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xviii. % ow therevenge which Cyril took § of OR Estes, being the prelude to

§ poor HYPATIA's tragedy, I chuse to § relate it, as I have done other passages, assa * in the words of honest Socrates. Hist.lib.7. Certain of the Monks (says he) living in the Nitrian *P '4. mountains, leaving their Monasteries to the number o, of about five hundred, flocked to the city, and spy’d the Governor going abroad in his chariot: wherupon approaching they call'd him by the names of Sacrificer and Heathen, using many other scandalous words. The Governor therfore suspetting, that this was a trick plaid him by CYRIL, cry’d out that he

... - was a Christian, and that he was baptiz'd at Con--- fantinople by Bishop AT TI cus. But the Monks giving no heed to what he said, one of 'em, call'd AMMonius, threw a stone at ORESTEs, which fruck him on the head; and being all cover'd with blood from his wound, his guards, a few excepted, fled some one way some another, hiding themselves in the croud left they shou'd be ston'd to death. In the mean while the people of Alexandria ran to defend their Governor agains; the Monks, and, putting all the rest to flight, they apprehended AMMONIUS, and brought him before OREstes; who, as the Laws prescrib'd, publicly put him to the torture, and rack'd him till he expir’d. Not long after he gave an acTheodo-count of all that was done to the Princes. , Nor did to: CYRIL fail to give them a contrary information. * He receiv'd the body of AMMONIUs, and, laying it in one of the Churches, he chang'd his name, calling


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him THAUMAsius, and order'd him to be consider'd The Admias a Martyr; nay, he made his Panegyric in the ***.

Church, extolling his courage, as one that had con-
tended for the Truth. But the wiser sort of the
Christians themselves did not approve the zeal, which

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attemt, but was not forc'd to deny CHRIST in his

terments. This account requires no commen

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executioners of CYRIL's cruelty) were men indeed
as to their form, but swine in their lives; who open-

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and wou'd make a grotesque figure in public, obtain'd
a tyrannical authority: to such a reputation of vir-
tue, did that race of men arrive / This pićture,
tho drawn by an enemie's hand, is allow'd by all
good judges to be done to the life; and we shall

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