The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Nide 3


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Sivu 24 - That the influence of the Crown has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished"?
Sivu 758 - An Act for the more easy and speedy recovery of small debts, within the town of Loughborough, and other places therein mentioned, in the counties of Leicester and Nottingham.
Sivu 765 - March one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four; to permit such persons in Great Britain as have omitted to make and file affidavits of the execution of indentures of clerks to...
Sivu 769 - An Act for the more effectual administration of the office of a Justice of the Peace in and near the Metropolis...
Sivu 758 - An Act for continuing the Term, and altering and enlarging the Powers...
Sivu 317 - ... pope is in himself infallible, separated from the church, even in expounding the faith : by consequence, papal definitions or decrees, in whatever form pronounced, taken exclusively from a general council, or universal acceptance of the church, oblige none, under pain of heresy, to an interior assent.
Sivu 11 - ... for the public service, as well as for the further application of the sums which were granted in the last parliament, as may appear to be necessary — And his majesty, bearing constantly in mind the necessity of a careful and economical administration of the pecuniary resources of the country, has directed us to express his hopes that you will proceed, without delay, in the pursuit of those inquiries connected with the public economy, which engaged the attention of the last parliament.
Sivu 757 - An act for raising the sum of one million five hundred thousand pounds, by loans or exchequer bills, for the service of Great Britain foi the year one thousand eight hundred and seven.

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