The Six Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East

Yale University Press, 21.2.2017 - 387 sivua
The author of Origins of the Suez Crisis “mak[es] us look afresh at the events that led to conflict between Israel and its neighbors” (Financial Times).

One fateful week in June 1967 redrew the map of the Middle East. Many scholars have documented how the Six-Day War unfolded, but little has been done to explain why the conflict happened at all. Now, historian Guy Laron refutes the widely accepted belief that the war was merely the result of regional friction, revealing the crucial roles played by American and Soviet policies in the face of an encroaching global economic crisis, and restoring Syria’s often overlooked centrality to events leading up to the hostilities.
The Six-Day War effectively sowed the seeds for the downfall of Arab nationalism, the growth of Islamic extremism, and the animosity between Jews and Palestinians. In this important new work, Laron’s fresh interdisciplinary perspective and extensive archival research offer a significant reassessment of a conflict—and the trigger-happy generals behind it—that continues to shape the modern world.
“Challenging . . . well worth reading.”—Moment
“A penetrating study of a conflict that, although brief, helped establish a Middle Eastern template that is operational today . . . The author looks beyond Cold War maneuvering to examine the conflict in other lights . . . Readers with an interest in Middle Eastern geopolitics will find much of value.”—Kirkus Reviews


From the Local to the Global
The Article
The Baath in Power 196366
Playing the Israel Card
The Spy Who Came Back from the Cold
The Corruption of the Revolution
Sliding into
The Phone Call
A Short Tether
Arming the Middle East
Secret Liaisons
Abba Ebans Tin
One Soviet Foreign Policy or Two?
Restraining Damascus Disciplining Cairo
A Soviet Hall of Mirrors
A Very Israeli Putsch?

Defying Israels Founding Father
Expanding Israels Borders
Confronting Syria
The SelfInflicted Recession
Rabins Schlieffen Plan
From Yemen to Texas
Last Days
Six Days and After
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Guy Laron is senior lecturer in international relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has been a visiting scholar at the University of Maryland, Northwestern University, and Oxford. He is the author of Origins of the Suez Crisis and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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