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This is one of a series of Tariff Information Surveys prepared by the United States Tariff Commission. These surveys deal with the commodities provided for by the tariff act in force at the time of their preparation.

When articles or commodities are covered by two or more paragraphs of the tariff act, they are sometimes combined in one survey. This is done only when similarity and industrial relationship are sufficient to justify a joint treatment. When one grade of an article or commodity is dutiable and another grade is on the free list, the entire treatment is effected under the dutiable paragraph.

The commission has issued as a separate pamphlet an index to all its publications. This index lists in alphabetical order the articles or commodities treated in any commission publication.

In the preparation of this survey the commission had the services of R. E. K. Peterson, of the textile division of the commission's staff, and of others.


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and cottons for handwork, 1891–1926–

11a. Imports for consumption and revenue of cotton sewing thread, 1922–

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