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Oh they are in their generation wise,
Each path of interest they have sagely trod,---

To live---to thrive---to rise---and still to rise--
Better to bow to men, than kneel to God.

V. Behold !---where


unmanfion'd Merit stands,
All cold; and crampt with penury and pain;
Speechless thro’ want, she rears th' imploring hands,

And begs a little bread, but begs in vain
While Bribery and Dulness, passing by,
Bid her, in sounds barbarian, starve and die.

« Away (they cry (we never saw thy name)

" Or in Preferment's List, or that of Fame;

Away---nor here the fate thou earn'st bewail,
* Who canst not buy a vote, nor haft a soul for sale.

Oh Indignation, wherefore wert thou given,

If drowsy Patience deaden all thy rage ?---
Yet we must bear---such is the will of heaven;

And, WEBSTER, fo prescribes thy candid page.
Then let us hear thee preach seraphic love,
Guide our digusted thoughts to things above;
Sɔ our free souls, fed with divine repast,

(Unmindful of low mortals mean employ) Shall taste the present, recollect the past,

And strongly hope for every future joy.



The Author apologizes to a Lady, for his being a little man..

Natura nusquam magis, quam in minimis tota eft. Plin.

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ES, contumelious fair; you scorn:

The amorous dwarf, that courts you to his arms,,

But ere you leave him quite forlorn,
And to some youth gigantic yield your charms,
Hear him---oh hear him, if you will not try,
And let your judgment check th' ambition of your eye..

Say, is it carnage makes the man?
Is to be monstrous really to be great ?

Say, is it wife or just to scan
Your lover's worth by quantity, or weight?
Ask your mamma and nurse, if it be fo;
Nurse and mamma,. I ween, Ihall jointly answer, no,

The less the body to the view,
The foul (like springs in closer durance pent)

Is all exertion, ever new,,

Unceasing, unextinguish’d, and unspent;
Still pouring forth executive desire,
As bright, as brisk, and lasting, as the vestal fire.


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Does thy young bosom pant for fame;
Woud'st thou be of pofterity the toast?

The poets shall ensure thy name,
Who magnitude of mind not body boast.
Laurels on bulky bards as rarely grow,
As on the sturdy oak the virtuous misletoe.

Look in the glass, survey that cheek---
Where Flora has with all her roses blush'd ;

The shape fo tender,---looks so meek,---
The breasts made to be press’d, not to be crush'd---
Then turn to me,---turn with obliging eyes,
Nor longer Nature's works, in miniature, despise.

Young Ammon did the world subdue,
Yet had not more external man than I;

Ah! charmer, should I conquer you,
With him in fame, as well as fize, I'll vie.
Then, scornful nymph, come forth to yonder grove,
Where I defy, and challenge, all thy utmost love.


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ONG, with undistinguish'd flame,

I lov’d each fair, each witty dame,
My heart the belle-assembly gain'd,
And all an equal sway maintain'd..

But when you came, you stood confess'd
Sole sultana of my breast ;
For you eclips'd, supremely fair,
All the whole seraglio there.

In this her mien, in that her grace,
In a third I lov'd a face;
But you in ev'ry feature shine
Universally divine.

What can those tumid paps excel,
Do they fink, or do they fwell ?
While those lovely wanton eyes
Sparkling meet them, as they rise.

Thus is filver Cynthia seen,
Glistening o’er the glassy green,



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