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the work on “ The Divine Love and that the constant and urgent appeals Wisdom," be known and admitted. for subscriptions that have been made The Committee have also engaged to for several years to the various Societake 50 copies of each vol. of the ties of the New Church should have

Spiritual Diary,” and by so doing, been hitherto só ineffectual. Were the they render, together with other aids example that is set by the few Societies that have been liberally given by dif- who do send subscriptions, to be ferent individuals, a great help in followed by the others, according to enabling Dr. Tafel to complete the their means, this Society would be publication of this important work. soon in a much more commanding Surely 50 copies, as they are al. position than it occupies at present. most the only copies on sale in this “ Your Committee has never, in any country, will soon be disposed of, and instance, been backward in rendering the funds will be again restored to the assistance towards the formation and treasury of the Society for further uses. enlargement of libraries in connexion The Society have issued, during the with Societies of the New Church, and past year, 1203 volumes, the retail in proportion to the increasing strength value of which is £178 8s. Od. A of such Societies, they should unquesCe

ral Depôt, and also a well-situated tionably have contributed towards the shop, at No. 6, King-street, Holborn, funds of this Society, in order to have been opened during the year, (for enable it to dispense similar assistan account of which see this periodical ance to other Societies not able otherfor February last).--The Society, in wise to provide for themselves. The order to assist them in their useful want of this coöperation has indeed operations, have made several appeals been so severely felt by your Comto the Church at large, and especially mittee, that at a late meeting, when to Societies, to raise an annual collec- the subject was considerably discussed, tion in their respective places of wor- the following resolution was come to :ship, in aid of the Society's under- Resolved, — That considering the takings. It appears, that from some number of Societies to which donations cause or other, this appeal has not of books have been made, and the little been generally responded to. The information respecting the use accom. Society regret this, and so do we. We plished by the donations, a circular be know, however, that it does not origin- forwarded to all Societies to which ate in any apathy to the cause, but it donations may have been made, reis chiefly owing to the fact, that the questing the communication of such various institutions connected with each information from time to time, as an place of worship, and the numerous encouragement to this Society to furcalls and collections in aid of those in nish assistance of this nature for the stitutions, prevent, for the present, a future, and that they and all other further extension of their liberality. Societies be requested to coöperate with We must here adduce what the Report this Society by pecuniary contributions says upon this point:

commensurate with their means.' “ Your Committee cannot but regret


ANNOUNCEMENT OF PUBLICATION subscriptions are requested to be paid OF Vol. II. OF SWEDENBORG's Ani- immediately, either to Dr. Spurgin or MAL KINGDOM.—The Second Volume Mr. Brooksbank; this being the more of Mr. Wilkinson's translation of Swe. necessary, since several of the subdenborg's Animal Kingdomis this scriptions to the first Volume are not day published. It makes a volume of yet received. The Work will be forabove 720 pages, being 180 pages more warded to the Subscribers with the least than the first Volume. It is, however, possible delay, and where it is not charged to the Subscribers at the same received speedily, the neglected parties price as the former, namely, 10s. 6d., will please to furnish a complaint to although it will require the sale of the this effect to one of the Treasurers, entire impression to pay expenses. All or to the Editor of the Intel. Repos. Vol. II. is charged 18s. to non-sub. follows:-“ My dear children, the eduscribers, and a cheap book it is even cation which you have received in this at that price. No copies but those school you will find to be of great already subscribed for, will now be sold benefit to you through life; but the through any other channel than the principal object which your teachers booksellers. The present Volume con- have had in view is, that it should be tains a Preface to Parts II. and III., the means of preparing you for heaven. the Translator's Introduction to the For this purpose, great pains have been Study of the Work, an Index of Au- taken to impress upon your minds thors mentioned in the Work, a Biblio- your duty towards God, and your duty graphical Notice of the Authors quoted towards each other, or towards your therein, and a copious Index to both neighbour. In all your thoughts and Volumes, on the model of Swedenborg's actious, then, ask yourselves this quesIndexes to his Theological Writings: tion: Is what I am now going to do also Dr. Svedbom's Memoir respecting pleasing to God? Is it useful to my the physiological MSS. of Swedenborg. neighbour? By doing this, with babiWe are glad to say that the first Vol. is tual prayer to the Lord to guide you, now out of print.

and with a determination to live accord.

ing to his commandments, your souls LONDON NEW JERUSALEM Church will be blessed in this life with an FREE SCHOOL SOCIETY.—The twenty- inward peace which no enjoyment of second anniversary of this Society was this world can give, and you will be held at Canonbury House, Islington, prepared for the society of angels and on Wednesday the 3rd July; Dr. the happiness of heaven in the life Spurgin in the chair.—The children hereafter, which is eternal.” The chairassembled on the grounds early in the man informed the children who were afternoon to enjoy their annual holiday, leaving the school, that the master and were regaled with a plentiful sup- and mistress would always be glad to ply of cake, milk, and fruit. One give them assistance by counsel and hundred and nine ladies and gentle- advice, should they meet with difficul. men sat down to tea and coffee, and ties in their progress in life, and affecwere eutertained by the children sing. tionately recommended them, on any ing in an adjoining room. The meet- such occasion, to seek their aid and ing was afterwards increased to upwards assistance. Before the children quitted of 160. After the refreshments were the room they sang the following hymn, withdrawn, the chair was taken, and composed by a lady for the occasion : the children entered the room singing

O Lord, the ever verdant earth, a hymn. Specimens of the boys' Directs our hearts in prayer to thee; writing and of the girls' needle-work In whose unceasing love have birth, were distributed among the company.

Its beauty and fertility. The children proceeded to question Our mind, like unproductive land, and answer each other; the boys upon

No fragrant flower-no fruit can bear;

Without thy cultivating band, the Doctrine of the Lord; the girls

Thy fost'ring and protective care. upon the Doctrine of the Sacred Scrip.

0, nourish us with gentle dews tures. The chairman then addressed Of peaceful, pure, and holy truth; the meeting, expressing the gratifica

And states of innocence infuse, tion which he felt at the scene which

Befitting infancy and youth. they had now witnessed ; all present,

Dispose us ever to fulfil,

Thy gracious purposes of love; he was assured, must participate in

Teach us to know and do thy will, that feeling, and join with him in the

And every selfish thought remove. conviction that a school, conducted as

Enlighten'd by a heav'nly ray, this school was, must prove a blessing From thee, O never let us roam; to the children, and they might hope,

But guide us in the peaceful way, would be the means of leading many

That leads to our eternal home. brought up therein, into the paths of The report of the committee was read righteousness and peace. Ten of the hy the secretary, which shewed that children, who were about to leave the great exertions had been made this school, were then each presented with year, and successfully, to restore the a copy of one of Swedenborg's works, finances of the Society. The defici. when the chairman addressed them as ency of £117 on the current account, existing last year, had been paid, and and other works of E.S. in Latin, has after providing for all outstanding qualified him to undertake and to acclaims, there would be a surplus of complish this important task. Four £12 13s. 3d. applicable to the reduc- volumes of this work have already aption of the debt of £470 on the build- peared, and it is expected that in a few ing still unprovided for. The number months the entire work will be printed of children in the school was—boys, in Latin. As few, comparatively, are 243; girls, 195; total, 438. — The capable of reading the Diary in the treasurer, in reading the report of the original, many applications have been finances, spoke of the necessity for made to the Editor of this periodical an increase in the amount of the sub- for a continuous translation, to be pub. scriptions, the regular yearly income lished in moderate sized volumes. of the Society being still short of the Notes will be necessary in some cases expenditure.— The Rev. A. Clissold to accompany the translation, in order, addressed the meeting on moving the from the elliptical style in which the adoption of the report. He stated that work is written, to elucidate and to prethe existence of the New Church, in vent misapprehensions. It is supposed this kingdom, ought to be considered that the work in English will consist of by each member as depending on his four vols. of between 4 and 500 pages individual exertions. The education each. The subscription price will be of children in her doctrines, must be 8s. per vol., and so soon as a number considered a most important means of of subscriptions is raised, sufficient to making them known. But man is cover the expenses of publication, the composed of will and understanding. . work will be put to press. Subscribers To educate the intellect, and neglect may send their names to the Editor, or the will, will be productive of much to W. Newbery, 6, King-street, Hol. evil. It is separating science from born; J. S. Hodson, 112, Fleet-street, religion, to which it should be adjoined; London; or L. Kenworthy, Cateaton. or rather, which it should serve and street, Manchester. wait upon: the intellect is the machi. nery, but the moving power is the will. BRIGHTLINGSEA SUNDAY SCHOOL It is, then, of the highest importance, ANNIVERSARY.—The Anniversary of that while children's minds are in the Brightlingsea Sunday-school took structed, their affections should be cul- place on Friday, August 23rd; on which tivated to love things good and true. occasion above a hundred children were The Rev. gentleman read several ex- regaled and agreeably entertained in a tracts from different Church of England large booth erected for the purpose on works, to shew the conflicting opinions the Lower Green. In the evening, now agitating the Old Church, and con- an excellent tea was provided for the cluded by recommending, as far as it friends, of which above a hundred and can be practised, the mode of instruct- twenty partook. Tea being withdrawn, ing children by catechizing, which the booth was soon filled to witness the would be of great benefit also to the proceedings, while a large number reparents and friends of the children, if mained attentive listeners on the outthey could be prevailed upon to be side. The Rev. J. F. Wynn being present.—The meeting was addressed called upon to preside, the meeting by Mr. A. Essex, Mr. Bateman, Mr. was opened with the Lord's prayer; Gunton, and the Rev. T. C. Shaw, after which the assembly was addressed and was concluded with the Lord's in a very efficient and instructive manprayer.

ner, by Messrs. H. Griggs, Maskell,

Frost, Fletcher, Mr. Barton, of Derby, PROPOSAL TO PUBLISH In English and the president. During the evening, TAE SPIRITUAL DIARY OF SWEDEN- several of our beautiful hymns were BORG.Our readers are aware that a sung, which added greatly to the ingreat portion of this important work terest of the scene. A little before ten has already been printed from the auto- o'clock, the meeting was closed with graph manuscripts of Swedenborg, un. the Lord's prayer and the usual blesder the able superintendence of Dr. sing, and each one departed to his Tafel, whose experience during ten home highly delighted with the proyears in editing the “Arcana Colestia,” ceedings of the day. Our excellent band of music was in attendance, and calculated to break down the strong contributed by their efforts to heighten holds of popular prejudice, and recomthe pleasure of the meeting. The day mend the doctrines of our Church to was beautifully fine, and the meeting every sincere and reflecting mind. of that character which is so eminently


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Front View of the New Church, Argyll Square, London ; for a description of

which see our September number.


memory of Flaxman were placed there, THE MEMORY OF FLAXMAN IN THE it might be of considerable use to

New CHURCH, ARGYLL-SQUARE. strangers in calling their attention to To the Editor of the Intellec. Repository. the writings, and also a defence for SIR,—May I be permitted to suggest,

the New Church equal to many books through the medium of your Magazine, that might be written for that purpose. to those interested in the New Church,

I am, Sir, &c., Argyll-Square, that if a tablet to the



AN APPEAL TO THE SOCIETIES friends is earnestly solicited. A much AND MEMBERS OF THE NEW JERU- greater outlay has been made than SALEM CHURCH, IN BEHALF OF THE was intended ; our original intention SOCIETY AT SALISBURY. With a to lay out somewhat short of thorough conviction of the great im- £800, but we find that our liabilities portance of its object, the present ap- now are not much under £1000. This peal is made to your liberality by the difference has arisen from our erecting Members of the New Church in Salis- a commodions and neat school, and a bury. The Society in this city has, for cottage for the verger, which, at first, a long period, labored under the very was not contemplated. Without this great disadvantage of occupying a most addition we should have felt ourselves inconvenient and unsuitable place of incomplete, and under the necessity of Worship. To remedy this, the Society making use of our beautiful Church as is now making the most strenuous a school, which would have proved a exertions to erect a new and eligible great annoyance to the congregation. Church, capable of seating from 200 Towards the abore sum we have raised to 250 persons. A building of this nearly £500, so that a deficiency of description, it is calculated, will cost nearly £500 remains. We shall, there. the Society about £300 in its erection: fore, feel thankful for every assistance and it is found that the utmost the which may be rendered by our friends Society can raise amongst themselves toward the removal of this burden. (all the Members belonging to it being of the poorer classes of Society,) falls INTELLIGENCE FROM GLASGOW,short of this amount. They now hum. On the 12th of July last, the Tenth bly make their appeal to their brethren Annual General Assembly of the ministhroughout the Church for aid in the ters and friends of the New Church in undertaking. Subscriptions for this Scotland, was held in the usual place purpose, from either Societies or indi- of worship of the Glasgow Society, viduals, will be most thankfully re- (104, Brunswick.street).—Mr. Bain, of ceived by the Treasurer of the Society: Glasgow, in the chair. The Meeting Mr. Andrew Coney, jun., Exeter-street, was opened with a most appropriate Salisbury.-We, the undersigned, are prayer by the Rev. William Bruce, of of opinion that the above Appeal on Edinburgh. Immediately afterwards, behalf of the Society at Salisbury, an excellent service of tea and other deserves the attention and support of refreshments followed, at the conclusion the Members of the New Church at of which, the sixty-fourth hymn was large.

sung by the company. The chairman THOMAS GOYDER,

now gave a short address, and called E. D. RENDELL., Ministers. on the Secretary to read the Minutes D. T. DYKE,

of last Meeting, which being done, and September, 1844.

approved of, the following Resolutions,

which formed the principal business CONSECRATION AND OPENING OF of the Assembly, were moved and THE NEW CHURCH, BOLTON.—This seconded :-Resolution 1st. That the place of worship will be dedicated to New Church view of the Doctrine of the service of Jehovah Jesus, on Friday the Divine Providence, is calculated, the 25th inst. The consecration ser when clearly understood, and affecvice will be conducted by the Rev. D. tionately received, to remove all doubt Howarth, assisted by the Rev. W. and anxiety from the mind, and to in. Woodman; on which occasion the Rev. duce a firm reliance on the Divine E. D. Rendell will deliver a discourse Goodness, so as to be assured, that The opening will take place on Sunday He will order all things for our present the 27th inst. The Rev. J. H. Smith- good and future happiness. This was son will preach the morning's discourse, moved by the Rev. D. G. Goyder, and Mr. Edleston that in the afternoon, seconded by Mr. A. M. Forman, both and the Rev. J. Bayley that in the of Glasgow. The children of the Sabevening. Several professional vocalists bath-school now sung, with much feelwill be engaged for the 27th. A col- ing and expression, the 68th hymn from lection will be made after each service, Madeley's collection; the feelings cre. when the liberal assistance of our ated by this were truly delightful. Re

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