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From great Augustus' ever sacred name!
Sovereign of Sciencel: master of the Mufe!
Neglected Genius' firm ally! Of worth

Best judge, and best rewarder, whose applause
To bards was fame and fortune! Ol 'twas well,
Well did you too in this, all glorious heroes!
Ye Romans !---on Time's wing you've stamp'd his praise,
And time shall bear it to eternity.,



Now are our lab'rours crown'd with their reward,
Now bloom the Aorid hops, and in the stream
Shine in their floating silver, while above
T'embow’ring branches culminate, and form.
A walk impervious to the sun ;; the poles.

350 In comely order stand ; and while

With the small skiff the Medway's lucid wave,
In comely order still their ranks preserve,
And seem to march along th’extensive plain...
In neat arrangement thus the men of Kent,

With native, oak at once adorn'd and arm’d,
Intrepid march’d; for well they knew the cries
Of dying Liberty, and Aftræa's voice,
Who as the Aed, to echoing woods complain'd.
Of tyranny, and William; like a god,
Refulgent stood the conqueror, on his troops
He sent his looks enliv’ning as the sun's,
But on his foes frown'd agony, frown'd deatha


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On his left side in bright emblazonry
His falchion burn'd; forth from his sevenfold shield 365
A basilisk shot adamant; his brow
Wore clouds of fury !---on that with plumage crown'd
Of various hue fat a tremendous cone :
Thus fits high-canopied above the clouds,
Terrific beauty of nocturnal skies,

370 * Northern Aurora ; she thro' th' azure air Shoots, shoots her trem'lous rays in painted streaks Continual, while waving to the wind O’er Night's dark veil her lucid tresses flow. The trav'ler views th' unseafonable day

375 Astound, the proud bend lowly to the earth, "The pious matrons tremble for the world. But what can daunt th' insuperable souls Of Cantium's matchless fons? On they proceed, All innocent of fear; each face express’d Contemptuous admiration, while they view'd The well-fed brigades of embroider'd flaves That drew the sword for gain. First of the van, With an enormous bough, a shepherd (wain Whistled with ruftic notes; but such as show'd 385 A heart magnanimous: The men of Kent


* Aurora Borealis, or lights .in the air; a phenomenon which of late years has been very frequent here, and in all the more northern countries.


Follow the tuneful swain, while o'er their heads
The green leaves whisper, and the big boughs bend.
'Twas thus the Thracian, whose all-quick’ning lyre
The foods inspir’d, and taught the rocks to feel, 3902
Play'd before daneing Hæmus, to the tune,
The lute's soft tune! The Autt'ring branches wave,
The rocks enjoy it, and the rivulets hear,
The hillocks skip, emerge the humble vales,
And all the mighty mountain nods applause.

The conqueror view'd them, and as one that fees
The vast abrupt of Scylla, or as one
That from th' oblivious Lethæan streams
Has drank eternal apathy, he stood.
His host an universal panic seiz’d

400 Prodigious, inopine; their armour shook, And clatter'd to the trembling of their limbs ; Some to the walking wilderness gan run Confus’d, and in th’ inhospitable shade For shelter fought---Wretches!they shelter find, 4052 Eternal shelter in the arms.of death! Thus when Aquarius pours out all his urn Down on some lonesome heath, the traveller That wanders o'er the wintry waste, accepts. The invitation of some spreading beech

410 Joyous;: but soon the treach'rous gloom betrays Th' unwary visitor, while on his head Th'inlarging drops in double show’rs descend.


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And now no longer in disguise the men
Of Kent appear; down they all drop their boughs, 415
And shine in brazen panoply divine.
Enough---Great William (for full well he knew
How vain would be the contest) to the fons
Of glorious Cantium, gave their lives, and laws,
And liberties secure, and to the prowess

Of Kentish wights, like Cæfar, deign'd to yield.
Cæsar and William! Hail immortal worthies,
Illustrious vanquish'd! Cantium, if to them,
Pofterity will all her chiefs unborn,
Ought similar, ought second has to boast.

Once more (so prophecies the Muse) thy fons
Shall triumph, emulous of their fires---till then
With olive, and with hop-land garlands crown’d,
O’er all thy land reign Plenty, reign fair Peace.





G E O R G I C.


Omnia quæ multo ante memor provisa repones,
Si te digna manet divini gloria ruris.

VIRG. Geor. lib. 1.


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