Sivut kuvina

Currency and Banking.


German Government and the Deutch Ostafrikanische Gesellschaft minted and issued silver rupees of the Indian Standard and subsidiary coins. The silver coinage was redeemed at the rate of two shillings of East African currency to the rupee and withdrawn from circulation and ceased to be legal tender as from 1st April, 1923. The period of the redemption of the subsidiary nickel and copper coinage (Hellers) expired on 15th August, 1925. It became necessary to redeem Indian silver coinage at the same rate and redemption was effected by 23rd July, 1921.

The banks operating in the Territory are the National Bank of India, the Standard Bank of South Africa, Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas), and the Banque du Congo Belge.


The only currency now recognised in the Territory 1928 is shillings and subsidiary coins and currency notes of the East African Currency Board.

1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936


Trade and Customs.

Since 1923 the Customs Tariff of the Territory has been identical with that in force in Kenya and Uganda and provision was made for the duty-free interchange of all goods grown, produced or manufactured in any In 1927 the Customs one of the three territories. management laws of the three territories were coordinated, and on the 1st August, 1927, effect was given to an Agreement under which all goods on which duty had been collected in one of the territories may be transferred to any of the other territories without further formality except the preparation of simple transfer forms, on which inter-territorial adjustments of revenue are subsequently arranged.

used personal and household effects imported as
No provision is made for
passengers' baggage.
Imperial Preference.

The tariff was revised in 1930, being enacted simultaneously in Tanganyika, Kenya, and Uganda. The basic fiscal rate is 20 per cent. ad valorem, assessed on the current domestic value of the goods in the exporting country together with the cost of packing, delivery on board, freight, insurance and all other charges up to the time of importation into the Territory. On certain goods which permit of such an imposition duty is charged at specific rates corresponding generally to an equivalent ad valorem rate of 20 per cent. Minimum specific rates of duty were imposed on selected imports such as cotton piece goods, artificial silk, cotton blankets, wearing apparel, boots and shoes, umbrellas and cycles in June 1933. On liqueurs and similar spirits the duty is 48 shillings per Imperial gallon, while whisky, brandy, gin and rum are charged with duty at 48 shillings per proof gallon as ascertained by Sikes' hydrometer. Manufactured tobacco is liable to 62 per cent. ad valorem, with a minimum of 5 shillings per pound on cigars, and 2.65 per pound on cigarettes and tobacco. In the case of certain specific commodities such as sugar, timber, wheat flour, bacon and ham, butter, cheese and ghee, which can be produced locally in sufficient quantity to meet the demands of the three territories, provision is made, in the form of additional "suspended" duties, for a modified degree of protection. A reduced rate of 10 per cent. ad valorem is payable on building materials, metals, tools, printing materials, paints, children's toys, and infants' foods, while the free list includes machinery, packing materials, ships and boats, aircraft, motor and steam lorries and tractors, materials and equipment for the construction and maintenance of telegraph and telephone lines and of railways, tramways and roads; medicines, disin. fectants and insecticides; coal, coke and oil fuel; fertilisers; blasting compounds; filters and refrigerators; surgical and scientific instruments, and all


The values in pounds sterling of the import and export trade of the Territory, the total Customs receipts, and the tonnage of vessels entered at Tanganyika ocean ports, are given below. import figures are exclusive of Government imports, transit traffic, and bullion and specie, while transit exports are similarly excluded from the export figures.




Trade Total. Customs Tonnage Imports. Exports. Receipts. 3,267,849 4,050,594 697,712 3,743,215 3,988,365 750,145 3,044,910 2,897,938 637,134 2,000,087 1,890,722 463,189 1,749,849 2,356,942 389,882 1,868,579 2,725,878 427,508 2,641,813 2,241,354 2,856,589




513,154 2,854,480 3,723,688 657,073 3,201,013 4,805,958 743,783 3,782,574 5,311,464 815,267

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2,906,898 3,117,812

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802,854 197,950









The following table shows the percentages of the import and export trade of the Territory with the countries specified :—








55,939 81,658 526,277

1937. Import Export trade. trade.











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Chief Secretary, H. C. D. C. Mackenzie-Kennedy, C.M.G., 2,0001.

Financial Secretary, G. R. Sandford, C.M.G., O.B.E., 1,6501.

Administrative Secretary, G. F. Sayers, 1,4501. Assistant Chief Secretary, E. R. E. Surridge, 1,000l. Secretaries-Eight Officers Seconded, J. E. S. Lamb, P. M. Huggins, B. Leechman, A. L. Pennington, A. H. Maddocks, R. D. H. Arundell, D. W. I. Piggott, E. E. Sabben-Clare.

Establishment Officer, R. G. Bailey, 7201. by 30l. to 8401.

Chief Office Superintendent, A. R. M. Forrest, 600l. by 30l. to 7201.

Superintendent, Registration and Correspondence Branches, E. G. Curtis, 4801. by 20l. to 600l.

Water Consultant.

Water Consultant, C. Gillman, C.B.E., 1,500.

Labour Inspectorate.

Chief Inspector of Labour, E. G. Howman, 1,2001.
Labour Officers, R. C. Jerrard, A. L. George, M.M.,
Major C. S. Scarth, M.C., I. G. Stewart, J. Dickson,
4751. by 251. to 6001. by 30l. to 7201.
Factory Inspector, H. W. Nelson, 480!.

Provincial Administration.

Senior Provincial Commissioners, G. F. Webster, F. Longland, W. E. H. Scupham, M.C., 1,350. Provincial Commissioners, A. E. Kitching, Captain J. L. Berne, O.B.E., Captain F. C. Hallier, C. McMahon, O.B.E., M.C., Ô. Guise Williams, G. J. Partridge, O.B.E., 1,350.

Deputy Provincial Commissioners, R. S. B. M. Hickson-Mahony, O.B.E., L. H. L. Foster, J. E. S. Lamb, W. S. Marchant, O.B.E., E. C. Baker, 1,000l.

District Officers, E. E. Hutchins, H. H. Allsop, E. A. Leakey, R. E. Seymour, M.C., W. Ronayne, J. Cheyne, R. H. Harris, M.C., L. A. W. VickersHaviland, A. V. Hartnell, M.C., Hon. F. W. Bampfylde, W. D. E. Alcock, W. J. Bonavia, R. A. J. Maguire, M. A. Callaghan, D.S.O., F. J. Lake, R. C. Northcote, M.M., A C. Davey, O. A. Flynn, J. D. Lawrence, M.C., C. Seymour-Hall, W. T. H. Hilpern, W. F. Page, G. A. R. W. Ansdell, C. M. Coke, J. R. Johnston, O.B.E., J. L. Fairclough, M.C., H. C. Baxter, E. K. Lumley, R. W. Varian, P. M. Huggins, A. A. Oldaker, O. S. Hopkin, R. B. Richardson, C. B. Wilkins, H. D. Curry, J. W. Large, N. F. Burt, A. Sillery, B. Leechman, A. L. Pennington, J. B. Budge, C. P. Lyons, A. H. Le Geyt, A. M. B. Hutt, F. H. Page-Jones, A. S. Armstrong, T. E. M. Pringle, G. K. Whitlamsmith, S. A. Platts, 7501. by 30l. to 8401. by 40l. to 9201. Assistant District Officers, A. W. Wyatt, R. de Z. Hall, T. M. Revington, C. E. D. Stiebel, C. Macpherson, Captain D. A. G. Dallas, H. R. F. Butterfield, I. L. Robinson, B. W. Savory, G. D. Popplewell, A. H. Maddocks, Lieut.-Commander H. R. Gilbert, R.N. (retd.), Captain W. J. Lloyd, D.S.O., M.C., H. S. C. Gill, C. F. Ellaby, R. D. H. Arundell, Captain F. W. N. Collingwood, M.B.E., G. A. Mitchell, A. H. Pike, D. A. Waring, W. S. Yates, F. A. Montague, J. F. R. Hill, A. K. Bate, A. T. Culwick, M.B.E., E. G. Rowe, D. K. Daniels, W. A. Forbes, D. W. Malcolm, J. S. Darling, H. M. Alleyne, W. M. M. Duncan, O. T. Hamlyn, H. G. Richards, G. W. S. Conan-Davies, C. F. Beauclerk, S. A. Walden, F. Crawford, S. H. M. Webb, M. J. B. Molohan, M.B.E., R. Bone, W. B. Tripe, D. C. MacGillivray, M.B.E., E. W. Miller, L. M. Heaney, G. W. Y. Hucks, T. O. Pike, A. T. Curle, M.B.E., C. C. C. de Rosemond, J. J. Tawney, H. H. Me

Cleery, D. S. Troup, J. V. Lewis, C. H. Thornley, | H. S. Senior, Z. E. Kingdon, C. F. C. V. Cadiz, R. S. W. Malcolm, C. E. G. Russell, M.B.E., M. G. Lewis, W. Wenban Smith, H. A. Fosbrooke, P. R. O'Sullivan, R. H. R. Hayne, G. N. Clark, K. B. A. Dobson, J. E. S. Griffiths, M.B.E., F. D. Dowsett, E. J. W. Carlton, R. J. Harvey, R. M. Bell, R. C. Jerrard, J. W. T. Allen, J. C. Clarke, R. C. H. Greig, J. P. Moffett, T. J. R. Dashwood, D. W. I. Piggott, J. T. Rodger, A. M. Dyer, J. V. Shaw, J. Bradley, J. C. Morgan, E. M. Martin, 4751. by 251. to 6001. by 30l. to 7201. Assistant District Officers, E. E. Sabben-Clare, E. D. Hone, M. H. Dorman, T. M. Skinner, C. C. O. O'Hagan, B. J. Dudbridge, D. Shackleton, G. W. I. Shipp, 400l., 450l., 500l. by 251. to 600l.; 6601. by 301. to 8401. by 40l. to 1,000l. Cadets, G. T. Bell, P. A. P. Robertson, S. R. Tubbs, J. D. Bates, J. F. Millard, J. Young, D. C. Flatt, H. F. I. Elliott, M. St. G. Gray, E. H. Risley, L. H. Braddell, J. D. Turner, W. Macmillan, D. S. O'Callaghan, C. Winnington-Ingram, G. A. Tomlinson, P. H. W. Haile, D. J. Powell, P. Bleackley, R. H. Robertson, P. H. Johnson, L. A. Haldane, 3501.

Financial Assistants, A. G. Tubb, C. A. Westbury, 6001. by 30l. to 7201.


Accountant-General, E. P. Troughton, 1,150. Senior Assistant Treasurers, J. B. Brown, S. Flaks, 720l. to 8401.

Assistant Treasurers, W. V. Banting, E. C. Allen, G. A. L. Rutledge, R. A. J. Lazard, T. H. W. Gould, 360l. to 7201.

Administrator-General's Department.

Administrator-General; Official Receiver; Public
Trustee; Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and
Marriages: Registrar of Companies, Trade Marks,
Business Names, Patents and Trade Unions, A. R.
Holliday, 1,0501.
Senior Assistant Administrator-Genera! (vacant),
7201. by 30l. to 840!. *(also Deputy Official Receiver,
etc., as below).

Assistant Administrators-General, *(also Deputy Official Receivers, etc., as below), E. D. W. Crawshaw, 6001. by 30l. to 7201.; E. T. Haywood, 550l., 550l., 5751. by 251. to 600l., by 30l. to 7201.

• Deputy Official Receivers; Assistants to Public Trustee ; Assistant Registrars of Companies and Patents and Deputy Registrars of Business Names.

Director, A. J. Wakefield, 1,350.
Deputy Director (vacancy), 1,0007.

Entomologists, W. V. Harris, F. B. Notley, 4801.-8401.
Plant Pathologist, G. B. Wallace, 6007.-8401.
Coffee Experimental Station: Chief Scientific Officer,

S. M. Gilbert, 1,000l.-1,2001. Chemist, H. B. Stent, 4801.-7201. Agricultural Assistant, C. E. Allen, 3001.-4801. Clerk, C. H. Taylor, 3001.-4801. Senior Agricultural Officers, R. M. Davies, D. Sturdy, 7201.-8401., H. P. Smart, vacancy, 8801.-1,000l. Agricultural Officers, J. V. R. Brown, C. B. Garnett,

C. Harvey, A. S. Stenhouse, H. Marsland, C. J. McGregor, A. H. Savile, N. V. Rounce, T. C. Cairns, R. D. Linton, F. R. Sanders, J. Robertson, F. W. Thomas, R. B. Allnutt, J. R. Curry, N. R. Fuggles-Couchman, G. W. Lock, D. Thornton, J. G. M. King, J. C. Eyre, N. M. Wight, H. Gillman, T. H. Marshall, R. J. M. Swynnerton, C. J. M. Krige, 4801.-7201.

Agricultural Assistants, R. W. Collett, L. LeslieMoore, G. S. Brown, A. Taylor, W. Sibley-Warne, A. Young, W. C. Clarke, L. F. Higgins, R. Seager, A. A. E. Weirich, B. R. D. Eccles, H. L. Brett, H. A. B. Fowler, R. Silcock, G. H. Foster, D. Shepstone, J. H. McGregor, E. Pienaar, L. M. Fernie, 3001.-4801.

Senior Overseer, Agricultural Stations, vacancy, 3001-3601.

Chief Clerk, D. F. T. Brown, 4801.-600l.

[blocks in formation]


Director, A. A. M. Isherwood, O.B.E., 1,3501.
Assistant Director, R. A. McL. Davidson, 1,000l.
Superintendents of Education, A. C. Donne, E. S.
Williams, G. N. Eeles, R. J. Mason, R. J. Harvey,
C. Whybrow, P. E. W. Williams, J. J. Feely, J.
W. Smethurst, D. Watt, H. W. E. Ginner, R. H.
Cutler, J. A. C. Blumer, D. R. John, M. J. Cooke,
P. W. Mollard, R. A. Wallington, R. F. Stowell,
R. W. Blaxland, J. R. Carbonell, H. A. Lindeman,
W. W. E. Giles, 400l. to 9201., D. Kingdom-
Hockings, K. B. Hill, 350l. to 8401.

Head Mistresses, Miss M. H. S. Hanna, Mrs. E. G. Zimmermann, Mrs. H. J. Taylor, 3541. to 5001. Senior Industrial Instructors, C. Goodall, A. D. McFarland, 480l. to 5401.

Industrial Instructors, H. D. Taylor, P. R. Short,
H. C. Kelly, J. W. Dowd, J. S. Keegan, J. Gower,
J. Bromley, J. Sowerby, 3721. to 4801., R. Marriott-
Ward, 300l. to 3901.
Clerical Instructor, W. H. Maxwell-Davies, 300l. to

Agricultural Officer (Ginnery), N. Field, 5601.
Senior Agricultural Assistants, T. S. Jervis, B. E. Office Superintendent (vacant), 480l. to 600%.
Eustace, 4261.-5341.
Clerk, L. V. G. Cross, 300l. to 4801.


Drill Foreman, L. Ellero, 3721. to 4801.

Conservator of Forests, D. K. S. Grant, O.B.E., 1,150.
Senior Assistant Conservator of Forests, W. F. Mining Consultant, Sir Edmund Teale, 1,5007.
Baldock, 720l. to 8401.

Assistant Conservators of Forests, C. L. Bancroft,
L. A. Markham, L. G. T. Wigg, H. Fraser, H. R.
Herring, C. J. W. Pitt, 480l. to 7201.
Foresters, F. J. Ross, A. S. Adamson, E. D. Maber,
A. T. Reid, H.A. Lewis, T. W. Lewis, H. Burrows,
R. R. Baldwin, D. A. Fletcher, 300l. to 500/.
Game Preservation.
Game Warden, S. P. Teare, 8401.


Chief Justice, Sir L. C. Dalton, 2,2001.

Puisne Judges, M. Wilson, K. McRoberts, T. D. M. Bartley, 1,4001.

Resident Magistrates, W. M. O'Grady, 720l. by 301. to 8401. by 40l. to 9201.; F. W. Theeman, 600l., 6001., 6307. by 30l. to 8401. by 40l. to 1,000l.; N. S. Tacey, 720l., 7201, 7501. by 30l. to 8401. by 40l. to 1,000l.; L. D. Smith, Clifford Knight, G. M. Mahon, 6001. by 30l. to 7201. by 30l. to 8401. by 401. to 9207.; K. G. Bennett, 6601., 6601., 6901. by 30l. to 8401. by 40%. to 1,000l.

Registrar of the High Court, W. J. Lockhart-Smith,

8801. by 401. to 1,000l. Deputy Registrar of the High Court, R. H. Keatinge, 5501., 5501., 5751. by 251. to 600l. by 30!. to 8401. Lands and Mines.

Director (vacant).

Secretary, N. H. Vicars-Harris, 720l. to 9201.
Accountant, S. Thomas, 480l. to 600l.
Chief Clerk, G. W. Williams, 480l. to 600l.
European Clerks, W. M. Donaldson, A. W. Field,
J. E. Jardin, B. R. Thomas, H. C. C. Smith, R.
Bergner, 300l. to 4801.

Land Officer, P. H. Hutchison, 1,000l.
First Assistant Land Officer, D. R. McDonald, 550l. to

Assistant Land Officers, R. A. Cotton, A. L. Morris, W. G. Alcock, 480l. to 600l.; J. H. Webster, 5501. to 7201.

Land Assistants, E. G. Rayner, A. J. Grace, (vacant), 300l. to 4801.

Chief Surveyor, H. P. Rowe, 1,000l., also Acting Direc tor of Civil Aviation.

Senior Surveyors, F. M. Ford, W. Horsfield, 720l. to 8401.

Surveyors, E. C. Lingham-Lees, A. J. Seex, J. A. J.
Thompson, R. N. Lissett, J. H. Tanner, W. R.
Meikle, A. M. D. Howes, L. T. Higson, A. F. M.
Smith, F. L. Petrie, 480l. to 7201.
Junior Surveyors, F. Ratzeburg, A. C. Tennent, 1801.
to 3601.

Computers, T. F. G. Johnson, W. A. Errit, F. R. H.
Adendorf, 4001, to 7201.

Chief Draughtsman, A. G. Whitehead, 480l. to 7201.
Draughtsmen, E. G. Blight, J. McQuie, E. Harvey,
J. W. Broughton, J. S. Dunbar, 3721. to 5401.
Air Survey Draughtsman, J. Cherry, 3721. to 540l.
Photographer, R. B. Herring, 3721. to 5401.
Chief Inspector of Mines, B. E. Frayling, O.B.E.,
Senior Inspectors of Mines, V. T. Hockin, (vacant),
7201. to 8401.
Inspectors of Mines, L. F. F. W. Streit, R. A. M.
Mackay, S. P. B. Henderson, H. O. Berryman,
A. F. Škerl, A. Cawley, 480l. to 7201.

Beacon Inspectors, G. Darley-Bentley, C. J. Potgieter, 300l. to 4321.; D. R. A. Goode, 1561. to 300l.; J. N. Ley, 1201.

Chief Geologist, F. B. Wade, 1,000l. Geologists, F. Oates, D. R. Grantham, G. M. Stockley, 600l. to 8401.; N. W. Eades, 600l. to 7201.

Law Officers.

Attorney-General, R. H. Drayton, 1,6501.
Solicitor-General, J. H. Vaughan, M.C., 1,150%.
Crown Counsel, G. W. McL. Henderson, 720l. to
9201.; G. M. Paterson, 720l. to 1,000l.; G. D. L.
Carnegie, 6901.

Inter-Territorial Language Committee. Secretary, Rev. B. J. Ratcliffe, 6001.


Medical and Sanitation.

Director of Medical Services, R. R. Scott, M.C., 1,5007, Deputy Director of Medical Services, G. Maclean, O.B.E., 1,2001.

Assistant Director of Medical Services, R. Nixon,


Secretary, A. A. Oldaker, 8401. to 9207. Senior Pathologist, H. J. O'D. Burke-Gaffney, 1,000l. to 1,1007.

Pathologist, D. E. Wilson, 600l. to 9201.

Government Analyst, W. D. Raymond, 600l. to 8407. Anti-Malarial Engineer, W. Millar, 600l. to 8401. Senior Medical Officers, G. R. C. Wilson, J. H. Parry, A. McA. Blackwood, W. A. Young, T. A. Austin, G. M. C. Powell, R. S. McIlroy, 1,000l. to 1,100%. Sleeping Sickness Officer, H. Fairbairn, 1,000l. to 1,1001.

Specialists, C. F. Shelton, W. K. Connell, one post vacant, 1,000l. to 1,100%.

Medical Officers, J. F. Corson, O.B.E., C. H. Phillips,
F. R. Lockhart, D. V. Latham, J. Williamson,
R. C. Speirs, R. Mackay, B. O. Wilkin, A. McKenzie,
G. S. P. Noble, W. H. Smith, D. A. Skan, B. A.
Coghlan, W. J. Aitken, H. N. Davies, 600l. to
1,000l.; J. H. McDonald, J. Harkness, S. E.
Theis, C. J. MacQuillan, A. V. Clemmey, A. H.
Morley, K. Edmundson, N. Chilton, D. B. Wilson,
I. C. Middleton, J. W. Walker, H. G. Calwell,
G. A. Wilson, F. Bell, A. C. de B. Helme, J. F.
Jarvis, G. A. MacGregor, A. C. E. Cole, B. G. H.
Balfe, 600l. to 9201.: E. J. Foley, 660l. to 9201.
Senior Dental Surgeon, H. M. Fisher, 1,000l. to 1,1007.
Dental Surgeon, P. H. Tatchell, 600l. to 9201.
Matron (vacant), 440l. to 500%.

Assistant Matron, Miss K. P. Heckford, 3541. to 4401.
Senior Nursing Sisters, Miss R. V. G. Daye, Miss J. L.
Vaux, Miss B. Eager, 300l. to 4261.

Senior Health Visitor, Miss A. L. Ryder, 354l. to 4621. Pharmacist, H. M. W. Nicholson, 480l. to 6001. Assistant Pharmacists, R. S. Cayzer, one post vacant,

3721. to 4801.

Laboratory Assistant (vacant), 3721. to 6001.
Chief Clerk, J. L. Mason, 480l. to 600l.
Clerk (vacant), 300l. to 4801.

Senior Sanitary Superintendent, C. N. Rowe, 5401. to 6601.

Sanitary Superintendents, T. Bell, W. M. Mackay,
B. T. Bailey, H. L. Bolton, A. Hume, A. L. George,
H. J. Rance, C. E. W. Foster, E. L. Morgan, J.
Allan, A. S. Murdison, J. H. Salter, J. W. Jepp,
R. B. Owen, C. W. Manton, H. Cooper, F. O.
Hersee, J. G. Findlay, V. L. Roberts, R. Stewart,
3721. to 5401.
Superintendent, Mental Hospital, D. Mackay, 3721. to

Supervisor of Female Patients, Mental Hospital, Mrs.
C. Mackay, 3001.
Assistant Medical Instructor, A. E. Stringman, 3721.
to 4801.


Agricultural Surveyors, Sleeping Sickness Branch, C.
Macquarie, M.B.E., E. E. Hulley, E. H. Allinson,
A. F. Litchfield, J. S. Scott, C. M. H. Sutherland,
300l. to 480l.; J. Dickson, 300l. to 4521.
Assistant to Sleeping Sickness Research Officer
(vacant), 300l. to 480l., J. R. Allen, 2401. (tempor-

Dental Mechanic, S. Anderberg, 3721. to 4801.
Police Department.

Commissioner, Major F. A. B. Nicoll, O.B.E., 1,2001.
Deputy Commissioner, F. P. Leathes, 1,000l.
Superintendents, A. R. L. Neame, F. E. Little, A. G.
de Villiers, H. le P. Agnew, J. Jenkinson, C. E.
Page, S. J. Brown, J. R. Dyer, M.B.E., 720l. to
Assistant Superintendents, E. F. E. Wolton, M.M., W.
Harris, J. P. Hamilton, A. M. Esson, D. C. E. Clark,
H. M. S. Bailey, A. T. Garner, R. D. Vernon, C.
H. Keir, R. E. Thorne, W. L. South, V. G. Reving
ton, N. D. Morant, *Captain A. E. Sigrist, C. W.
Ruddick, P. Digges la Touche, L. P. Rouquette,
*J. W. E. Mackenzie, *J. G. L. Scott, L. T. Vyvyan,
D. Barrow-Dowling, 4251. to 7201., *400l. to 7801.
Chief Inspectors, G. Olliver, E. H. Riches, W. Duncan,
H. W. T. Butler, 480l. to 5401.

Inspectors, D. B. B. Harris, W. Holman, M. C. Hallier,
A. McLeod, E. J. G. Brown, F. S. Lawrence, W. W.
Wiskar, J. M. Ralph, F. S. Such, 3721. to 4801.
Assistant Inspectors, H. O. Milne, N. C. MacLeod,

J. E. Davies, F. V. Boswell, D. D. Macmillan, E. O. Viall, M. D. A. Thomson, J. Finnigan, R. H. Stewart, L. A. Weeks, R. E. Beckham, G. A. Bennett, H. E. Moore, F. R. Brothers, P. J. Fennessy, M. M. Milner, E. A. Hunter, 300l. to 3721.

[blocks in formation]

Divisional Engineers, R. MacDonald, D. M. Mends-
Gibson, S. Gardner, J. Brown, 720l. to 8401.
Assistant Engineers, B. A. Rice, J. L. Brown, H. S.
Roe, H. Wallhouse, E. W. Pennefather, H. N.
Wilford, J. R. Omond, 480l. to 7201.
Architect, J. H. Pashen, 720l. to 8407.

Architectural Draughtsman, E. W. Davies, 480l. to 6001.

Chief Accountant, G. G. Giffard, 720l. to 8401. Assistant Chief Accountant, E. E. Roden, 480l. to 6001.

Financial Assistant (Seconded as Chief Clerk), C. A. Acct. Storekeepers, A. J. MacEwan, V. Fireland, Westbury, 600l. by 30l. to 7201.

3721. to 4801.

Water Supply Superintendent, A. M. Watters, 480l. to Assistant Water Supply Superintendent, F. G. Coppin,


4261. to 4801.

Workshop Superintendent, E. Hooper, 480l. to 6001.
Assistant Workshop Superintendent, J. G. Gardner,
480l. to 5401.
European Motor Mechanic, A. E. Savage, 3721. to 4801.
Senior Inspectors, E. S. Sutherland, A. E. Collins,
F. Bullock, E. C. Kent, J. Baggot, 480l. to 5401.
Inspectors of Works, Grade 1, J. A. Kemp, D.
Jackson, T. J. Walls, G. S. Cox, A. J. Hopwood.
4261. to 4801.

Inspectors of Works, Grade II, J. S. Hance, C. W.
Hancock, S. Campbell, W. Organ, A. Trump,
A. B. Ririe, E. J. P. Hall, J. Fraser, J. I. Rook,
3721. to 4261.
Bridge Foreman, J. Melville, 4261. to 4801.
Road Foremen, D. J. McBride, J. Howard, J. J. B.
Wheatcroft, W. A. Jenkins, A. R. Cobner, T. W.
Ashenden, A. M. Watermeyer, W. Robertson, W.
H. Grose, H. Butterworth, H. L. Clarke, 3721. to

[blocks in formation]

Chief Storekeeper, A. A. G. Fisher, 9501.
Storekeepers, H. J. Bolsom, H. Lowles, 480l. to 7201.
Chief Engineer, M. L. Cobb, 1,2501.

Office Assistant (Technical), G. G. Jackson, 720l. to 8401.

District Engineers, E. E. Dawson, L. J. Martin, 720l.
to 9201.
Assistant Engineers, W. M. Duncan, J. C. Forgan, N.
R. Rice, J. G. Rice, W. Wallace, 480l. to 7201.
Chief Draughtsman, R. W. Norton, 480l. to 6001.
Office Superintendent, W. A. Hughes, 480l. to 6001.
Chief Mechanical Engineer (vacant), 1,250l.
Works Manager, G. Gibson, 720l. to 9201.
Locomotive Running Superintendent, G. H. Tanner,
7201. to 9201.

Assistant Locomotive Superintendents, W. E. Bulman, ·
A. R. Loveridge, H. B. Marshall, 480l. to 7201.
Office Superintendent, J. Morrice, 480l. to 6001.
Traffic Manager, L. E. Steventon, 1,2501.
Traffic Superintendents, J. R. Roberts, F. Wilson,
7201. to 9201.

Assistant Traffic Superintendents, M. J. Griffiths, W. L. W. Freeman, W. J. Jamieson, 480l. to 7201. Marine Superintendent, R. G. Hudson, 8401.

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