The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980
The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

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Sivu 521 - local educational agency" means a public board of education or other public authority legally constituted within a State for either administrative control or direction of, or to perform a service function for public elementary or secondary schools in a city, county, township, school district, or other political subdivision of a State, or such combination of school districts or counties as are recognized in a State as an administrative agency for its public elementary or secondary schools.
Sivu 191 - Until he is so satisfied he shall make no further certification to the Secretary of the Treasury with respect to such State.
Sivu 510 - Interior shall undertake to assure that projects on which work is performed under this part are consistent with the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974, as amended by the National Forest Management Act of 1976...
Sivu 388 - Commission or any member thereof may issue a subpoena, directing the person named therein to appear before a designated representative at a designated time and place to testify or to produce documentary evidence, or both, relating to any matter under investigation by the Commission.
Sivu 157 - ... in connection with any election at which Presidential and Vice Presidential electors or a Senator or Representative in, or a Delegate or Resident commissioner to Congress are to be voted for, or in connection with any primary election or political convention or caucus held to select candidates for any of the foregoing offices, or for any candidate, political committee, or other person to accept or receive any contribution prohibited by this section.
Sivu 317 - State to provide a program of education beyond secondary education, (3) provides an educational program for which it awards a bachelor's degree or provides not less than a...
Sivu 171 - Be necessary and reasonable for proper and efficient administration of the grant program, be allocable thereto under these principles, and, except as specifically provided herein, not be a general expense required to carry out the overall responsibilities of State or local governments.
Sivu 154 - Participants shall not be deemed Federal employees and shall not be subject to the provisions of law relating to Federal employment.
Sivu 561 - Whoever, being an officer, director, agent, or employee of, or connected in any capacity with, any agency receiving financial assistance under the Employment and Manpower Act embezzles, willfully misapplies, steals, or obtains by fraud any of the moneys, funds, assets, or property which are the subject of a grant or contract of assistance pursuant to this Act...
Sivu 273 - ... successor is automatically substituted as a party. Proceedings following the substitution shall be in the name of the substituted party, but any misnomer not affecting the substantial rights of the parties shall be disregarded. An order of substitution may be entered at any time, but the omission to enter such an order shall not affect the substitution.

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