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We must here close our notice of this interesting pamphlet, We recommend it to the serious perusal of all those who are disposed to contribute to the enlargement of Mr, Lancaster's plan. We repeat that his method of instructing has our hearty approbation, and we most ardently wish to see it universally adopted; but, as ORTHODOX CHURCHMEN, we enter our protest against the laxity of religious principles taught in his school, and the aberration from the doctrine of the Church, too

visible in it. Before we conclude, we beg to thank · Mrs. Trimmer for bringing us acquainted with a most • excellent tract, “ Dr. Talbot's Christian Schoolmaster;"

it is one of those which are admitted into the list of books distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. We earnestly recommend, that a copy of it be put into the hands of the teacher of every charity-school throughout the kingdom ; and we beg leave to press a sia milar distribution of the book' which follows it in the Society's Catalogue, written by the author of the “ Comparative View;" we mean, Mrs. Iriminer's Teacher's "As. sistant."

L, C,



W HAT glowing beams the Heavens adorn!

W. What mysic hails the rising morn!

What angel songs are these!
Hark! the loud notes from grlden lyres,
Attun'd to Seraphs' glowing fires,

Proclaim “ the Prince of Peace!”

Is. ix.

In strains like these, the wond’rous plan
Of peace and pardon seal’d to man,

The opening heavens proclaim;
Bid earth rejoicing own the God
Jeroyan ! at whose awful nod

Arose her beauteous frame,

John i.
Heb. i 2.

. In Empyrean realms of light, Grown vocal with the new delight

Angelic natures know. • To God be glory! God is love ! Lo peace and mercy smiling move,

To dwell with men below!

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New springs the thirsty plains o’erflow,
In the soft bonds of concord go.

The lyon and the pard.
With timid lambs; the tyger's led.
In silken bands, by infants fed ; ;


So sung the raptur'd bard.

Is. xi. 6.
Oh, for the lyre of Israel's king!
To rapture waking every string,
When mercy's themes inspire,

Ps. cx. and xlv.
To hail the Saviour's natal morn,
Whose “ Rays of Righteousness” adorn. Malachi iv. 2,

This prophet's hallowed fire.

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He, who this tender name shall bear, Ezek. xxxvii. 24. “ The world's great shepherd,” nations hear, John x. 16.

His charming voice obey!
Who feeds you with a shepherdlove,
With light below, with life above,

John i. 14.
In one eternal day!

John i. 4.

Is. vii, 14. Is. xl. 3. Matt. xxix. 1

Why doth not Israel own her God? · Who bears the royal Judah's rod,

Whom all the prophets sing ;
Levi! behold the Virgin's Son,
Elias see before him run,

Proclaiming Israel's King!
Oh Solyma! thy Son's no more
In the bright portals shall adore

Once heaven's adopted race; ...
No more in spiry columns rise. .

Thine altars' incence to the skies, - Circling the throne of grace.

A race more lov'd shall now impart

Truths that shall purify the heart, ' Thy shadowy forms defacc;'

Through the glad isles the tidings bear * Which Israel's sons refus’d to hear,

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* Her banners o'er their heads shall wave,
Faith's shield be theirs, so strong to save,

Whose adamants confound
The blunted arrows of the foe, in
The daring infidel would throw

As fiery bolts around.
Salvation's helm be theirs ! Divine
With“ rays of righteousness” shall shine

The heav'n-defended breast;
Theirs be the Spirit's flaming sword,
The holy oracles, whose word
.iShall guide the soul to rest.
Such powers, Almighty God, are thine!
Illuminę still with grace divine in
" Thy vot'ries' hearts; and give
What thou alone canst give to man," ,

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" Within thy courts to live." . .
" Hoc signo vinces," the motto on Constantine's standard.

In choras 1 -
Their morti srus VI seseze

O'er earth's remotest pis:
Oh loudly let täss Pzza rise!
For ever rend the vocal snes.

“ The great Messiah reiras


THE Churchesan's Confessave, A Sermoa preacbed at the Parish

1 or an Appeal to the Liturgy. Church of St. Mary Stratford. Being a Sermon preached before Bow, Middlesex, on Thursday, De the University of Cambridge, Dec. cember 5, 1805; the day appointed 1, 1805. By the Rer. Charles So- for a General Thansgiving. By meon, M. A. 1s.

Samnel Henshall, N. A. rector. 18 The Last Advice of David to his A Tribute to the Memory of Son Solomon, and of St. Paul to the Lord Nelson. A Sermoa preached Elders of Ephesus, two Serinons, on the General Thanksgiving Day, preached at Long-Sutton, October December 5, 1805, in the Octagon 6, 1805. By Charles Jerram, 1. Chapel, Bath. By the Rer. J. Gan M. on his taking leare of that diner, D. D. is neighbourhood. is.

A comparative View of the New X Sermon preached in the morn- Plan of Education, promulgated by ing of the General Thanksgiving, Jr. Joseph Lancaster, in his Tracts December 6,1805, at LauraChapel, eoncerning the Instruction of the Bath. By the Rev. F. Randolph, Children of the Labouring Part of D.D. 1s.

the Communicr; and of the System A Sermon preached at the church of Christian Education, founded by es of Flamstead and Kensirorth, our pious forefathers, for the initiin the Couuty of Hertford, on ation of the Young Members of Thursday, December 5, 1805, being the Established Church, in the the day appointed for a General principles of the Reformed ReliThanksgiving. By T. A. Warren, gion. By Mrs. Trimmer. Ss. B. D. 1s.

A View of the Evidences of Public Tokens of Sorrow due to Christianity, at the close of the brave men who fall in the service pretended Age of Reason : in eight of their Country. A Sermon oc- Sermons, preached before the Unicasioned by the death of the late versity. of Oxford, at St. Mary's, in Lord Viscount Nelson, preached on the year 1805, at the Lecture the 5th of December, 1805, the founded by the Rev.John Bampton, day appointed for a General M. A, By E. Naires, M. A. rector Thanksgiving, at Pentonville chapel, of Biddenden, Kent, and late Fel. St. James's, Clerkenwell. By Rd. los of Merton College, Oxford. London, M. A. 1s.

10s, 6d.




THURSDAY, December 5th. Lieut. Col. William Mudge; John

1 being the day appointed for Townley, Esq. William Charles, a General Thanksgiving to Almi,hty Wells, M. D. Thomas Young, M. Gud on accoulit of the signal suc- D. And the officers were the Right cesses obtained by his Majesty's Hon. Sir Joseph Bauks, Bart. Prefleets, was observed throughout the sident; William Marsden, Esq. kingdom with a solemnity, and ex- Treasurer; Edward Whitaker Gray, pressions of gratitude, highly ho. M. D. and William Hyde Wolnourable to the religious and patri- laston, M. D. Secretaries. Afterotic feelings of the nation. · wards the members of the Society

After service, collections were dined together at the Crown and made at the doors of most of the Anchor Taveri. churches and other places of wor- Dr. Maskelyne has discovered a ship, in aid of the Patriotic Fund ať new coniet in Pisces. Right ascenLloyd's, on behalf of the wounded, sion 353° 7' declinę 23° 41'S. It and the relicts and orphans of those appears about the third magnitude, who fell in their country's cause, and can be seen with the naked eye. These collections were generally It was also observed at the same large; and the total it is conjec- time, by Dr. llerschel tured on a reasonable calculation, The splendid edition of Giraldus will exceed 50,0001.

Cambriensis, by Sir R. C. Hoare, · At the anniversary meeting of the Bart. is in the press, aud will be. Royal Suciety, held at their apart- published next spring. This curi-, ments in Somerset Place, on St. ous itinerary of Archbishop BaldAndrew's day: the gold medal win through Wales in 1198, was (called Sir Godfrey Copley's medal) undertaken at the desire of Henry was presented to Humphrey Davy, II. for the purpose of preaching Esq. for his valuable cominunicu- up the crusades. The details of tions published in the Philosophi- this journey, aud of the various ine cal Transactions. Afterwards the cidents which occurred to the mis society proceeded to the choice of sion, were committed to writing by the council and officers for the en- Giraldus, who accompanied the suing year, when, on exameuing the Archbishop. To this itinerary, he the ballots, it appeared that the fol. added a description of Wales in lowing members were elected of two books, explaining the topograthe counoil:-Of the Old Council, phy of the country, and the manThe Right Honourable Sir Joseph ners and customs of its inhabitants. Banks, Bart. K. B: Sir Charles The whole will soon, for the first Blagden, Knight, Henry Caven time, be submitted to the public, dish, Esq. Davis Giddy, Esq. Ed in the English language. It will be ward Whitaker Gray, M. D. Right illustrated by numerous annotatiHonourable Charles Greville; Wil ons; by a map delineating the tour diam Marsden, Esq. Rev. Nevil of the crusaders; by thirty-onc Maskelyne, D. D. George. Earl of views drawn from nature, by Sir Morton; Sainúel Horsley, Lord Bin Richard Hoare,engraved by the late shop of St. Asaph; William Hyde Mr. Byrne; by plans of the catheWollaston, M. D.-1)f the New drals of Landaff and St. David's; by Council. Mr. John Abernethy; portraits of Rhys, prince of South George, Earl of Egremont; George Wales, and the author Giraldus; Trendhord Goodenough, Esq. Hou, and by many other architectural Robert Foulk Greville; Philip Met- and monumental antiquities, drawn calfe, Esq. Matulićw Montag!e, Esa, by Carter, and engraved by Basire.

A co

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