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II. CLIDOPHORUS 3 or of the Exon E R ic

A ND Es or E R 1 c PH1 Los o PHY, that is, of the External and Internal Dočirine of the antients: the one open and public, accommodated to popular Prejudices and the establish'd Religions; the other private and secret, wherin, to the few capable and discrete, was taught the real TRUTH stript of all disguises.

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LO N DO N Printed: And, Sold by J. Brotherton and W. Meadows in Cornhill, J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, W. Meres without Temple-Bar, W.Chetwood in Covent-Garden, S.Chapman in Pall. Mall, and J. Graves in St. James's Street. MDCCXX. Price 2 s. 6d.

Where may be had the 2d Edition of NA2ARs Nus,

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