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ABERCORN, Duchess of (half-sister to

Lord John), i. 61 n
Abercorn, Duke of (Lord-Lieutenant

of Ireland), ii. 445
Abercromby, Lady Mary, i. 448; ii.

165, 284
Abercromby, Mr. (Master of the

Mint), i. 215, 216; declines the
Speakership, 224; becomes Speaker,
226; O'Connell's support of, 229;
resignation of the Speakership, 335;
made Lord Dunfern line, 336 ;

death of, ii. 449
Abercromby, Sir R. (afterwards and

Lord Dunfermline), British minister

at the Hague, ii. 241
Aberdeen, Lady, letter to Lord John,

i. 159

Aberdeen, Lord, brings the dispute

with America in 1846 to a peaceful
issue, i. 438; disapproves of Prince
Leopold's selection as husband for
the Queen of Spain, ii. 2; memo-
randum from M. Guizot on the
Spanish marriages, 6n; his con-
ciliatory policy towards France, 14;
letter from Lord John on the Austro-
Italian conflict, 45; enjoined by the
Queen to submit all important drafts
to her before the despatches leave
the office, 49 n; negotiations with
Lord Johnon formation of a Ministry,
124; reply to Lord John's memo-
randum, 124; Lord John's answer,
126; declines further negotiation,
127; asked to form a Ministry and
declines, 128; letter from Lord John,
156; his reply, 157 ; sent for by the
Queen to form a Ministry, 161;
accepts office, 161; proposes ulti-
mately to retire from the Premiership

in Lord John's favour, 164; corre-
spondence with the Duke of Bedford
thereon, 164; completes his Ministry,
165; difficulties because of the jeal-
ousies of Whigs and Peelites, 166;
misunderstanding with Lord John,
166; letters to and from Lord John
on the latter's tenure of office, 167-
170; letters from and to Lord John
on the latter's speech on the Irish
Church, 174, 175; letter to Mr. Mon.
sell assuring him that Lord John's
opinions on the Irish Church are not
shared by many members of the
Government, 175; on the necessity
of circumspect instructions to Lord
Stratford de Redcliffe on his mission
to Constantinople, 179; does not
credit the Czar's alleged hostile in-
tentions towards Turkey, 181; con-
flict of views with Lord John on the
Russian difficulty, 181, 182, 183;
labours for peace, 184; hopes that
Russia will accept the Porte's modi-
fications of the Vienna Note, 187;
Lord John's memorandum on the
Eastern question laid before him,
188; letter to Lord John on the
situation, 190; desires to draw up a
new Note to be submitted to the
Porte by the four Powers, 196; ob-
jections to his handing over the
Premiership to Lord John, 196;
agreement with Lord John on Reform
and the Eastern question, 200, 201 ;
explains and defends Prince Albert's
action in public affairs, 205 ; against
the postponement of Lord John's
Reform Bill, 207 ; uneasy at the pros-
pects of war, 207 n; on the further
postponement of the Reform Bill,

209; asks Lord John to postpone | Albert, Prince, 'on vastly good terms
same, 210; congratulates Lord John with Lord John,' i. 450; interest in
on his speech on the postponement the Cracow matter, ii. 8; distrust of
of his Reform Bill, 213, Punch's Lord Palmerston, 9; on the action of
cartoon of him and Lord John, 2147; the King of Piedmont in the Italian
divergence of policy between hini revolt against Austria, 34; attitude
and Lord John in the Crimean War, in the Austro-Italian conflict, 41;
215; his treatment of the offer of an objects to the wording of a despatch
Austrian alliance, 216; his dilatori. to the Porte on the Hungarian re-
ness in the execution of the plan for fugees, 50; letter to Lord John on
the division of the War and Colonial Palmerston's conduct in the Greek
departments, 220; against subsidis dispute, 55; criticism of Lord John's
ing Sweden, 220; prefers to subsidise scheme of Reform, 129; differs with
Austria, 220, 221; letters to and from Lord Palmerston on the Schleswig-
Lord John on changes in the Minis Holstein question, 132; charged
try, 223; concurs in Lord John's with interfering unconstitutionally in
acceptance of the Presidency of the foreign and domestic affairs, 205,
Council, 223; reasons for avoiding 357; death of, 359
the introduction of Sir George Grey Ali Pacha, Turkish Plenipotentiary at
into the Cabinet, 225; agrees gene-

the Vienna Conference, ii. 263
rally to Lord John's proposed Minis- Alice, Princess, visits the Russells, ii.
terial changes, 226; letter to Lord 454
John in reply to the latter's proposed Alien Acts, the, i. 76
resignation, 229; declines to advise Allen, Mr., i. 44, 45, 1171, 118; letter
the Queen to appoint Palmerston as to Lord John, 121
War Minister, 234; disclaims any Althorp, Lord, undertakes conduct of
want of confidence in Lord John as Lord John's Bribery Bill, i. 135, 137 ;
leader of the House of Commons, proposals for suppression of bribery,
236; declines to concert with the 139; his rumoured 'falling off,' 143 ;
French a new plan of campaign, 240; discourages Lord John's project of
letter in answer to Lord John's re a Central Association, 153; becomes
signation, 242; interview with Lord leader of the Whig party, 160;"
John respecting the latter being letter to Lord John, 160 n; wishes

asked to form a government, 295 to settle the new civil list, 161 ; offers
Acheson, Lord, i. 475

office to Lord John, 166; not on the
Acland, Sir Thomas, i. 4n, 176, 312 n, Reform committee, 172; aids Lord
318 n

John in passing a Reform Bill, 178;
Adair, Mr. (afterwards Sir Robert), i. 52 coincides in coercive Irish legisla-
Adam, Captain (afterwards Admiral tion, 194; introduces Bill for Irish
Sir C.), i. 75

Church reform, 196, 201 ; hoped, on
Adam, Rt. Hon. William (Duke of Lord Grey's resignation, that the
Bedford's agent), i. 21, 28

King would send for Sir Robert
Adams, Mr. (astronomer), pension to, Peel, 213; succeeds to the peerage,
ji. 146

216; letter to Lord John, 219; his
Adams, Mr. (American minister to principle in respect to Church rates,

England), his correspondence with 290 n; ii. 198
Lord John regarding the Alabama, Amberley, Lady, death of, ii. 466
ii. 365; asks redress for the injuries Aniberley, Lord (eldest son of Lord
inflicted by that vessel, 368

John), i. 403, 418; Landseer's sketch
Adams, President, i. 437

of, ii. 112; in private theatricals at
Adams, Serjeant, i. 295

Woburn, 114; writes to his father
Adrianople, Treaty of, ii. 194

as to his future education, 287; his
Adye, Captain, i. 78

marriage, 418; defeated at Leeds in
Aïdé, Hamilton, his poetical tribute to the general election, 420; birth of a

the character of Lord John, ii. 411 son, 420; begins his Parliamentary
Alabama case, the, ii. 365

career, 445; death of, 467
Albemarle, Lord, his doggerel Latin American Civil War, causes of, ii. 349,
lines on the Masters of Westminster

School, i. 7n

Ampthill, Lord; see Russell, Lord Odo

ii. 333

Anglesey, Lord (Viceroy of Ireland), i. | Azeglio, Signor, ii. 284

191, 192, 206
Anti-Corn Law League, the, i. 381, BALACLAVA, ii. 232
403 ; ii. 199

Ball, Mr. John, quoted, i. 243, 244 h
Antonelli, Cardinal, sends the Pope's Ballot, the, i. 299, 308, 339
blessing to the young King of Naples, Bandon Bridge, borough of, i. 138

Bank of England charter revised, i.
Antwerp, bombardment of, ii. 190 202; in the crisis of 1847, 476
Apponyi, Count (Austrian minister to Bank Restriction Act of 1797, i. 86
England), ii. 331, 405-407

Bannister (actor), i. 8
Appropriation Clause, i. 256, 289, 310, Barillon, M., despatches of, i. 107, 119
312, 314, 448

Baring, Sir Francis, i. 185; in the
Arguelles, Señor, ii. 43

Cabinet, 349; at the Exchequer, 380;
Argyll, Duke of, i. 37; ii. 176, 203 ; Budget proposals of, 383, 384; asks

quoted, 248; letter to Lord John re for a committee on the sugar duties,
specting the detention of the Ala 389; succeeds Lord Auckland in the
bama, 366 n

Cabinet, ii. 77; relationship to Sir
Armagh, Archbishop of, consulted by Charles Wood and the Greys, 77 ;

Lord John on reforms in the Irish a stern economist, 77; accepts the
Church, i. 312

Admiralty, 97; votes for the Militia
Arms Bill, the, i. 404, 447, 485, 486 Bill, 150 n; protests against Lord
Arnould, Sir J., quoted, i. 497

John's supersession in the leader-
Arrouca, convent of, i. 63

ship, 160; quoted, 213; consulted
Arrow question, the, ii. 294

by Lord John on a Ministerial crisis,
Ashley, Lord (afterwards Shaftesbury, 295

Earl of), his diary quoted, i. 415; Barker, Mr. Russell, quoted, i. 11
letter to Lord John, 473

Barnes, Mr. (editor of the Times), i.
Ashley, Mr. E., his publication of Lord 246
Palmerston's letters, ii. 158

Barnstaple, writ suspended, i. 125
Atherton, Sir William, his advice soli. Barrymore (actor), i. 9

cited on the Alabama question, ii. Bath, Lady, i. 28

Bath, Lord (uncle by marriage of Lord
Atkin, Mr., i. 5

John), i. 28
Attwood, Mr., i. 181 n

Bathurst, Lord, i. 139
Auckland, Lord, i. 427; ii. 17; his Baxter, Sir David, ii. 416

measures of national defence, 22; Baynes, Sir Christopher, i. 31.
letter from Lord John on the naval Beaumont, M. de (French minister in

estimates, 29 ; death of, 77, 96 London), ii. 41
Augustenburg, Prince, his claim to the Beauvale, Lord, i. 441
Duchy of Holstein, ii. 399

Bedford, Duchess of (Georgiana,
Australia, i. 352; French plan for in mother of Lord John), letters of, i.
vading and holding, ii. 177

3,4; chronic ill-health, 3; death of, 4
Austria, loses Milan, ii. 33-35; sug- Bedford, Duchess of (Georgiana, step-

gested transfer of Ionian Islands to, mother of Lord John), i. 5, II, 119;,
36; seeks a compromise with the ii. 112; death, 175
Italians, 40; refuses a conference on Bedford, Duchess of (Lord Tavistock's
Italian affairs, 44; suppresses the wife); see under Stanhope, Lady
Hungarian rebellion and demands A. M.
the extradition of Hungarian re- Bedford, fourth Duke of, i. 2
fugees from Turkey, 49; action in Bedford, Francis, fifth Duke of, i. 2, 3
the Montenegrin difficulty, 178; pro- Bedford, Francis, seventh Duke of;
position to subsidise, in the Russian see under Tavistock, Lord
War, 220, 222

Bedford, John, sixth Duke of, i. 2;
Austria, Emperor of, his abdication, ii. death of his wife (a daughter of Lord
26; a fugitive, 44

Torrington), 4; second marriage to
Austrian alliance with England, pro a daughter of the Duke of Gordon,

posals of an, in the Russian War, ii. 5; made Viceroy of Ireland, 19; his
216, 222

part in the fall of the Talents Ad.
Aylmer, Lord, i. 279 n, 280

ministration, 29; retirement from the

Viceroyalty, 29; on tour in Eng- Birmingham, i. 142; great Reform
land, 31 ; visits Sir Walter Scott in meeting at, 180; Political Unio.,
Selkirkshire, 32; opinion of English 180, 181; Chartist riots in the Bull-
universities, 46; pleasure at Lord ring, 346; constabulary for, 347
John's début at the Speculative Bismarck, Count, willing to accept the
Society, 50; encourages him to con mediation of Great Britain in the
tinue the Whig Register, 51; şug. Danish question, ii. 396; supports
gests to Lord John a tour through the claim of the Prince of Augusten.
the English manufacturing, towns, burg to the Duchy of Holstein, 399;
57; discourages Lord John's going instructs the German Emperor's
to Cambridge University, 59; on the thanks to be given to Lord John for
riots and discontent in 1816, 92; con his sympathies in the Franco-German
tinental trips of, 119; opposes the War, 458
Canning Ministry of 1827, 140; re- Blackburne (Attorney-General), i. 215
nouncesa political career, 141; illness Blackfeet and Whiteseet, i. 193
of, 170 n; on Triennial Parliaments, Blake, General, i. 41
203; deprecates Lord John's assump- Blake, Mr. (Remembrancer), i. 229 n
tion of the Opposition leadership, Blakeney, Sir E., i. 346 n, 347, 477..
223; approves of Lord John's mar 486
riage to Lady Ribblesdale, 241; Blandford, Lord, scheme for disfran.

paralytic seizure, 261 ; death of, 254 chisement of rotten boroughs, i. 160
Bedford citizens' contribution to Lord Blennerhasset, Sir R., on Orangeism,

John's expenses at the Devonshire i. 275 n
election, i. 244

Bloomfield, Dr. (Bishop of London), i.
Belcher, Young (pugilist) i. 10

Belgium, fears of its incorporation in Bolingbroke, Lord, i. 133 n

the French Empire, ii. 37; revolt Bonaparte, Joseph, made King of
of, from Holland, 43; letter of the Spain, i. 39
King of, to Lord John, 457

Bourbon dynasty expelled from Sicily,
Bennet, Mr., i. 5
Bennett, Mr., ii. 118

Bourqueney, M. (French ambassador
Bentinck, Lord Frederick, i. 75

at Vienna), ii. 216; proposes the
Bentinck, Lord George, i. 386, 439, neutralisation of the Black Sea, 258,
459; scheme for Irish railways, 460, 259
461; ii. 13; proposal on the in- Bowring, Sir John (British consul at
come-tax, 28, 76; obtains a com Canton), ii. 294
mittee on the sugar colonies, 92 Bowyer, Sir J., remonstrates with Lord
Beresford, Marshal, i. 64

John on his action in the religious
Berkeley, ii. 30

struggle between the Pope and the
Berlin, on the eve of a revolution, ii. German Emperor, ii. 462, 463

Boyne, battle of the, anniversary of, in
Bernal Osborne, Mr., ridicules the 1849, and its results, ij. 82

idea of Lord John waiting for a Bradford, Lord (uncle by marriage to,
breeze,' ii. 102

Lord John), i. 24, 28, 37
Bernstorff, Count (German minister to Brand, Mr., i. 89

England), thanks Lord John for his Breadalbane, Lord, ii. 112
sympathies in the Franco-German Brent (Westminster scholar), i. 8
War, ii. 458

Bribery Bill, i. 125, 130, 134, 150
Berry, Miss, her introduction to Lord Bridgeman, George (afterwards Earl
John, i. 57; quoted, 100 n

of Bradford), i. 4 n, 28, 61, 62 n, 63,
Bessborough, Lord (Irish Viceroy), i. 69, 70, 72, 73 n, 74
438, 447 ; on the employment of Bridgeman, Lady Lucy, i. 78
Irish poor in the potato famine, Bright, Rr. Hon. J., i. 425; condemns
452, 454, 457, 464; dying advice to Lord John's speech on the Irish

Lord John, 468, 469; death of, 470 Church, ii. 174; the Cave of Adul-
Betty, Master (actor), i. 19

lam, 426; his letter to Lady Russell
Bexley, Lord, i. 139

on the death of her husband, 470
Bickersteth, Mr. (afterwards Lord Bristol, riots in, on the Lords' rejection

Langdale, Master of the Rolls), i. 263 | of the Reform Bill, i. 179; testimo",

ii. 333

nial of the Reformers of; to Lord | Bulwer, Sir E. Lytton, his motion that
John, 261

Lord John's conduct at Vienna has
British and Foreign School Society, i. shaken the confidence of the House

in the Ministry, ii. 273
British North America, i. 353

Buol, Count, interviewed by Lord John
Broome, Mr., i. 37

in Vienna, ii. 255; declares the Black
Brougham, Lord, views on Parliamen Sea neutrali beyond the scope

tary Reform, i. 122; his sneer at of the Vienna Conference, 259; his
Lord John's phrase, “New lamps for scheme regarding the Black Sea,
old,' 125 12 ; one of 'a little faction 264; his version of interviews with
at Brooks's,' 141; motion for Par English and French ministers re-
liamentary Reform, 165; stands garding the termination of the war,
between Lord Grey and rest,' 167; 271
excluded from the Melbourne Cabi- Burdett, Sir Francis, on Lord John's
net, 243; made chairman of the

speech against the suspension of the
Commission on eaucational endow. Habeas Corpus Act, i. 95; motion
ments, 263; on the ballot, 299; on Parliamentary Reform, 114, 115;
attacks Lord Melbourne for not one of 'a little faction at Brooks's,'
giving him the Chancellorship, 303; 141; motion for the relief of Roman
defends Lord John's attitude towards Catholics, 145; ii. 477
Reform, 304; his measure of indem- Burge, Mr. (agent for Jamaica), i. 352
nification to Lord Durham, 320; pro- Burgoyne, Sir John, letter to, from the
cures a grant for the National and Duke of Wellington, on invasion, ii.
British and Foreign School Societies, 19
342; urges Lord John to write on Burke, Mr., i. 167; ii. 199
the constitution of England, 401; Butler, Lady Mary, i. 5 n
opposes the Bill for repealing the Butler, Richard' (afterwards Lord
Navigation Acts, ii. 97

Cabir), i. 13, 37
Brown, Dr. Thomas, i. 47

Byng, George (afterwards Lord Straf.
Brown, Mrs., i. 41

ford), and his five wishes, i. 379; ii.
Browning, J. F., i. 233
Bruce, John (Professor of Logic), i. 26, 48 Byron, Lord, i. 14, 97, 119, 142, 409
Brunnow, Baron, i. 369; recalled, ii.

206; his description of Lord John's CAMELFORD, writ suspended, i. 125
famous despatch on Italian affairs, Camp, Miss de (actress), i. 8

Campbell, Sir J. (afterwards Lord;
Brunswick Clubs, i. 153

Attorney-General), i. 262, 263; his
Buccleuch, Duchess of, i. 358, 394 n analysis of Lord John's character,
Buchanan, Mr. (President of the 449 ; proposal for dealing with dis-

United States), his declaration on turbances in Ireland, 490; ii. 63, 70

the question of secession, ii. 351 Canada, origin of the rebellion in, i.
Buchanan, Sir A., ii. 433 n

306; Lord Durham's mission and
Buller, Charles, i. 297, 302, 402, 411; line of action, 319, 320; proposed
death of, ii. 96

loan to, for railway building, ii. 75;
Buller, Sir John (afterwards Lord proposed removal of the differential
Churston), i. 191, 222, 355

duties on timber in, 76
Bulteel, John Croker (Lord Grey's son- Canning, Lord, ii. 225
in-law), i. 191 N, 213, 222

Canning, Rt. Hon. G., speech against
Bulwer, Mr. (afterwards Sir H.), Lord John's proposals on Parliamen-

British minister at the Court of tary Reform, i. 133; forms a Minis-
Madrid, connives at the selection try, 139; death of, 140, 141, 142;
of Prince Leopold for the hand of references to, ii. 135; quoted, 443
the Queen of Spain, ii. 1-3; des- Canning, Sir Stratford (afterwards
patches from Lord Palmerston, 6, Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, minister
8n; instructions in the Portuguese at the Porte), urges the Porte not to
rebellion, 10; his procedure in give up the Hungarian refugees, ii.
Spanish affairs, 37-39; requested 50; further action therein, 135;
to quit Spain, 39; sent • Washing returns to Constantinople, 179;
ton, 40, 439 n

settles the Holy Places dispute, 180,

206, 305


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