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similar service during the preceding nine years. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation of her efficiency, not only in this service but also in the preparation of previous publications.

In the spring of 1910 I changed my residence from Albany to Buffalo, and afterward with some interruptions, I continued my study in the Law Library of the Eighth Judicial District, at Buffalo, New York. The librarian, Mr. George D. Crofts, extended to me numerous courtesies while I was using the library. The assistant librarian, Miss Katherine L. Cuthbert, rendered valuable service by her aid in searching for judicial decisions. I take this occasion to express my acknowledgments to Mr. Crofts and to Miss Cuthbert for their assistance in the performance of my task.

Beginning in 1913, my study has been carried forward without serious interruptions. Many parts of the work have been considerably expanded beyond the original plan, requiring new notes and the examination of additional authorities. In this work I have been assisted by my present reader and stenographer, Miss Elsie Kramer of Buffalo, New York, and I hereby express my cordial appreciation of the faithfulness and accuracy applied by her in working out her part in the preparation of this volume. Buffalo, New York, March 1, 1916.

C. Z. L.

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