Sivut kuvina
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F. D. Thompson.

Max Danziger.

(Col. J. B. Brady, D.S.O.

Hon. A. R. Welsh.

J. Cowden.

D. Macintyre.

H. H. Davies.

L. J. W. Keller.

Hon. G. M. Huggins.

Major L. A. M. Hastings,

E. W. L. Noaks.

H. H. Beamish.

D. M. Somerville.

A. W. V. Crawley.

Lt. Col. Hon. E. L. Guest,

W. A. E. Winterton.
J. P. de Kock.

C. W. Leppington.

Hon. R. C. Tredgold, K.C. Sir Hugh Williams, M.C., Bart.

R. A. Fletcher.

Capt. Hon. F. E. Harris, D.S.O.

A. R. Thomson.

Speaker, The Hon. A. R. Welsh.

Clerk of the Legislative Assembly, C. C. D. Ferris.


Department of Prime Minister.

Prime Minister, Hon. G. M. Huggins.

Inyanga, J. L. R. Stap
Lomagundi, E. T. Palmer
Makoni, F. A. Phayre
Matabeleland :-
Belingwe, A. St. J. Harvey
Bubi, F. V. Johnstone
Bulalima-Mangwe, F. W.
T. Posselt

Gwanda, T. P. von.
Broem bsen

Gwelo, E. T. Palmer

Marandellas, E. R. Morke
Mazoe, F. J. Wane
Melsetter and Chipinga,
F. E. Fynn
Mrewa, J. L. Oliver
Mtoko, L. Powys-Jones
Ndanga, R. I. M. Kelly
Salisbury, N. H. D. Spicer
Umtali, W. S. Bazeley
Victoria, J. H. M.

Filabusi, A. H. Johnstone
Matobo, E. H. Beck
Nyamandhlovu, E. L.
Sebungwe, F. A. Marr
Selukwe, H. Franklin
Wankie (acting), W. J

Superintendent of Natives.

Malabeleland, W. R. Benzies.

Native Land Board.

Assistant Director of Native Lands, Capt. A. C. Jennings, A.M.I.C.E.

Department of Native Development.

Native Education Director, G. Stark.


The Treasury.

Minister of Finance, Hon. J. H. Smit.

Secretary, Captain E. T. Fox, C.B.E.
Under-Secretary, A. G. Williams.

Accountant, E. W. Popkiss.

Principal Revenue Examiner, V. S. B. Mercer. Chief Clerk, L. G. Morgenrood.

High Commissioner, London.

Secretary to the Prime Minister and Secretary to the High Commissioner for S. Rhodesia, S. M. Lanigan Cabinet, A. D. Chataway.

Department of Education.

Acting Director of Education, A. G. Cowling.

O'Keeffe, C.M.G. Secretary, B. F. Wright.

Posts and Telegraphs Department.

Postmaster-General, C. J. Swift.

Acting Assistant Director of Education, H. D. Secretary, J. Rock.


Staff Inspector, A. Allan.

Paymaster-Accountant, N. E. Brooks.
Chief Clerk, R. N. T. Bower.

Chief Inspector, F. T. Arnold.

Inspectors of Schools, J. Cowie, A. D. Gledhill, Miss M. Power.

Secretary, Education Advisory Committee, E. Taunton.


Department of Native Affairs. Minister of Native Affairs, Hon. G. M. Huggins. Secretary for Native Affairs and Chief Native Commissioner, C. Bullock.

Assistant Chief Native Commissioner, H. H. D. Simmonds.

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Chief Government Mining Engineer, A. S. Rome.
Mining Commissioners, K. H. Borcherds, L. A. N.
Brooks, J. M. Harris, E. F. Briers.
Registrar of Claims, S. B. Norris.

Inspectors of Mines, H. C. Milton, W. Ralston,
W. P. James, F. Elliott.

Accountant, Mines and Works, H. V. Buxton.

Department of Geological Survey.

Director, B. Lightfoot.

Geologists, A. M. Macgregor, M.A.. F.G.S., J. C. Ferguson, A. E. Phaup, B.Sc., F. L. Amm, F. O. S. Dobell.

Minister of Agriculture, Capt. Hon. F. E. Harris, Mineralogists, N. E. Barlow, B.Sc., R. M. Tyndale D.S.O.

Department of Agriculture.

Secretary, Department of Agriculture and Land,
H. G. Mundy, O.B.E., F.L.S.
Director of Agriculture, Dr. C. K. Brain.

Director of Marketing and Registrar of Co-operative
Companies, E. R. Jacklin.
Agriculturist, D. E. McLoughlin.

Chief Entomologist, R. W. Jack, F.E.S.
Chief Chemist, A. D. Husband, A.I.C.

Director of Irrigation, C.L. Robertson, A.M.I.C.E.
Conservator of Forests, E. J. Kelly Edwards.
Poultry Officer, H. G. Wheeldon.

Chief Animal Husbandry Officer, A. E. Romyn,

Chief Tobacco Officer, D. D. Brown.

Senior Plant Pathologist, J. C. F. Hopkins, A.I.C.T.A.

Cotton Specialist (Empire Cotton Growing Corporation),

G. S. Cameron.

Editor, Rhodesia Agricultural Journal, Dr. C. K. Brain. Dairy Officer, J. R. Corry.

Accountant, Division of Agriculture and Lands, A. R. M. Cockerton, M.C.

Surveyor-General's Department.

Surveyor-General, L. M. McBean.
Chief Draughtsman, G. H. Melville.

[blocks in formation]

Biscoe, B.A.

Chemist, E. Golding.

[blocks in formation]

Medical Director, Chief Health Officer, and Inspector and Principal Medical Officer, B.S.A. Police, Dr. A. P. Martin, M.B., D.P.H., D. T. M. & H. Medical Superintendent, Ingutsheni Mental Hospital, Dr. K. M. Rodger.

Senior Government Medical Officer, Bulawayo, Dr.

R. M. Morris.

Medical Inspectors of Schools, Dr. A. Clark, Dr. E. B. Jones.

Chief Clerk, G. A. Taylor.

Senior Government Medical Officers, Dr. V. C. W. Vickers, Dr. W. Murray, Dr. M. H. K. Kane, Dr. J. Montgomery.

Medical Officer in charge of Laboratory, Bulawayo, Dr. G. R. Ross.

Government Medical Officers, Dr. W. F. McGladdery, Dr. I. A. L. Turnbull, Dr. D. O. Richards, Dr. P. A. Green, Dr. D. M. Blair, Dr. J. H. Kennedy, Dr. D. F. Mackenzie, Dr. D. MacCrae, Dr. J. Leggate, Dr. T. Purce, Dr. H. M. Strover, Dr. A. R. Adderley, Dr. B. Moiser, Dr. A. D. H. Hugo, Dr. J. H. G. Robertson, Dr. E. C. Rowlette, Dr. J. C. G. Mitchell, Dr. D. B. Harwood-Nash, Dr. G. B. Davis, Dr. J. C. Henderson, Dr. H. J. Knight. Government Analyst, A. W. Facer.

Schools Dentists, R. Woodcock, G. Kingsley Jennings.

Department of Controller of Printing and

Controller, A. F. Davis.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE AND DEFENCE. Minister of Justice and Defence, Hon. R. C. Tredgold, K.C.

Law Department.

Attorney-General, Capt. W. E. Thomas, O.B.E., M.C.,

Solicitor-General, R. J. Morton, M.C., K.C.
Legal Adviser V. L. Robinson.

Legal Assistant, E. W. G. Jarvis.

Registrar of Deeds, Companies, and Patents, H. C.


Registrar of Deeds (Bulawayo), R. A. Gower.
Secretary, A. E. Boyton (acting).

Master, W. F. Boyd.

Registrar and Sheriff, E. G. Smith.

District Courts.


Civil Commissioner and Magistrate, Capt. C. H.
Harding, M.C.

British South Africa Police.

High Court.

Officer Commanding S. Rhodesia Forces and Com-
missioner, Col. J. S. Morris, C.B.E.
Assistant Commissioner, Major R. Hamilton, O.B.E.

Chief Justice, Sir Alexander F. Russell.

Judges, R. J. Hudson, C.M.G., M.C., V. A. Lewis, Chief Superintendents, Major H. Onyett, M.C., and

M.C., K.C., C. T. Blakeway.

Water Court Judge, R. McIlwaine.

[blocks in formation]

Assistant Magistrates, C. W. Stumbles, D. T. Koch,
R. L. D. Herbert.

Additional Magistrate, W. T. Smith.
Enkeldoorn :-

Criminal Investigation Department.
Chief Superintendent, Major H. W. Clemow.

Civil Commissioner and Magistrate, N. D. Jackson. Superintendent, Capt. H. G. Seward.
Assistant Magistrate, T. A. T. Bosman.
Umtali :-

Civil Commissioner and Magistrate, C. Deane-

Assistant Magistrate, F. F. Roberts.

Victoria :

Civil Commissioner and Magistrate, T. P. von

Department of Civil Aviation. Director, Major D. Cloete, M.C., A.F.C.

Defence Department.

Chief Staff Officer, Major J. W. Watson, P.S.Cps.
Staff Officer, Capt. A. C. Walker, P.S.Cps.
Staff Officer Air, Major D. Cloete, M.C., A.F.C.
District Staff Officers :-

[blocks in formation]

Eastern Division, (vacant).

Western Division, Capt. E. R. Day, P.S.Cps. Controller Defence Force, Major A. V. Adams, P.S.Cps. Assistant Controllers, Capt. H. P. P. Tice, P.S.Cps., Capt. S. Garlake, P.S.Cps., C. J. Walls, P.S.Cps.

Major J. S. Bridger.

District Superintendents, Capt. H. Bugler, Capt.
F. C. Edwards, M.M., Capt. J. M. W. Parr, Capt.
J. E. Ross, Capt. H. F. M. Surgey.

Assistant District Superintendents, Lieut. A. S.
Hickman, Lieut. E. H. D. Rowley, Lieut. J. B.
Lombard, Lieut. R. P. Derham, Lieut. B. G.
Spurling, Lieut. B. M. De Quehen, Lieut. R. S

Town Police.
Assistant Superintendents, Lieut. J. Appleby, Lieut.
H. Austin.

Assistant Superintendents, Lieut. F. W. Harrison,
Lieut. R. H. Borland.


Nauru (0°26′ S., 166° 56′ E.), an uplifted atoll, about 12 miles in circumference, was discovered by Captain Fearn in 1798, and was annexed by Germany in 1888. It has an area of nearly 8 square miles. There is a ring of fertile land between the sea and a plateau about 40 to 60 feet above sea level. The plateau contains extensive phosphate deposits.

Nauru was surrendered to H.M.A.S." Melbourne' in November, 1914, and, at the request of the Commonwealth Government, was administered under the High Commissioner for the Western Pacific until June 10th, 1921. A mandate conferred by the Principal Allied and Associated Powers on the British Empire to administer Nauru was approved by the Council of the League of Nations in December, 1920.

By an agreement dated 2nd July, 1919, confirmed by the Nauru Island Agreement Act, 1920, and by the Parliaments of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, the British Government and the Governments of the Commonwealth and New Zealand agreed that the island should be governed by an Administrator, the first to be appointed for a term of 5 years by the Commonwealth Government, thereafter the Administrator to be appointed in such manner as the three Governments should decide. Four Administrators have been appointed by the Australian Government under this Agreement: Brigadier-General Griffiths, C.M.C., C.B.E., D.S.O., June, 1921, W. A. Newman, M.B.E., 1927, Commander R. C. Garsia, Royal Australian Navy (rtd.), 1933, Lt.-Col. F. R. Chalmers, C.M.G., D.S.O., 1938.

The Administrator has power to make Ordinances for the peace, order, and good government of the Island, to provide for the education of the children on the Island, to establish and maintain the necessary Police Force, and to establish and appoint Courts and Magistrates with civil and criminal jurisdiction.

There has been a steady increase in the native population since the introduction of the Mandatory Control as will be seen from the following table :














The agreement dated 2nd July, 1919, also provided for the working of the phosphate deposits. The exclusive right to work these deposits was granted by the German Government to a German company which transferred it in 1905 to the Pacifio Phosphate Company, a company registered in Great Britain, which commenced to work the deposits in 1906. In 1920 the interests of the Company in Nauru and in the phosphate deposits of Ocean Island were purchased by the British, Commonwealth, and New Zealand Governments. By the agreement between Year. REVENUE. Expenditure. IMPORTS. EXPORTs. the three Governments, the deposits in Nauru were vested in, and the working and sale of the phosphate entrusted to, a Board of three Commissioners, one appointed by each Government. The functions of the British Phosphate Commissioners, so far as Nauru is concerned, are limited strictly to the business connected with the working of the phosphate deposits. The Administrator is responsible for all matters relating to the Government, the moral and social welfare, the labour conditions and health of all the people on the Island. The British Phosphate Commission is treated in the same manner as if it were a

private company. Exports of phosphate during the last five years:





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New Zealand

United Kingdom







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