Sivut kuvina

Industry and Trade.

The staple products of British Guiana are sugar, rum, molasses, molascuit, concentrated lime juice, rice, coconuts, coconut-oil, copra, coffee, balata and rubber. Sugar and rice are the chief industries of the Colony. Sugar and its by-products furnish 64 per cent. in value of the total exports. Timber -including the famous Demerara Greenheart, which is unrivalled for underwater structures, piling, etc., and Mora, which is becoming increasingly known and valued for railway sleepers-charcoal and hides are also exported.

Within recent years there has been a marked tendency towards the amalgamation of sugar estates and at present 24, run under separate management, are in active operation; the acreage under sugar is 70,233 English acres and the area reaped 64,890 English acres. The rice cultivation in the Colony was returned at 60,079 English acres, but including the second or Spring crop the actual area reaped was 70,787 acres. Other crops grown, such as ground provisions, coffee, rubber, coconuts, cacao, citrus and other fruit, and limes amounted to 40,231 acres.

The forests, with which the interior of the colony is covered, abound in woods of rare beauty and value. Some of the hard woods are, from their remarkable durability, peculiarly suitable for house and shipbuilding purposes, and for railway sleepers, while others are equally prized for the manufacture

of household furniture.

During 1937, 186,875 tons of sugar, and 1,888,331 pf. gallons of rum, were produced. The bulk of the production is high-class vacuum pan sugar for refining purposes, while certain quantities of the far-famed "Demerara Crystals" are still exported.

Coconuts, coffee and cocoa are grown on the

alluvial soils on the banks of the rivers. Rice is

now grown to a considerable extent, chiefly by East Indians, on the low lands within the empoldered areas. Rice exported, 1937, 18,795 tons, valued at 163,2371. Gold and diamond working is carried on by about 5,500 diggers. The diamonds exported during 1937 amounted to 34.556 carats, valued at 86,9181.

The values of the principal exports besides sugar (181,574 tons valued at 1,585,0221.) and rice are

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goods subject to ad valorem rates. The prevailing ad valorem duty rates (calculated on c.i.f. values) are 16 per cent. (British Preferential tariff) and 33 per cent. (General tariff). Jewellery, motor vehicles and parts, plate and plated ware pay 20 per cent. and 40 per cent. respectively, while agricultural and other industrial machinery is exempt from duty if of British Empire manufacture but is liable to a 7 per cent. ad valorem duty if of foreign origin. Most dutiable articles of British Empire manufacture or production receive a preference equivalent to one-half of the General tariff rates, but the preference on certain specified articles, viz., apples, beef (pickled), boots and shoes (not being of rubber), butter, cement, cheese, cocoa, confectionery, cordage, fish (canned, dried or otherwise preserved), lard, milk, pork is a minimum of 663 per cent. The preference on flour is 48 cents a bag of 196 lbs., on spirits 60 cents a gallon, and on wine, beer and ale 20 per cent. of the general rate. Boots and shoes of rubber receive a preference of over 100 per cent.

The following are the principal revenue-yielding articles of import on which duty is payable on a specified weight or other measure of quantity:Tobacco, flour, spirits, kerosene oil, motor spirit, wines and malt liquors.

Medical Institutions.

hospitals providing beds for approximately 958 There are six Government public (general) patients. The accommodation varies from 8 beds in smaller out-stations to 622 beds in the Public Hospital, Georgetown (Demerara).

There is also a Mental Hospital in Berbice and a Leprosy Hospital at Mahaica (Demerara) providing accommodation for 758 and 520 patients respectively.

There are in addition to the dispensaries attached to the general hospitals 13 Government dispensaries in outlying parts of the Colony.

Twenty-three hospitals, with dispensaries, with 1,567 beds, are maintained by proprietors of sugar estates.

Attached to the Public Hospital, Georgetown, (Demerara) are X-Ray and Electrical-treatment, ments, and Venereal Diseases and Tuberculosis Ophthalmic, Dental and Bacteriological Departsections. Infirmaries are attached to the Prisons (2), Alms House (1) and Industrial School.

The Public Health Department consists of 1
Medical Officer of Health and 3 Assistant Medical
Officers of Health and 39 Sanitary Inspectors.

211,023 There are three institutions where nurses are trained
108,451 by qualified medical and nursing staffs.
61,922 There is a Surgeon Specialist attached to the
48,949 Public Hospital, Georgetown, and the European
20,926 nursing staff consists of 1 Nurse Superintendent and
10,250 5 Divisional Sisters.

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The chief imports are beef, pork, cheese, butter, cornmeal, flour, machinery, motor vehicles, dried fish, manure, tobacco, oils, earthenware, glass and hardware, cutlery, textiles, spirits, wines and malt liquors.

Fifty-three per cent. of the trade is with the United Kingdom, 14 per cent. with Canada, and 10 per cent. with the United States; other important customers being British India, British West Indies, Japan, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Argentina.

Import duties are leviable both on an ad valorem and a specific basis, the total amount of revenue collected in 1937 from goods paying specific duties being 379,2231. as compared with 178,2661. from


The elementary schools are denominational. The central administration is vested in a Director and Education Committee, and the local control in managers, who are usually ministers of religion.

The number of schools receiving aid in 1937 was 240, with 52,276 scholars, and the aid granted amounted to 76,0921.

Provision is made for the higher education of boys by a Government college in Georgetown, in which the course of instruction is similar to that of a public school or first grade grammar school in England. Two secondary schools for girls, one for boys, and one for boys and girls, receive grants in-aid from the Government, and there is awarded annually one public scholarship of the value of 9001., open to boys

and girls and tenable at a University or College in the British Empire. Twelve Scholarships, entitling the holders to free education at the Government College or at other approved schools, are granted to scholars of the elementary schools. In 1924-25 the whole system of education in the Colony was investigated by a Commission. Important changes were recommended, and are being made as opportunity arises.

A Teachers' Training Centre was established in September, 1928.




During 1931 a Government School with accom. modation for 600 pupils was erected in Georgetown in place of two elementary denominational schools which were closed. This school was opened on 1st June, 1932. In 1935 another Government school was opened in the county of Essequibo in place of two denominational schools which were closed, and in the previous year a denominational school was taken over as a Government school. There are now, in all, seven Government schools, two of which are small schools for Aboriginal Indians and one a 1928 Kindergarten school in Bush Lot Settlement, Essequibo.

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306,852 1,801;666


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952,157 1,445,228


823,503 1,173,545

712,138 3,109,523 559,522 2,556,570


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909,727 1,087,146

271,810 2,268,683

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On the 16th August, 1915, the Combined Court approved of the issue of Government Currency Notes of the face value of $14s. 2d., and $28s. 4d. The first notes were issued in January, 1917; and on the 31st December, 1937, there were Notes in circulation to the face value of 129,7971.

Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas) Ltd., and Royal Bank of Canada have establishments at Georgetown, with branches at New Amsterdam, Berbice. The former, on the 31st December, 1937, had a note circulation in British Guiana of 115,2101. and the Royal Bank of Canada 70,5201. The total note circulation in the Colony on the 31st December, 1937, was 315,5271.

The first Government savings banks were established at Georgetown and New Amsterdam in the year 1836. The Combined Court in November, 1910, passed a resolution approving of the amalgamation of the two Banks, and authorising the transfer of the Government Savings Bank to the Post Office on the 1st July, 1911.

The British Guiana Bank, now the Royal Bank of Canada, opened a Savings Bank Department when this amalgamation took place, and a considerable amount of business went into their hands. Barclays Bank has also since opened a Savings Bank department.

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Public Debt at 31st December, 1936, amounted to 4,856,7611., including Loans of 192,899l., from Colonial Development Fund.

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Chief Clerk, R. N. Gilchrist, 480l. to 5801., service allowance, 501.

Accountant, A. B. Campbell, 480l. to 5801., service
allowance, 501.

Class I Clerk, G. F. Hopkinson, 375l. to 4751.
Class II Clerks, P. Ruhomon, service allowance 401.,
L. Dummett, service allowance 401.,
J. A. T. Ries, 3251. to 375l., C. L.
Kranenburg, T. A. Wason, C. K.
Franker, 2621. 108. to 3371. 10s.
Treasury-Income Tax Branch.

Commissioners, E. F. McDavid, M.B.E., 1007.; P. W.
King, 1001.

Official Reporters and Librarians, H. A. Grimshaw Secretary, C. T. Uchlein, 3751. to 4751., service allowand F. A. Leubin, 2001. to 3071. 108.


The Clerical Service is paid according to the following incremental scales :

Class I Clerk

Class II Clerk

Class III Clerk

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3571. 108. to 4171. 108. 2621. 108. to 3371. 108. 951. 08. to 250l. 08. 751. Os. to 901. 08. Class III Clerks and Probationers are not shown in the following list.


Colonial Secretariat.

Colonial Secretary, G. D. Owen, 1,4851. to 1,6351. Principal Assistant Ditto, G. C. Green, M.B.E., 8001. to 8501.

Assistant Colonial Secretary, C. W. H. Collier, 500l. to 6501.

ance, 501.

Class I Clerk, E. A. Q. Potter, 3571. 108. to 4177. 10.
Class II Clerk, J. V. Bourne, 2621. 10s. to 3371. 108.

Commissioners of Stamps, The Colonial Treasurer,
The Postmaster-General, The Registrar.

[blocks in formation]


Comptroller of Customs and Rum Duties, and Registrar
of Shipping, W. A. D'Andrade, 8501., with personal
allowance 50%.

Sub-Controller, New Amsterdam, F. F. Dias.
Sub-Controller, Springlands, C. A. L. Mittelholzer.

Principal Clerk, C. J. H. King, 4801.-251.-5801.
Class I Clerks, (vacant), L. E. Kranenburg, †3571. 10s. Chief Clerk, F. O. Richards, 7251.

to 4171. 108.

Class II Clerks, Miss O. Rose, E. S. S. Burrowes, (vacant), $2621. 10s. to 3371. 108.

Labour and Local Government.

Surveyor, G. A. R. Benson, 5751.

Assistant Surveyor, G. D'Ornellas, 5251.
Inspector of Distilleries, J. S. Psaila, 4171. 10s.
Class I Clerks :-C. G. Chalmers, 5251., N. L. Fraser,
J. L. D. Goulding, 3571. 10s. tu
4171. 108.

Commissioner of Labour and Local Government, Class II Clerks :-C. D'Ornellas, J. R. Tranquada, M. B. Laing, 9007.

Inspector of Labour, W. Roberts, 500l. to 6501.
Secretary District Administration, E. S. Christiani,

District Commissioners, W. A. Macnie, C. H. Norton,
650l. to 800l.; A. W. B. Long, F. W. V. Green,
R. L. Thomson, E. A. Haynes, 500l. to 6501.
Assistant District Commissioners, C. E. Gray, F. St. M.
Gerrard, D. L. B. Wickham, 400l. to 5001.
Class I Officer, C. G. A. Thompson, 3751. to 4751.
Class II Officers, H. A. Howard, C. P. A. Ouckama,
W. U. Mapp, E. P. Niven, C. A. L. Mittelholzer,
H. S. Burrowes, F. F. Dias, 2621. 10s. to 3371. 108.

[blocks in formation]

E. Brand, G. H. Croal, E. V. D
Goulding, C. B. Roberts, F. R.
Mittelholzer, C. A. Hirschfeld,
G. B. Melville, W. A. H. Knight,
E. S. McK. Chabrol, C. K.
Hayley and R. S. C. Reed,
2621. 10s. to 3371. 10s.

Department of Immigration and Repatriation.
Immigration Agent-General, M. B. Laing (District
Class II Officer, H. S. Burrowes, 2621. 10s. to 3371. 10s.
Commissioner East Demerara District).
Emigration Agent at Calcutta (officiating), Lt.-Col.
K. S. Thakur, I.M.S.

Interpreter-Clerks, Hindi, one at 190l. to 2501.; two
at 1401. to 2007.

Director of Medical Services, N. M. Maclennan, M.D.
Medical Department.
(Aberd.), D.P.H., D.T.M. & H. (Eng.), 1,200,
travelling allowance according to authorised scale,
Clerks :-
consulting practice.

Chief Clerk, J. R. Farnum, 480l. to 5801., service
allowance, 501.

Class II Clerk, S. Sandiford, 3251. to 3751., 401. service allowance.

Government Medical Officers.
Government Medical Officer of Health, (vacant),
750l. to 900l., travelling allowance according to
scale, house allowance 1001.

First Assistant Government Medical Officer of Health,
P. A. T. Sneath, M.C.P. & S. (Ont.) M.B. (U.
Toronto) 650l. to 800l. Travelling according to scale.

Second Assistant Government Medical Officer of Health,
O. M. Francis, M.D., C.M. (McGill), L.M.S. (N.
Scot.) D.P.H. (Lond.), D.T.M. & H. (Eng.), 6501.
to 8001. Travelling according to scale.
Third Assistant Government Medical Officer of Health,
(vacant), 650l. to 8001.

Resident Surgeon and Surgeon Specialist, Public
Hospital, Georgetown, J. D. Grierson, M.B., Ch.B.,
F.R.C.S.(Edin.), F.R.C.S.(Eng.), 1,1001., Duty
allowance 2501.; free house; consulting practice.
Senior Physician, Public Hospital, Georgetown,
S. C. Bettencourt-Gomes, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.),
M.R.C.P. (Edin.), D.T.M. & H. (Eng.), 8001.

Assistant Surgeon, Public Hospital, Georgetown,
D. I. C. Finlayson, M.B.,Ch.B., F.R.C.S. (Edin.),
M.C.O.G., 8001. Quarters.

Bacteriologist, P. A. Clearkin, M.D. (Q.U.Belf.),
D.P.H. (N.U.Irl.), 8001. Private practice
(Bacteriological only).
Ophthalmologist, J. A. Browne, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.)
D.O.M.S. (Eng.), 7007., house allowance 100l., duty
allowance 150%. Consulting practice.

Resident Surgeon, Public Hospital, Berbice, J. Glavina,
M.D. (U. Malta), 500l. to 700l., duty allowance 2001.,

free house.

Resident Surgeon, Public Hospital, Suddie, Govern ment Medical Officer, Suddie District, and Medical Officer, Onderneeming Industrial School, E. W. Reece, M.C.P. & S. (Ont.), M.D.C.M. (Ont.), D.T.M. & H. (Eng.), 500l. to 7001., free house, duty allowance 501., travelling allowance 751. Private practice.

Resident Surgeon, Public Hospital, Bartica, Government Medical Officer, Bartica District, W. D. Pollard, M.B., Ch.B. (St. And.), 500l. to 7001., free house, and private practice.

West Bank, Demerara District, J. Nedd, L.R.C.P.,
L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.), 500l. to 700l.,
private practice and travelling allowance 751.
West Coast, Demerara District, R. N. Cozier, L.M.S.S.A.
(Lond.), 500l. to 7001., private practice and
travelling allowance 751.

Medical Officers attached to Institutions, E. G. H.
Payne, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), W. W. Besson, M.B.,
Ch.B. (Edin.), D.T.M. & H. (Liv'pl.), S. T. M. Sang,
M.D. (Edin.), H.Ho., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P.
(Lond.), D.L.O., D.O.M.S. (Eng.), N. J. Abbensetts,
M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), C. Ramdeholl, M.B., Ch.B.
(Edin.), N. J. Dias, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P.
(Lond.), F. A. Viapree, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.),
L. S. Jaikaran, M.R.Č.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.),
500l. to 7001. Quarters.
Surgeon to Prison, Georgetown, and Medical Officer,
No. 1 Dispensary and Alms House, D. J. Taitt,
B.A., M.D., C.M. (Q.U. Ont.) M.C.P. & S. (Ont.)
500l. to 700l., travelling allowance according to
authorised scale, free house.
Temporary Assistant Medical Officers, M. O. Luck,
L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.),
(one vacant).

Public Hospital, Georgetown.
Steward, A. F. Camacho, 3251. to 3751., 621. 10s.

house allowance and 401. service allowance. Government Pharmacist, C. H. Campbell, 400l. to 500l.,

Superintendent of Nurses, (vacant), 3007., and furnished quarters.

Divisional Sisters, Miss M. Hepenstall, and Mrs.
J. M. Type (two vacancies), 1801., and furnished

Public Hospital, Berbice.
Steward, C. E. Millington, 1951. to 245l., 50l. house


Superintendent of Nurses, Miss A. B. Howe, 2007., and furnished quarters.

Mental Hospital, Berbice.

Resident Surgeon, Public Hospital, Mabaruma, and Government Medical Officer, North-West District, Steward, S. O. Mortimer, 260l. to 3101., free house. (vacant), 500l. to 700l., free house and private practice.

Medical Superintendent, Mental Hospital, A. W. H. Smith, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), D.P.M., 1,000l. free house; consulting practice limited to mental diseases.

Medical Superintendent, Leprosy Hospital, F. G. Rose, M.B.E., M.D., B.A. (Cantab.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), D.M.R. and E (Camb), M.R.C.P. (Lond.), 700l., free house, duty allowance 2001., personal allowance 100l. Consulting practice. Skeldon District, C. R. Subryan. M.B., Ch.B., B.Sc. Hons. (N.U. Irel.), 500l. to 7001., private practice and travelling allowance 751.

Port Mourant District, L. R. Sharples, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 500l. to 7001., private practice and travelling allowance 75l.

Canje-Highbury District, G. W. Mearns, M.B., Ch.B. (Aberd.), 500l. to 7001., private practice and travelling allowance 751.

Cotton Tree District, G. A. Grandsoult, L.R.C.P.,
L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.), 500l. to 700l.,
private practice and travelling allowance 751.
Mahaicony District, (vacant), 500l. private practice
and travelling allowance 501.

Mahaica District, G. T. G. Boyce, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.
(Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.), 500l. to 700l., private |
practice and travelling allowance 751.
Buxton District, J. E. R. Ramdeholl, L.R.C.P.,
L.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.), 500l. to
7001., private practice and travelling allowance 751.
Peter's Hall District, G. M. Kerry, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.
Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glasg.), 500l. to 700l., private
practice and travelling allowance 751.

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X-Ray Department.

Radiographer, V. G. Connett, 400l. to 5001.
Assistant Radiographer, G. H. Baird, 350l. to 4007.
General Register Office.

Registrar-General, (vacant).
Deputy Registrar-General, J. R. Farnum (Chief Clerk,
Medical Dept.), 121. 10s.

Class II Clerk, J. W. Barker, 3401., service allowance
371. 108.


Commissioner of Police and Commandant, Local Forces, Col. C. P. Widdup, V.D., 1,000l, free quarters and transport allowance.*

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Major C. C. Murtland, 650l. to 750l., and Superintendent of Fire Brigade, free house and transport allowance.*

County Superintendents, C. T. Matthey, L. C. Bovell-
Jones, 450l. to 5501., J. Nicole and Ï. W. Whitting-
ham, 400l. to 5007.*

Staff Officer, Local Forces, Capt. S. B. Cope, 5571.
Pay and Quartermaster, A. V. Grace, 350l. to 4501.
Detective Superintendent (vacant), 450l. to 550l., and
transport allowance*.

District Superintendents, S. Billyeald, M.S.M., 3501.
to 4501., 751. duty allowance, L. F. Edmonds,
W. R. Weber, W. Heron Bruce, 350l. to 4001.*
Assistant Superintendents, M. I. N. Gordon, H.
Halstead, L. W. Slater, F. W. Mullin, F. G. B.
Gall, R. H. T. Beaumont, A. M. Roberts, 2007. to

Officers of all ranks have quarters, and all, except
Assistant Superintendents and the Staff Officer,
Local Forces, receive transport allowance.
*Transport allowance according to authorised scale.

Class II, S. W. Cole, 2621. 10s. to 3371. 10s., service allowance 60%.

Warrant Officers, W. F. Gunby, 350l. to 400l., W. P. Smith, 300l. to 350l.

Post Office.

Postmaster-General, J. O. Reilly, 8001.

Chief Accountant, B. O. Smith, 480l. to 5801. and service allowance 501.

Inspector of Post Offices and Staff Officer, W. G. G. Pearce, 3751. to 4751., and service allowance 501. Bookkeeper, Geo. F. McPherson, 3251. to 475l., and service allowance, 501.

Class II Clerks, H. Mc. N. Brassington, E. G. D. Hinds, P. C. Cox, F. A. Pereira, 2621. 108. to 3371. 108. Postmaster, New Amsterdam, T. B. Charles, 2671. 10s. to 4751.

Postmaster, Georgetown, D. Simpson, 2677. 10s. to 4751.

Postmasters, 5 at 190l. to 250l., 10 at 140l. to 2007., 14 at 118. 158. to 150l., 5 at 931. 15s. to 1251.

Post Office, Telecommunications Branch.

[blocks in formation]

Engineer-in-Chief and Electrical Inspector, F. J. R. Chairman of the Poor Law Commissioners, Dr. O. M. Mackenzie, 650l. to 750l.

Engineer, A. E. Gagan, 450l. to 5501.

Senior Radio Operator, G. Parker, 250l. to 3001. Inspector, H. Drummond, 350l. to 450l.

[blocks in formation]

Storekeeper, M. Harding, 2921. 10s.

Engineering (Maintenance) Branch. Inspector of Ways and Works, V. Martin, 300l. to 400l.

Engineering (Mechanical and Marine Branch.) Chief Mechanical Engineer, G. I. Goring, A.R.T.C., Glasgow, A.M.I.Mech. E., 1st Class B.Ö.T. Mar.E., 7501. to 8501.

Assistant Mechanical Engineer, A. H. July, M.I.Loco.E., 550l. to 600l. and quarters.

Second Asst. Mechanical Engineer, J. Da Silva, M.I.Mar.E., 450l. to 500l.

Workshop and Dock Superintendent, J. A. Mitchell, A.M.I.Loco. E., 400l. to 5001.

Traffic Branch.

Traffic Inspector, J. De Cambra, 3251.

(East Coast Railway).

Stations Superintendent, E. Greeves, 3121. 10s. Goods Superintendent, E. Veecock, 3121. 10s. Chief Goods Clerk, D. G. Baird, 2051.

(West Coast Railway).

Stations Superintendent, A. C. Isaacs, 2501.

Francis, 2nd Assistant Govt. Medical Officer of Health.

Secretary, Poor Law Commissioners, and Superintendent of Alms House, J. S. Talbot, 3571. 108., by 201. to 4177. 10s.

Medical Officer, D. J. Taitt, M.D., C.M. (Queen's University, Ontario), M.C.P. & S. (Ontario)., 500, by 251. to 7001., house allowance, 1001., travelling allowance, on actual mileage run.

Commissioners, Rev. Fr. P. McCaffrey, Rev. Canon L. J. Rowe, Rev. E. Griffin and Rev. R. MacKinnon.

Director of Education, (vacant).

Education Department.

Inspector of Schools, L. G. Crease, M.A., 550l. to 650!. Principal, Teachers Training Centre, P. Williams, B.Sc. (Lond.), 500l. to 6001.

2nd Inspector of Schools, A. A. Bannister, B.A., 400%. to 5501.

Assistant Inspector and District Educational Officer, E. L. Dolphin, 300l. to 4001.

Class I Clerk, W. O. Fraser, 3751. to 4751., and personal allowance of 1051.

Class II Clerk, W. E. Davis, 3251. to 375l., service allowance, 401.

Queen's College.

Principal, Captain H. Nobbs, M.Sc., F.I.C., 750l. to 8001. House allowance 1001.

3 Assistant Masters E. O. Pilgrim, B.Sc., H. A. M. Beckles, M.A., and J. H. Bevis, B.Sc., 450l. to 600% 4 Assistant Masters, W. R. Clark, B.Sc., A.I.C., G. F. Baldwin, M.A., G. P. Dartford, B.A., N. E. Cameron, M.A., 450l. to 5251.

2 Assistant Masters, H. V. Taitt, M.A., F. T. Weston, B.A., 4251.

1 Assistant Master, G. Lighton, M.A., 3251. to 4251.

Government Industrial School (Onderneeming). Headmaster, J. A. Carnall, 450l. to 550. House. Chief Officer, Wm. Earle, 270l. and quarters. Schoolmaster, A. S. Dolphin, 1801. and quarters.

Public Works.

Director of Public Works and Sea Defences, G. C. Case, F.S.E., 1,200l. p.a., personal allce, 300l. p.a., travelling allowance.

Deputy Director of Public Works, F. H. Allen, M.Inst.C.E., M.I.Mech. E., 6001. by 251. to 8001., personal allce. 150l. and travelling allowance.

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