A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture

Rory McTurk
John Wiley & Sons, 7.5.2007 - 584 sivua
This major survey of Old Norse-Icelandic literature and culture demonstrates the remarkable continuity of Icelandic language and culture from medieval to modern times.

  • Comprises 29 chapters written by leading scholars in the field
  • Reflects current debates among Old Norse-Icelandic scholars
  • Pays attention to previously neglected areas of study, such as the sagas of Icelandic bishops and the fantasy sagas
  • Looks at the ways Old Norse-Icelandic literature is used by modern writers, artists and film directors, both within and outside Scandinavia
  • Sets Old Norse-Icelandic language and literature in its wider cultural context

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Rory McTurk is Professor of Icelandic Studies at the University of Leeds. Previously he has taught at the Universities of Lund and Copenhagen and at University College, Dublin. He is the author of Studies in Ragnars saga loðbrókar and its Major Scandinavian Analogues (1991) and Chaucer and the Norse and Celtic Worlds (2005), and has translated Kormáks saga for the Penguin Sagas of Warrior-Poets (2002).

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