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Sir Arthur Horn, C.M.G., M.D., B.Sc., M.R.C.P., 14, Wimpole Street, W.1. (hours, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, by appointment); P. H. Manson-Bahr, C.M.G., D.S.O., M.D., F.R.C.P., 149, Harley Street, W.1. (hours. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., by appointment); Bernard Day, M.D., M.R.C.P., 19, Hans Place, Sloane Street, S.W.1. (hours, by appointment); G. E. H. Le Fanu, M.B., C.M., D.T.M., 37, Rodney Street, Liverpool, 1. (hours, 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturdays 10.30 a.m. to 12 noon); Lieut. Col. W. Glen Liston, C.I.E., I.M.S., 33, Comely Bank, Edinburgh (hours, by appointment); Foster Coates, M.D., D.P.H., 22. College Gardens, Belfast (hours, 2 to 4 p.m. except Saturdays, or by appointment); Henry C. Drury, M.D., B.Ch., F.R.C.P.I., 48, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin (hours, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. except Saturdays and Sundays. Preferably by appointment).


The Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Albans, D.D., Prelate; The Most Hon. the Marquess of Willingdon, G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.B.E., T.D., Chancellor; Sir Cosmo Parkinson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., O.B.E., Secretary: Lieut.-Col. Sir Archibald Weigall, Bt., K.C.M.G., King of Arms; Sir Eric Machtig, K.C.M.G., O.B.E., Registrar; Admiral Sir Alan Hotham, K.C.M.G., C.B., Gentleman Usher of the Blue Rod.


The accounts of most of the Colonies and Protectorates are audited, on behalf of the Secretary of State, by Auditors, Deputy Auditors, Senior Assistant Auditors and Assistant Auditors, acting under the supervision of the Director of Colonial Audit, who is assisted in London by a central establishment connected with, but not forming part of, the Colonial Office. The Auditors, Deputy Auditors, Senior Assistant Auditors and Assistant Auditors, as well as the staff of the central office, form one Department, their salaries and expenses being defrayed by the Governments affected.

CENTRAL ESTABLISHMENT:-Queen Anne's Chambers, Dean Farrar Street, S.W.1.

Director of Colonial Audit-Sir John Harding, K.C.M.G., C.B.E., M.A.

Deputy Director of Colonial Audit-J. C. Fisher, C.B.E.

Assistant Director, Central Office-E. A. Smith.

Assistant Auditors-T. E. Hughes, B.A., C. W. Hodges, B.A., J. W. H. Allen, B.A.

Registrar A. J. Rodd.

Examiner J. A. Flin.

Clerk-F. James.







Hong KoNG.







Auditor-H. W. Skinner.

Auditor-W. H. Lempriere.

Assistant Auditor-R. Rodway, B.A.

Auditor-D. P. Uttley, B.A.

Auditor-E. M. Tibbitt.

Assistant Auditor (Local)—A. N. Branco.

Auditor (Local)-A. R. Hoare.

Auditor-L. H. Pope.

Assistant Auditors-D. W. Lattimer, B.A., G. C. Cowan, B.A.

Auditor-A. G. Still.

Auditor-H. E. C. Merrick.

Auditor-H. V. Cusack.

Deputy Auditor-P. H. Jennings.

Senior Assistant Auditors-F. H. Sibley, F. R. Collins.

Assistant Auditors-N. W. Sabine, B.A., M. A. Collings, B.A., D. G. Britton,
B.A., I. V. G. Mackay, C.A., P. B. Tucker, A.Č.A.

Auditor-A. Pollard.

Senior Assistant Auditor-P. J. A. Hamilton.

Assistant Auditors-W. R. E. Stephenson, M.A. (1 vacancy).
Auditor J. L. Worlledge.

Deputy Auditor General (Local)-F. P. Bond.

Auditor A. Bragg.

Deputy Auditor-A. C. Hands.

Senior Assistant Auditors-R. P. Caldwell, R. E. Irwin.

Assistant Auditors-R. W. Kelly, B.A., H. M. Watson, B.A., H. J. Simpson,
B.A., C. Hunter, B.A., R. W. A. McColl, B.A., B.Com., W. A. Knight,
B.A., D. E. Newell, B.A., J. S. Dunkerley, B.A.

Auditor-R. P. Green, B.A.

Assistant Auditor-A. H. Armitage, B.A.

Auditor J. R. Cusack.

Assistant Auditor-J. L. Tadman, B.A.

Auditor-H. W. Drake.

Principal Assistant Auditor-R. H. Marshall.

Senior Assistant Auditors-C. J. Montague, R. L. Thomas, S. F. Dudley
Smith, R. Lilley, B.A., R. J. S. Orwin, B.A.

Assistant Auditors-E. H. C. Lillicrup, F. E. L. Carter, B.A., H. D. D.
Wilkinson, B.A., C. J. Guthrie, M.A., W. H. Williams, A.S.A.A., J.
Cartmell, B.A., J. E. Brenan, A.C.A., J. Bailey, B.A., K. A. W. Johnson,
B.A., E. A. Heathcote, B.A., D. N. V. Foster, B.A., T. M. Barton, B.A.
Local title, Auditor-General.


Auditor-R. F. Pinder.

Senior Assistant Auditor-F. W. Power.
Assistant Auditor-N. S. Carey Jones, B.A.






Senior Assistant Auditor-H. A. W. Churcher, A.S.A.A.
Assistant Auditor J. R. Hackforth, B.A.

Auditor-M. J. Flanagan, B.A.

Senior Assistant Auditor-R. Macdonald, M.C.

Assistant Auditors-G. E. L. Lord, B.A., R. Fisher, B.A.

Assistant Auditor (Local)-S. G. White.

Auditor (Local)-G. C. Kitching, O.B.E.

Auditor J. D. M. Bourne.

Senior Assistant Auditor-H. C. V. B. Barnes.

Assistant Auditors-R. T. Spencer, B.A., R. D. Littlejohns, B.A.
Auditor-H. W. Skinner.






Deputy Auditor (vacancy).

Senior Assistant Auditor-C. W. S. Seed.

Assistant Auditors G. G. Roberts, W. D. Charlton, C. E. Paddon, A.C.A.,
J. H. Belderson, B.Econ., J. E. Barker, B.A., J. M. Crombie, C.A., W.
E. Evans, B.A.

Auditor-F. W. P. Kingdom.

Deputy Auditor-C. L. Todd.

Senior Assistant Auditor-F. F. P. Smartt.

Assistant Auditors R. N. Seeman, B.A., W. J. Meredith, B.A., K. S.
Collins, B.A., C. A. G. Coleridge, B.A., H. E. K. Field, B.A.

Auditor-F. P. L. Derriman.

Auditor C. J. A. Jenks.

Senior Assistant Auditor-C. H. J. Bradley.

Assistant Auditors-A. J. R. Lucas, W. J. D. Cooper, B.A., V. L. Budge,


Auditor-J. K. Buchanan.

Auditor-W. P. Nason.


OFFICES:-4 and 5, Millbank, Westminster, S. W.1; Stock Transfer Office, Lloyds Bank Buildings, Moorgate, E. C. 2.

The Crown Agents act as commercial and financial agents in the United Kingdom for the Governments of all the Colonies for the administration of which the Secretary of State for the Colonies is ultimately responsible. They receive instructions direct from the Colonial Governments, but are supervised by the Secretary of State. They do not act for the self-governing Dominions or for India, but in addition to the business of the Colonial Governments concerned they transact, with the sanction of the Secretary of State, that of the Governments of territories under the protection of His Majesty and territories in respect of which a mandate has been accepted by His Majesty, and of various public bodies such as Municipal and Harbour Authorities situated in the Colonies.

Down to 1833 each Colony appointed its own agent in London, but in that year all the agencies were consolidated into one office, with the exception of six agents, who continued for a time to represent some of the West Indian Governments.

The Crown Agents are appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies, who fixes their salaries and pensions, regulates the appointment and the salaries and pensions of their staff, and exercises a general control over the funds by which their office is maintained. They and their staff are thus in a similar position to Civil Servants.

The following are the Colonies, Protectorates, etc., for which the Crown Agents transact business in this country :-

[blocks in formation]

The Crown Agents also act as Agents for the following Authorities:-The Royal West African Frontier Force, and the King's African Rifles, the Kenya and Uganda Railway and Harbours Administration, the Gibraltar City Council, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, Jamaica, the Lagos, Accra, Sekondi and Cape Coast Town Councils, the Lagos Executive Development Board, the Obuasi Sanitary Board, the Kumasi Public Health Board, Achimota College, Gold Coast, the Singapore Harbour Board and the Penang Harbour Board. They act also as Managers of the East and West African Widows' and Orphans' Pension Schemes, and as agents for the sale of Colonial Government Publications.

The chief heads under which business is transacted by the Crown Agents are:

(1) The purchase, shipment, insurance, and, where necessary, inspection of stores of all kinds. (2) The detailed design of bridges, buildings and engineering structures of all kinds; the preparation of specifications for, and the examination and approval of, detailed designs of locomotives, rolling stock, cranes, etc.

(3) The negotiation of contracts for the execution of large public works, and the preparation of designs and general advice relating to such works whether carried out by contract or departmentally, consulting engineers being employed in special cases.

(4) The negotiation, issue, management (including management of sinking fund and payment of interest), and repayment of loans.

(5) The investment of surplus balances, reserve and depreciation funds, and the like.

(6) The payment of salaries to officers on leave of absence in this country, allotments and remittances to their families, and pensions to retired officers, widows, and orphans.

(7) The selection and engagement of candidates for appointments of certain classes, mainly technical, and the provision of passages for these officers and for others returning from leave of absence. (8) Any commercial, financial, or other business which the Governments may require to be transacted in the United Kingdom.

The conditions under which the Crown Agents comply with requisitions from the Colonies for stores are laid down in Regulations for His Majesty's Colonial Service 339-341. Branch offices in the city deal with shipping arrangements and the transfer of Colonial stock.

The Crown Agents' office is financially self-supporting, commissions and fees for work done being charged to the Colonial Governments, etc., which it serves at rates approved by the Secretary of State. No vote for the office therefore comes before the Imperial Parliament. The accounts kept by the Crown Agents on behalf of Colonial Governments are audited in accordance with the Regulations in force in the Colonies concerned. The accounts of the separate office funds are audited by the Comptroller and Auditor-General and are rendered to the Secretary of State.

Crown Agents for the Colonies.

Sir W. Cecil Bottomley, K.C.M.G., C.B., O.B.E.
H. C. Thornton, C.M.G., C.V.O.

J. E. W. Flood, C.M.G.

Executive and Clerical Staff.

Heads and Deputy Heads of Departments. General, H. K. Purcell, O.B.E. (Chief Clerk), N. Rae (Deputy Chief Clerk).

Finance, H. C. Ransom, C.B.E., J. Goldburg, P. J.

Stores, E. A. Nattriss, O.B.E., A. H. Hicks, V. C. R.

Appointments, F. G. Bradstreet, J. H. Brown.
Shipping, J. S. Truphet, J. M. Drennan, D.C.M.,
W. A. F. Wickhart.

Pay, A. W. Abbott, T. C. Chilcot.

Deputy Head, Engineering Contracts, E. Ringwood.
Superintendent of Stock Transfer Office, P. T. B. F.

Passage Officer, E. J. H. Boosé.
Cashier, G. A. Gardner.

Assistant Heads, A. Ryder, H. Stanfield, J. C. Lamont,
E. K. Hills, E. N. Collins, F. S. Blomfield, T. A.
Pimm, E. G. Maunder, T. J. Aley, R. J. Bickmore,
R. T. Hill, W. B. Walters, J. Crook, W. P. Roberts,
S. Bullwinkle, R. W. Cook, E. Bellevue, W. E.
Curtis (a), F. C. Walters.
Deputy Superintendent of Stock Transfer Office,
H. Headley.

Chief Inspector of Stamps, V. C. Mackay.
Superintendent of Packing Store, F. Reed.
Clerks (Executive Grade), P. Fielding, H. L. Durell,
E. Smith, H. Graham-Swales, W. F. B. Quixley,
J. Jamieson, H. G. Thicthener, F. J. T. Smallridge,
S. Chappell, G. C. Millar, H. G. Savage, L. A.
Beadle, A. J. E. Davis, B.Sc., P. C. Seib, W. J.
(a) Seconded for service with the Govt. of New.

Clegg, B. H. Millichamp, E. A. Morris, B.Com.,
W. G. Bawden, J. W. Vincent, A. E. W. Gaston,
I. G. Robson, J. R. C. Knight, K. W. Barley, H.
W. Eggleton, J. M. Dent, G. J. Garner, E. J.
Sayers, H. R. Twyman, R. S. Newman, *Miss G.
W. Bond, R. G. Roe.

Clerks (Higher Clerical Class), C. D. Gilbert, S. G.
Reardon, F. J. Stevens, A. L. Plowman, W. G.
Ponder, H. P. Tattershall, F. R. Rose, W. H. Pain,
C. H. Elliott, F. Harrington, F. W. Knight,
W. E. Westcott, J. P. Batten, W. B. Birch,
H. W. Pledge, A. C. H. Sewell, F. R. Morgan, H. S.
Glossop. H. W. Neville, H. J. Payne, A. Banfield,
A. E. Knibb, W. M. T. Creber, E. J. West, F. E.
Allen, J. D. Barnicott, G. J. W. Harrison, A. J.
Power, R. Johnston, W. T. Rippengal, M. W.
Dodds, T. A. Sadler, R. W. Blackall, R. C. W.
Tunstall, A. C. Johnson, E. A. H. Bolton,
J. A. Hulls, W. G. Thomas, G. F. Roebuck,
T. K. Lougheed, B. de M. Death, S. P. Saddleton,
A. S. Mayers, S. F. Taylor, H. B. Hobbins, H. T.
Webb, H. J. Earl, H. F. Pope, R. C. Southgate,
R. G. Davies.

Assistant Superintendent of Packing Store, G. H.

Assistant Inspector of Stamps, G. S. Smith.
Superintendent of London Shipments, E. T. Anderson.
Clerk (Class III), A. D. C. Fisher.
Clerks, W. G. Keen, †W. Bowler, †W. J. Morgan,

E. J. Lanham.

Controller of Female Staff, Miss L. Kesteven, M.B.E.
Chief Superintendent of Typists, Miss M. C. Kyle.
Superintendents of Typists, Miss M. V. Stewart,
Miss E. C. Bailey, Miss L. F. Walker, Miss R. D.
Wilkinson, *Miss E. M. Beech, *Miss D. Gott, *Miss
E. G. Badcock, Miss E. I. Waterston, *Miss G.

Ex-Supplementary Class A.
Ex-Supplementary Class B.

Not on pensionable establishment.

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