An enquiry into the foundation and history of the law of nations in Europe: from the time of the Greeks and Romans, to the age of Grotius, Nide 2

Printed by A. Strahan and W. Woodfall, for J. Butterworth, 1795

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Sivu 84 - See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.
Sivu 353 - And if it be right, and equity, to shewe such humanitie to all men, doubtlesse the same ought chiefly to be shewed to merchants, who, wandering "about the world, search both the land and the sea, to carry such good and profitable things as are found in their countries to remote regions and kingdomes ; and again to bring from the same such things as they find there commodious for their own...
Sivu 611 - ... particular man, so in states and commonwealths not dependent on one another every commonwealth (not every man) has an absolute liberty to do what it shall judge (that is to say, what that man or assembly that representeth it shall judge) most conducing to their benefit.
Sivu 6 - The volume of duty, however, laid before us by Chrift, continued always the fame ; and whoever confulted it even in the dark interpretations which ambition or avarice, fuperftition or ignorance, but too often put upon it, found benefit from it in the end. Its progrefs, though, perpetually interrupted, was finally certain, and mankind at length enjoy what was intended for them long ap o.
Sivu 501 - ... in contempt of the protection granted by Her Majesty, contrary to the Law of Nations, and in prejudice of the rights and privileges which Ambassadors and other public Ministers, authorized and received as such, have at all times been thereby possessed of, and ought to be kept sacred and inviolable...
Sivu 2 - Christian nations with that of nations professing any other religion, whatever may be their stages of improvement, or in whatever era of their glory, the result I believe will be uniform and universal, that the one will be eminent over the other for regularity, equity, and benevolence.
Sivu 353 - ... may not be destitute of such commodities as their countries bring not forth to them, as that also they may be partakers of such things whereof they abound. For the God of heaven and earth, greatly providing for...
Sivu 2 - Christian religion has had so powerful an influence upon the law of nations, "that wherever it has existed, it has gone the farthest of all causes to introduce notions of humanity and true justice into the maxims of the world. The great proof of which is, that if we compare the conduct of Christian nations with that of nations professing any other religion, (whatever may be their...
Sivu 83 - That thou art Peter, and upon this " rock I will build my church ; and the " gates of hell fhall not prevail againft it.
Sivu 348 - The 31st article recites, that, when a vessel was lost by running on shore, and the mariners had landed, they often, instead of meeting with help, " were attacked by people more barbarous, cruel and inhuman than mad dogs ; who, to gain their moneys, apparel, and other goods, did sometimes murder and destroy these poor distressed seamen. In this case, the lord of the country is to execute justice by punishing them in their persons and their estates, and is commanded to plunge them in the sea till...

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