disposals
311 Trust in God in times of distress
312 Prospects of the real Christian

See also . 10.
313 Aspirations after habitual devotion

I rning Hymns, 173. 283.
Evening Hymns, 77. 256. 284-286.
Hymns for the Morning or Evening, 184. 287.
Hymns for the Lord's day, 113. 176. 177. 250-

252, 254.


Congregations or Individuals, on application (post paid) te
the Revd. J Manning, or Revd. Dr. Carpenter, Exeter, may be
supplied with any number of copies not less than twenty-five, at the
rate of 2s. 4d. per copy in sheets, or 2s. 9d. in extra boards. The
retail price is 4s. 6d. in extra boards.

P. Hedgeland, Printer,



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