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A copious life of the author will be Speedily will be published by given, and an introduction to the subscription, in one volume royal history of Wales, prior to the date octavo, Trentises on Religious and of the itinerary; in which all the Scriptural Subjects. By the late Roman roads and stations bitherto Hev. Robert Flülincs, D.D. Dean of discovered, will be particularly de- Winchester, and editor of the Sep scribed. At the same time will be tua:int version, published a small impression of the A clergyman in the diocese of Latin edition of the itinerary, and York, has abriiged all the Serinons description of Wales, with the 911 of Bishop TAYLOR, and adapted notations of Dr. Powell. To which them to the present state of the pulwill be added, the second book De pit, and to the use of families in HlandabilibnsWallir, written by Gi- this new form they will make three raldus, and omitted in all other edi- volumes in octavo. tions of his works. ·



Scriptures into the OrientalTongues
THE following subjects are pro- and of promoting Christian Know-
T posed for the Chancellor's ledge in Asia."
Prizes, for the year ensuing, viz. II. *.A brief and historic view
For Latin verses --- Tratiilyar of the Progress of the Gospel, iu
For an English Essay - Posthu- different nations, since its first pro-
mous fame.

mulgation; illustrated by maps, , The Vice-Chancellor has received shewing its luminous tract through- a donation of twenty pounds, to be out the world; with chronological

giver to the author of the best com- notices of its duration in particular position in English verse, on the places. The regions of Malomefollowing subject :

danism to be in:rked with red ; and Travels of Discovery into the In- those of Paganism with a dark terior of Africa.

colour.” : The first and last' of the above Candidates are informcil, that subjects are intended for those their compositious muut be delivera. gentleinen of the University, who ed under a sealed cover to the Kehave not exceeded four years from gistrar of the University, on or be. the time of their matriculation ;'fore the 25th day of March, 1807, and the other for such as have ex- The author is required to conceal. ceeded four. but not completed his name, and to distinguish his seven years.

composition by what motto: he The Rev. Dr. Claudius Bucha- pleases; sending at the same tine nan, Vice President of the College his name sealed up in another cover, at Fort William, in Bengal, having with the inotto inscribed upon it., proposed a prize of Sfty pounds to WHITTINGTON LANDON, Bachelors of Law, Masters of Arts,.. and Persons of superior Degree of


CANCELLOR..! the University of Oxford, for the Worcester-College. best work in English prose, em bracing the following subjects : Nov. 27. The Hon. Frederick

1.“ The probable design of the Pleydell Bouvrie of Oriel College, Divine Providence, in subjecting and Mr. George Loggin of Hertford' so large a portion of Asia to the College, were admitted Bachelors British dominion."

of Arts. II. “. The duty, the means, and 29. The Rev, Michael Marlow, the consequences of travslating the D.D. President of St. John's Col

Vol. IX. Churchm. Mag, for Dec. 1805. 3 P lege

lege; Richard Laurence, LL. D. of to Mr. Robert Morritt, B. A. of University College; John Buck- Catherine Hall. land, B. D. of Corpus Christi Cole James Gordon Morgan, Esq. of lege; Gilbert Heathcote, M. A, of St. John's College, is admitteil to New College; John Browne, M.A. the degree of Bachelor in Physic. of Corpus Christi College, having The Rev. Thomas Rennel, D. D. been duly appointed to succeed Master of the Temple, is promoted those of the public preachers, who to the Deanry of Winchester. will go out of office at Michaelmas The Rev, Thomas Theophilus next, were approved in convoca- Humphries, M. A. Rector of Baltion),

dock, Herts, and late of Queen's Dec. 4, Richard Edensor Heath- College, Cainbridge, is appointed to cote, Esq. B. A. of Christ Church, the office of Surrogate, in the Archwas admitted Master of Arts, grand deaconry of Huntingdon. Compounder; Mr. Robert Finch The Rev. Edward Bogges, M. A. of Baliol College, was admitted formerly of Jesus College, CamBachelor of Arts,

bridge, is instituted to the Rectory 7. The Rev, William Yates, B. of Hasketon, in Suffolk. A, of Brazen Nose College, was The Rev, Robert Hales, M. A. adınitted Master of Arts, Grand is instituted to the Vicarage of Compounder.

... Herisby, in Norfolk, on the preselle The Rev. George Lewthwaite, tation of John Turner Hales, Esq. M. A. of Queen's College, was ad- The Prince of Wales has appoints mitted Bachelor of Divinity ; Mr. ed the Rev, Ashton Vade, LL. B. Thomas Bowerbank of Queen's Vicar of Hardingstone, Northamtona College ; and the Rev. Edward Col- shire, to be one of his Royal High: Jins of Worcester College, B. A, ness's domestic chaplains, were admitted Masters of Arts. The Right Hon, Lord Heathfield Messrs, Henry Booth Hibbert of has appointed the Rev. Frederick Queen's College; William Ben- Henry Barnwell, A, M, late of tinck, and Christopher Jones of Benet College, Cambridge, to be Christ Church, were admitted Ba- one of his Lordship's domestic chelors of Arts,

chaplains. 13. The Hon. William Henry The Rev. John Knife, M. A. Lyttleton, B. A. of Christ Church, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, was admitted Master of Arts. has been presented by the Provost

17. Mr. Abel Dottin Henry, B. and Fellows of that society to the A. of Oriel College, was admitted Rectory of Charton-upon-Otmore, Master of Arts; William Green in Oxfordshire, vacant by the death Orrett, Esq. of Brazen Nose Cole of the Rev. W, Fothergill, D. D. lege, was admitted Bachelor of The Rev, Henry Phillpotts, late Arts, Grand Compounder, Also Fellow of Magdalen College, OxMessrs. George Pyrke and 'Williain ford, and Vicar of Bishop's Middle, Nicholson, of Queen's College; and bam, in the county of Durham, has Edward Walter West of St. John's been presented by the Lord ChanCollege, were admitted Bachelors cellor to the Rectory of Stainton-leof Arts.

• Street, in the same county. CAMBRIDGE. - This Univer- The Rev. John Keysall, A. M. sity, in full senate assembled, has Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty, voted the sum of 2001. to be paid is instituted to the valuable Rectory out of their chest in aid of the pas of Bredon, with the chapels of Nortriotic fund at Lloyd's. .

ton and Cutsden, otherwise Cuttles The Hulsean prize, for the best den, thereunto annexed, in Wors dissertation on The propagation of cestershire, on the presentation of Christianity, is this year adjudged his father, John Keysall, Esq.

- The Rev. John Francis Stuart, The Rev. Richard Williams,M.A.

M. A. is instituted to the Rectory Chaplain to Earl Moira, Rector of of Market Weston, in Suffolk, on Great Houghton, in Northamptonthe presentation of Walter Hill, Esq. shire; of Markfield, in Leicester

The Rev. John Edge, B. A. is shire; and Vicar of Puddington, in instituted to the Rectory of Naugli- Bedfordshire, is collated by the 'ton, in Sufolli, on his own petition, Bishop of Lincoln to the Prebend he being the patron thereof.

or Canonry of Longford mauor, in The Rev. John Forster, of Ne. the cathedral of Lincoln, castle, has been presented by the The Rev. ' William Aldrich is Lord Chancellor to the Rectory of elected to the perpetual Curacy of Ryther, in Yorkshire. He has also St. Mary Elms, Ipswich, vacant by been appointed domestic Chaplain the death of the Rev. Peter Edge. to Lord Grey de Howick,

MONTHLY OBITUARY. FF Cape Trafalgar, in the ever more general impression of regret U memorable engagement be- and sorrow; as he was universally tween the British fleet, under the esteemed, so is he universally lacommand of Lord Viscount Nelson, mented: it inay be said he has left and the combined fleets of France the world without an eneiny. To and Spain, Captain Charles William his country and to his friends his Adair, of the Royal Marines, who loss is great indeed; but, alas ! how shared the same fate, and on board inuch greater to his afflicted widow, the same ship, with the poble com- whose only consolation will be the mander in chief, being struck with remembrance of his virtues. This a musket shot, which put a period sketch of his character, drawn bý to bris existence.

one who esteemed and loved him, is At an early age Captain Adair presented as a tribute no less due to obtained a commission in the Ma justice and truth, than to the merines, and, from the cominence- mory of departed friendship and ment of his military career, he has worth. been actively engaged in the cause At Mount Pleasant, near Dublin, of his country. Endeared by many the Rev. Walter Blake Kirwan, excellent qualities to a numerous Dean of Killala. He was born in and respectable acquaintance, he 1754, near Galway. His parents, will long continue to live in their re- who professed the Roman Catholic membrance. The propriety with religion, sent him, at an early age, which he discharged the various to the English college at St. Omer's duties of life was exemplarily con where he pursued his studies seven spicuous, uniformly displaying the years. At the age of seventeen he most amiable deportment and in embarked for the Danish island of structive example. In his profes St. Croix, in the West Indies, unsional capacity he was zealous, assi- der the protection of a relation who duous, and exact. As a sun, a had large possessions in that settle. husband, parent, friend, and master, ment. he was beloved and respected in At the age of twenty-three he reeach walk of like. His mind was turned to Europe, and repaired to cheerful, his manners gentle, and the University of Louvain, where, his heart benevolent: he possess- after studying theology, he entered ed that happy disposition which into priest's orders in the church of the wise man ranks amongst the Rome. At Louvain he obtained greatest blessings, and which retains the professorship of Moral and Nalittie of that hateful inheritance tural Philosophy, the duties of which is supposed to be derived which office he discharged with refrom our first parents. Few men putation three years. have by their death occasioned a In 1778, he accepted an invita3 P 2


tion to officiate as Chaplain to the querce of this popular dirine; but Neapolitan Ainbassador in London in our fourth volume, page 376, Here he continued seven years, and there is a feeble sketch of a Chawas diuch admired as a preacher by rity Serinon by him, taken from a those who attended bis Excellency's public print. chapel.

The Rev. Daniel Jancs, aged 51, · Ile afterwards removed to Dab- for more than tiventy years curate lin, avd lived a retired and studiou, of Hevington, Warwickshire. His life with his friends two years. The amiable disposition, and faithful result of his enquiries was a change discharge of his duty, procured for in bis religious sentiments, which he him in an eininent degree, the esteem openly avowed in the parish church and regard of all his parishioners, so of St. Peter's, Dublin. From this as to render his lite respected, his tinebe became a frequent preacher, death lainented, and his memory and so powerful was his éloquence revered. that he was constantly followed by At the palace in Kilkenny, in the crowds of hcarers of all persuasions. 77th year of his age, the Right Rev, As an ar!vocate for charity he was Hugh Hamilton, D. D. F.R. S. and irresistible; and the Asylum for M.R. I. A, Lord Bishop of Ossory, destitute fémale orphans, at Dublin, formerly a Fellow of Trinity colwas raised from a feeble to a most lege, Dublin, and Professor of Naflourishing state, solely by his exer- tural Philosophy. tions in the pulpit. For this institu Aged 66, the Rev. Cyril Calough, tion the sun of 15,001, was receive rector of Feltwell, in Norfolk, and ed at one collection; a larger con- formerly of Caius College, Camtribution than ever was before of- bridge, where he proceeded B. A. terer, we believe at one time, on in 1761. the altar of charity by a Christian At Bath, the Rev. Dr. George congregation. But Mr. Kirwan's Cotton, dean of Chester, brother of exertions were not confined to the Sir Robert Cotton, bart. He was patronage of this asylum; occasion- formerly of Trinity college, Camally many other of the charitable bridge : B. A. 1765; M. A. 1708; institutions of Dublin have acknow- and LL.D. 1787. ledged the success of his appeals to At Coxwold, in Yorkshire, the the public in their favour. The Rev. Robert Peirson, archdeacon school of his own parish in particu- of Cleveland, prebeudary of York, lar was greatly benefited by them. rector of Ashby, near Spilsby, and From being a receptacle for a few a justice of the pence for the North wretched children, it has grown to Riding of Yorkshire. He was forle a l'espectable Seminary for a merly of Jesus college, Cambridge: large clistret.

B. A. 1765; and M.A. in 1768. Dr. Fowler, the late Archbishop At his apartments in Pall Mall, of Dublin, presented Mi. Kirwan the Rev. George Whitmore, D.D. to the living of St. Nicholas' with rector of Lawford, in Essex, and out, in that city; and Marquis forinerly Fellow and Tutor of St. Cornwallis rewarded hişmerits with Jolin's college, Cambridge : B. A. the desidery of Killala.

1773; M. A. 1776; B. D. 1784 ; It is said that more than 50,0001. and D.D. 1805. · This valuable rechave been collected and applied for tory is in the gift of the Master and ibe support and education of friend Fellows of St. John's. less children, by the exertions of At Bristol, the Rev. J. Smith, this cerated preacher, and wor- M, A, rector of Bredon, in Worthe philantropist.

Lucestershire.. In 1793, Mr. Kirwan marrical the At Wavertree, near Liverpool, daughter of Goddard Richards, Esq. the Rev. Robert Parkė, M, A. Fela of the county of Wexford, by wboin low of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, he bad two girls' and a boy. It is and minister of the chapel at Wato be lomentet that he have not votree: B. A. 1788, and M. A. published specimens of the eluo' 1791.



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