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By Rev. HENRY H. WYMAN, Paulist.

"Especially suited for distribution among non-Catholics."—Ave Maria.

"The author is a clear-eyed and strongly persistent thinker."-Am. Eccl. Review.

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Certainty in Religion is pronounced by competent authority to be one of the best apologetics that has been published in years."-Intermountain Catholic.

"An excellent book for the Catholic to put into the hands of his Protestant neighbor."— N. Y. Freeman's Journal.


"This little book is calculated to do much good among non-Catholics."-Western Watch

"A masterly marshaling of his subject by the author."-S. F. Chronicle.

"An earnest plea, clearly and plainly written, for the Catholic Faith."-Irisk Monthly.

"The book has a tone of dignity about it not common to such unpretentious volumes, and it will appeal most strongly to persons of education."—Am. Cath. Quarterly.

"In comparatively small compass Father Wyman has given reasons for the faith that is in him, and they are reasons that should prove convincing to unprejudiced minds. Hi method is direct and telling."—Liverpool Catholic Times.

"It is destined to do a vast amount of good, if it is made known and judiciously distributed by the priest on the mission."-Catholic University Bulletin.

Paper, 10 cents per copy. Postage, 3 cents extra. Cloth, 50

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New York.

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