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to march by their Armies; about whose extent in front, or number and depth of their lines, I shall not enter into a dispute with any man.

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X. NOW e'er I come to the proofs I promis'd from Scripture, I think it proper here to give some instances, that this guidance by Fire, so natural in such places and so commodious, was practis'd by other nations ; particularly by the Persians, who not onely had great wildernesses in their own, and in the neighbouring territories: but also made frequent irruptions into Egypt thro this very wilderness, where the Israelites wander'd up and down during forty years ; not as if these did not know the shorter cut into the land of Canaan, but that for very expedient reasons (which will be read in the Introdućtion to our REPUBLIC OF MOSES) they declin'd

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17 he) deliver'd down to the Persians from their ancestors, to begin their march after Sun-rising. When it grew clear day, the Signal was given by a trumpet from the KING's tent. On the top of this tent the image of the SUN, inclos'd in Crystal, made so

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like, as to be almost the same: which however ought not to be matter of wonder in people, that not onely dwelt on the same continent, but that had frequent intercourse and warrs, as the Jews were more than once in subjećtion to the Persians. The Signal to the armies of both, was given by a trumpet from the royal tent; for what in Scripture, from the Latin word, we call the Tabernacle, ought to have been translated the

Went (as somtimes it is render'd the Tent of the Num, 9. Zeffimony, and the Tent of the Congregation) and É. was in effort the Tent wherin JEHOVAH, i.” the King of the Israelites, was present by his Symbols and Ministers. Sacred Fire was carry'd before these Nations, which, tho acknowledg'd by both to be a Symbol of the Divinity (as Fire was kept by both inextinguish’d in their holy places, and affirm'd to have been originally

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