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LIST OF NEW BOOKS IN DIVINITY. PROP ROPOSAL of a Bible Society Occasional Discourses on various

for distributing Bibles, on a new Subjects, with copious Annotations, Plan. By. John Reeves, Esq. 1$. By Richard Munkhouse, D.D. 3 vols.

Peculiar Privileges of the Christian 8vo. 11. 4s. Ministry.considered, in a Charge de A Sermon preached at the Visilivered to the Clergy of the. Diocese tation of the Archdeacon of Northof St.. David's, at the Primary Visi- ampton, at Oundle, on May 27, kation of that Diocese in the year 1805. By the Rev. Samuel Heyrick, 1804. By Thomas Lord Bishop of M. A, rector of Brampton, North $t. David's. 1s. 6d.

amptonshire. 15. A Vindication of Defensive War, Daniel, in the Versions of Theoand of the Military Profession. Á dotion and the Seventy, with various Sermon preached before the North Readings of MSS. Editions, Fathers Worcester Volunteers, on Sunday and Versions. By Robert Holmes, May 12, 1805. By the Rev. Jere- D. D. Dean of Winchester. Fol. miah Smith, 15.

11. is. An Answer to some Pleas in fa. Adherence to Christian Truth reyour of Idolatry and Indulgences in commended, a Discourse delivered the Romish Church. By the Rev. to the Unitarian Congregation at R. B. Nicholls, L. L. B. Dean of Hackney, May 5, upon the ResignaMiddleham, in Yorkshire. 1$.. ţion of the Pastoral Office in that So

A Brief aud. Impartial Review of ciety. By T. Belsham. 1s. the two most generally received The A Charge delivered to the Clergy ories of the Fall of Man, and its Con- of the Diocese of Oxford. By Jolin sequences. A Discourse preached Lord Bishop of that Diocese, at his at Doncaster, April 21, with Notes triennial Visitation in 1805. Pub. and References. By P. Inchbald, lished at the Request of the Clergy. 1s. A. B.

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six volumes octavo.

LITERARY INTE LLIGENCE. HE Rev. Theophilus Brown, laid the first stone of the Free Church bridge will speedily publish_plain ham. His Lordship, as the represenand useful Lessons from the Books tative of the King, was attended by of the Old and New Testament, with all the Nobility, Geutry, and Clergy explanatory notes.

of the surrounding country:

The A new and correct Edition of the Stone measures five feet wide and Works of Archbishop' Leighton of three deep, weighing about three Clasgow, is about to be published in tons twelve hundred. Several coins

were deposited beneath. The Tylerian Society has decreed A number of letters to and from the Gold Medal 10 Jacob Ilaafner, Charles the first during the civil war, Of Amsterdam, for his prize Essay is said to have been discovered and on the following subject : “What will shortly be printed. has been the influence of Missions in A variety of valuable antiquities diffusing Christianity, during the two has been discovered in Thessaly unlast centuries, and what may be ex- der some ruins. Among these are pected from the Mission Societies, the busts of Aristotle and Anacreon,

a large statae of Ceres, with a coin On Monday, July 22, the Earl of of Lysymachus and some remarkDartmouth, in the name his Majesty, able pillars. A Greek MS. containVol. IX, Churchm. Mag, July 1803.


now existing?"

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ing a commentary of Nicephorus on The subscriptions are very liberal, the ancient Greek Church was disco and already amount to above sixty. vered at the same time.

thousand pounds. It has been agreed Another building has been dug out to apply to his majesty for a chartet, from the Lava which buried the city and a committee of twenty-one per of Pompeii, A. 1). 79. In it some sous has been appointed to prepare articles in a good state of preservation and digest a plan of the establishisuch as vases, coins, musical instru- ment, ments, a bcautiful brouze statue of The SECOND called THE GENERAL Hercules and several paintings in INSTITUTION, and intended to have fresco have been found.

its meeting in the centre of the town, At the town of Fiesole, near Flo- between the Royal Institution in the rence, a beautiful Amphitheatre has west, and the Londou Institution in heen discovered, and the greatest the cast, is intended to comprize a part of it cleared from the rubbish.. library of general reference, and a It is supposed that it would contain reading-room for the foreign and doat least thirty thousand persons. mestic journals, newspapers, &c.

Three grand institutions are now The Turd, for which also a very forming in the metropolis: two ap- large sum has been subscribed, is plicable to general knowlege, and intended solely to promote the study one devoted solely to the fine arts. of the fine arts; and for this pur

The first to be called The Lon- pose a gallery is to be built, and pic. DON INSTITUTION, comprizes three tures purchased for its decoration. distinct objects :-a library, to con- It is under the patronage of his matain every work of intrinsic value.- jesty. 2. Reading-rooms for the daily pa- July 19. The Right Reverend the pers, periodical publications, inte- Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells conresting pamphlets, and foreign jour- secrated a new burial ground in Walnals.-3. A lecture-room, with ap- cot Street for the use of St. Michael's paratus and conveniences for various parish, Bath. purposes of lectures and experiments.


OXFORD, June 22. Inn; and the Earl of Abingdon and
WHE Hon. William Wodehouse, Sainuel Gardiner, Esq. were appoint-

of All Souls' College, was ad- ed Stewards for the year ensuing. mitted Bachelor of Arts.

26~Was celebrated in the Theatre -25. The anniversary meeting of Lord Crewe's annual Commerinorathe Guvernors of the Radcliffe In- tion of Founders and Benefactors of firmary, a Sermon suitable to the oc- the Vuniversity; when the honorary casion was preached by the Rev. degrees of Doctor of Laws was conCharles Thomas Barker, B. D. of ferred on John Spencer Smith, Esq. Christ Church, and Canon Residen- F. R. S. F. S. A. London, his Már tiary of the Cathedral Church of Bath jesty's Envoy Extraordinary to the and Wells. In the course of the ser- Court of Wirtemberg, one of the Bavice was introduced a Te Deum, Ju- rons of the Cinque Ports, M. P. for bilate, &c. by Orlando Gibbons, D. the Town and Port of Dover, and Mus. an Anthem by G. F. Handel, his Majesty's late Minister Plenipoand the old 100th Psalın. The col- tentiary residing at Constantinople; lection at the Church doors, &c. a- on Major General Vansittart; and ou mounted to 1811. 19s. 60.--The Go. Charles Wilkins, Esq. F. R. S. and vernors dined together at the Star Jonathan Scott, Esq. Gentleman of


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distinguished eminence in Oriental Thornton, and Percival, were elected Literature; all presented by the Rev. Sholars. Richard Laurence, D.C, L. of Uni- July 1.-Mr. Richard Simmons, of versity College, and Deputy Protes- Christchurch; the Rev.Geo.Iuman, of sor of Civil Law. George Frederick Pembroke College ; and Ambrose Stratton, Esq. Master of Arts, of St. Rhodes of Worcester College, B. A. John's College, Cambridge, was ad- were admitted Masters of Arts. mitted ad eundem.-The honorary de- Messrs. Thos. Hill Lowe, Charles gree of Master of Arts was conferred Jervis, and Thomas Harris, of Trion Pendock Barry Neale, Esq. Gen- nity College, were admitted Bachetlemán Commoner of Magdalen Col- lors of Arts. lege, presented by the Rev. William Mr. Edward West was elected a Crowe, B.C.L. of New College, and Fellow of University College. Public Orator of the University; on

5-The Rev. Henry Hervey Baber, Charles Egleton Kent, Esq. Gentle of All Souls College; William James, man Commoner of Christ Church, of Magdalen College; Francis Lewis, presented by the Rev. Robert Philip ofUniversity College; Boughey Wm. Goodenough, M. A. Student of the Dolling and John Jas. Lake, of Exsame House; and on James John Far

eter College; Henry Francis Alexquharson, Esq. Gentleman Commun- ander De la Fite and Richard Fileer of Christ Church, presented by the wood Snelson, of Trinity College; Rev. William Wood, B.D. Student Mr. Js. Tattersall, of Christ Church; of the same House.

the Rev. Thomas Fox, of Wadham The Creweian Oration was spoken College; and Henry Penruddocke by the Rev. Edward Copleston, M.A. Wyndham, of New College, B. A, Fellow of Oriel College, and Profes- were admitted Masters of Arts. Mr. sor of Poetry in the University. Richard Meade, of Wadham College, 1. The Chancellor's Prize Composi- was admitted Bachelor of Arts. tions were recited by the Gentlemen The same day in Convocation, the to whom they had been adjudged, viz. Honorary Degree of Master of Arts the Latin Verses, “ Natale Solum," was conferred on the Hon. Edward by Mr. Edw. Venebles Vernon, Stu- John Ternour, of St. Mary Hall, son dent of Christ Church; and the Eng- of the Earl of Winterton, presented lish Essay on “ The Sense of Honour," by the Rev. Jolin Mousley, M. A, by Mr. Reginald Heber, B. A. Fellow Vice-Principal of the same Hall;

and of all Soul's College.

on John Thruston Mott, Esq. GenThe Musical Festival, which was tleman Commoner of Magdalen Colcelebrated on Tuesday the 25th and lege, presented by the Rev. Thomas two following days, in the Theatre, Collins, M.A. Fellow of the same was attended by a brilliant and nu- College. merous audience. who seemed highly 6-P. Rainier, B. Med. of Oriel satisfied with every part of the per- College, was admitted Doctor in formances; and the ball at the Town medicine, Grand Compounder. Hall on Wednesday evening display- Dublin, June 20.--The following éd a very large and splendid assem- arrangement is to take place in conseblage of beauty and fashion,

quence of the proinotion of Lord J. 30-On Sunday last John James Beresford to the Bishopric of Cork Lake, B. A. the Rev. Jos, Prust and Ross;-Letters patent have passPrust, B. A. and Geo. Barnes, B. A. ed the Great Seal, presenting the all of Exeter College, were clected Rev. Dr. Stewart, brother to the Rt. Fellows of that Society:

Hon. Sir John Stewart, member of Same day came on the election at the county of Tyrone, to the great Wadham College, when Messrs. Jas. living of Termen Maguirk, held by Evans and Henry Alford, B, A. were the bishop of Cork along with the elected Fellows; and Messrs. Patch, Deanery of Clogher, Doctor Stewart


is to be succeeded in the living lege, for the epigram; the subject of Kildross (which he gives up for Quid Roscius noster? Tcrmen Maguirk) by the Rev. Rich- The Rev. Francis Goforth, M. A. ard Bourn), of Werburgh's; and Fellow of Emmariuel College, Cam, Mr, Bourn is to be succeeded in the bridge, is instituted by the bishop of living of Ballinderry (which he gives Bristol, to the valuable vicarage of up for Kildross) by Mr. Parsons, Whitchurch, in Dorsetshire, on the brother to Sir Laurence Parsons, presentation of the bishop of Bath member for the King's county. and Wells, vacated by the death of

A dispensation has passed the the Rev. Dr, Moss. Great Seal to enable the Rev. John The Rev. George Hutton, B. D, Rawbone, D, D, of Magdalen Col- vicar of Sutterton, in Lincolnshire, lege, to hold the vicarage of Buck- is impowered, by a dispensation, to land, together with the Rectory of hold the rectory of Gate Burton, near Hartford, both in the county of Berks Gainsborough, to which he has been and diocese of Sarum.

presented by his brother, William The Rev. Leigh Richmond, M. A, Hutton, Esq. of Gate Burton. curate of Brading, Isle of Wight, iş The Rev. Rich. Halke, M. A. fora presented to the rectory of Turvey, merly of Bene't College, Cambridge, in the county of Bedford.

has been presented, by the Right Hon. The Rev, R. Lingen, M. A, rector Lord Sondes, to the rectories of Baof Castle Froome, Herefordshire, is dillesmore with Leveland, in Kent, instituted, by the lord bishop of that vacated by the death of the Rev. diocese, to the valuable living of Henry. Thomson. And the Rev. Rock, Worcestershire, on the pre- Matthias Rutton has also been prebentation of Edmund Wigley, Esq, sented by Lord Sondes to the vicarage of Shakenhurst,

of Sellinge, in Kent, vacated by the The Rev, Morgan Graves has been resignation of the Rev. Richard inducted to the rectory of Claverton, Halke. near Bath.

The Rev. John Mansfield, B.D. CAMBRIDGE.-The members four rector of Patrington, in Yorkshire, prizes, value fifteen guineas each, are and late one of the senior fellows of this year adjudged to Mr. George Clare Hall, Cambridge, is iustituted Pryme of Trinity College, and Mr. to the rectory of Rowner, in Hamp+ Thomas Starkie fellow of Catherine shire, Hall, senior bachelors: the subject The Rev. George Cuthbert, chap --Quænum commoda litteris humanin lain to his Royal Highness the Prince oribus oriri possint ex Veterum monu- of Wales, and rector of Shaw, Berks, mentis nuper Ægyptó patefactis, - has been instituted by his grace the And to Mr. Henry Raikes, of St. Archbishop of York, to the subJohn's College, and Mr. Samuel Ber: deanry in that cathedral, vacant by: ney Vince, fellow of King's College, the death of the Rev. John Skynnet. middle bachelors :--- The subject- The Rev. Duke Yonge, B. A. felQuid de origine et antiyuitate poema- low of King's College, Cambridge, is tum Homero vulgo uscriptorum pro- presented, by the provost and fellows nunciari debeat

of that society, to the vicarage of WilThe late Sir William Browne's loughton, otherwise Willerton, in Linz three gold medals are adjudged to colnshire, vacated by the death of Mr. George Pretyman Tomline, of the Rev. John Bassett

. Trinity College, for the Greek óde; The Rev. George Savage, M. A. and to Mr. Charles James Bloomfield, yicar of Kingston on Thames, and of the same college, for the Latin formerly fellow of King's College, ode: the subject-In obitum stis- Cambridge, is empowered, by dism simum ducis d'Enghien,--And to pensation, to hold the united recto Dir, Jpseph K. Miller of Trinity Col- ries of St. Mary Aldermary and St.

Thomas Thomas the Apostle, to which he has brother Edmund Wigley, Esq. to the been lately presented by the dean and vicarage of Yardley, in Worcesterchapter of St. Paul's.

shire, vacated by the death of the The Rev. Dr. Gray, one of the pre- Rev. Mr. New. bendaries of Durham, has been pre- The Rev. John Isaacson, M. A. sented, by the bishop of the diocese, formerly fellow of St. John's College, to the rectory of Bishop Wearmouth, Cambridge, has been presented by raeated by the death of the kev. Dr. the Duke of Rutland to the rectory Paley.

of Lidgate, in Suffolk, void by the The Rev. Henry Hodgkinson, M. death of the Rev. Mr. Palmer. A. rector of Aborfield, Berks, is in- The Rev. Thoinas Talbot, late of stituted to the rectory of Shading- Caius College, Cambridge; is instiheld, in Suffolk, on the presentation tuted to the rectory of Gressenhall, of Lord Braybrooke.

in Norfolk, on the presentation or The Bishop of Lincoln has collated John Hill, Esq. the Rev. Mr. Fothergill to the vicar- His majesty's attorney general has age of Gainsborough, in the county been pleased to appoint the Hev. R. of Lincoln, void by the cession of the Roberts, minor canon of PeterboRev. Mr. Urquhart; and the Bishop rough, to be his domestic chaplain. of Bristol has instituted Mr. Ur- The Rev. J. Vye, fellow of Exeter quhart to the rectory of Broadmayne, College, Oxford, has been presented in the county of Þorset, void by the to the living of Wootton, rear Northresignation of Mr. Fothergill. ampton,-The Rev. J. Lea Hayes

The Rev. Henry Phillpotts, A. M, has protested against the presentaof Magdalen College, has been insti- tion, and entered a caveat, alleging, inted by the Lord Bishop of Durham that as Mr. Vye held a small living to the vicarage of Bishop's Middle which he had not legally resigned preham, in the county of Durham, on vious to the death of Dr. Terry, the the presentation of the Lord Chan- last incumbent; and as the person cellor.

who gave the living to the college TH Rev. W. Cawardine, jun, is expressly mentioned

it should be presented to the vicarage of Caven- given to a fellow who had no preferham, in Suffolk, on the resignation ment whatever, he was fully entitled of his father,

to the presentation. The matter will The Rev. Mf, Ray, of Borcham, come before the Court of Chancery. Essex, is presented to the vicarage The Rev. D. Drape is preferred to of Pakenham, in Suffolk, on the no- the rectory of Tintern Parva, in Monmination of the executors of the late mouthshire, on the presentation of -Lord Calthorpe.

T. F. Manning and w. Oshorne, The Bev. Richard Burnet, B. A. Esqrs. of Trinity College, Cambridge, is The Rev. William Skynner, M.A, elected to the curacy of St. Andrew's, of St. John's College, Cambridge, is near Bungay, and to the mastership presented by the Řev. Sir Richard of the grammar school in that town. Kaye, Bart. dean of Lincoln, to the

The Rev. John Custance Leak is rectory of Bradley, near Ashborne, licensed to the curacy of West Beck. Derbyshire. ham, in Norfolk, on the nomination The Rev. William Harding, of of the dean and chapter of Nor- Burton Dasset, in Warwickshire, is wich.

instituted to the vicarage of Sulgrave, The Rev. Edward Wigley, B, D, in Northamptonshire, by the Right late fellow of St. John's College, Cam- Rev. the Lord Bishop of Peterbobridge, has been presented by his rough, the patron of the living



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