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State for the Colonies. In 1854 a fourth principal Secretaryship of State was created the Secretaryship for War; the affairs of the Colonies then became the entire charge of a principal Secretary of State. When the third Secretaryship of State was created in 1794 he had only one Under Secretary of State assigned to his Department. In 1806 an additional Under Secretary of State was appointed, thus bringing his establishment to the level of the Home and Foreign Departments. This appointment was discontinued after the end of the French War, but was re-established in 1825. This second Under Secretaryship is held by an officer changing with the Government. An Assistant Under Secretary of State was appointed in 1846, and a Legal Adviser was added in 1867, and made an Assistant Under Secretary of State in 1870. A third Assistant Under Secretary of State was appointed in 1874, and a fourth in 1898. A new post, that of Assistant to the Legal Assistant Under Secretary of State, was created in 1897. In 1907 the office was divided into the Dominions, Crown Colonies, and General Divisions, and a new post, that of Secretary to the Imperial Conference, was created. In 1911 a Legal Adviser was appointed in place of the Legal Assistant Under Secretary of State and the number of Assistant Under Secretaries of State was reduced to two. The number was again raised to three in 1916. On 1st March, 1921, when the affairs of the Middle East (including Iraq and Palestine) were placed under the Colonial Office, a fourth Assistant Under Secretary of State was appointed provisionally. The post was placed on the permanent establishment on 1st April, 1924. On the establishment of the Dominions Office in July, 1925, the number of Assistant Under Secretaries of State in the Colonial Office was reduced to three, but on the 1st October, 1930, a Personnel Division was created and a fourth Assistant Under Secretary of State was appointed to take charge of it.

During 1922, the arrangements for carrying out the Articles of Agreement for a Treaty between Great Britain and Ireland, signed on 6th December, 1921, were placed by H.M. Government under the supervision of the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Upon the passing of the Irish Free State Constitution Act 1922 (Session 2) (13 Geo. V ch. 1), and upon the exercise by the Government of Northern Ireland of the option provided in Article 12 of the Treaty, the Secretary of State for the Colonies became responsible for business relating to the Irish Free State and the Secretary of State for Home Affairs for business relating to Northern Ireland.


In July, 1925, a new Secretaryship of State for Dominion Affairs was created, and as a result the Dominions Office was set up, to take over, from the Colonial Office, business connected with the self-governing Dominions including the Irish Free State (now Eire), the self-governing Colony of Southern Rhodesia, and the South African territories (Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate and Swaziland), and business relating to the Imperial Conference. One Minister combined the duties of the new post with those of Secretary of State for the Colonies until the 13th June, 1930, when Dominion Affairs became the entire charge of a principal Secretary of State.

The Staff of the Colonial Office and the Dominions Office is shown on pages xi to xvii. The Permanent Under Secretaries of State, Assistant Under Secretaries of State, Legal Adviser, Chief Medical Adviser, Financial Adviser, Labour Adviser and Assistant Legal Advisers are Officers selected by the Secretary of State. The rest of the Administrative and the Clerical Staff are recruited after competitive examinations held by the Civil Service Commissioners, from whom particulars can be obtained.

The present offices in Downing Street were occupied in 1875.


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Wills Earl of Hillsborough (after- | 1783, April 18.
wards Marquis of Downshire).
William Earl of Dartmouth.
Lord George Sackville Germaine

(afterwards Visct. Sackville).
Welbore Ellis, Esq. (afterwards
Lord Mendip).

William Earl of Shelburne.
Thomas Townshend (afterwards
Lord Sydney).

Frederick Lord North (afterwards

Earl of Guilford).

1783, Dec. 23.

Thomas Lord Sydney.

1789, June 5.


William Wyndham
(afterwards Lord Grenville).

1791, June 8. Henry Dundas (afterwards Visct.

1794, Aug. 7.

William Henry Duke of Portland.

FROM 1794 TO 1854.

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1864, April 4.

1866, July 6.

Earl of Carnarvon.

1867, March 8.

1868, Dec. 10.

Duke of Buckingham & Chandos.
Earl Granville, K.G.

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1827. Right Hon. F. J. Robinson (afterwards 1845. Earl of Ripon).

Right Hon. W. Huskisson.

1828. Right Hon. Sir George Murray.

Right Hon. Sir John S. Pakington, Bart.
(afterwards Lord Hampton).
Duke of Newcastle.


The Marquess of Ripon, K.G.
Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,

Right Hon. Alfred Lyttelton,
K.C., M.P.

The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine,
K.G., G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E.
The Earl (now Marquess) of
Crewe, K.G.

Right Hon. Lewis. Harcourt, M. P.
(afterwards Viscount Har-


Right Hon. A. Bonar Law, M.P'.
Right Hon. W. H. Long, M.P.,
(afterwards Viscount Long of

Right Hon. Edward Cardwell 1919, Jan. 14. Viscount Milner, G.C.B.,

(afterwards Viscount Card well).

Colonel Right Hon. F.A. Stanley
(afterwards Lord Stanley of
Preston, G.C.B., and subse-
quently Earl of Derby).
Earl Granville, K.G.
Right Hon. Edward Stanhope,

1931, Aug. 26.
1931, Nov 9.

1935, June 7.

1886, Feb. 6.

1886, Aug. 3.

1935, Nov. 27.
1936, May 29.

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(created Baron Knutsford, 1888, 1938, May 16. Right Hon. Malcolm MacDonald,

M P.


Lord John Russell (afterwards Earl Russell).
Lord Stanley (afterwards Earl of Derby).
Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone.
Earl Grey.



1892, Aug. 17.
1895, June 28.

1903, Oct. 9.

1905, Dec. 11.

1908, Apr. 16.

1910, Nov 7.

1915, May 27.

1916, Dec. 11.

1921, Feb. 14.

1922, Oct. 25.

1924, Jan. 23.

1924, Nov. 7.

1929, June 8.

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1900. Sir Montagu F. Ommanney, G.C.M.G., 1937. Sir Cosmo Parkinson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.

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K.C.B., I.S.O.


1830. Viscount Howick (Earl Grey).

1833. Sir John Shaw Lefevre, K.C.B., M.P.

1834. W. E. Gladstone, M.P.


1835. Sir George Grey, Bart., M.P.


1839. Right Hon. Henry Labouchere, M.P. (afterwards Lord Taunton).


1839. Robert Vernon Smith, M.P. (afterwards Lord Lyveden).


Sidney Charles

1841. George William Hope, M.P.


Earl of Selborne.

1845. Lord Lyttelton, K.C.M.G.

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1846. Benjamin Hawes, M.P.

[blocks in formation]

1903. Duke of Marlborough, K.G.

Lord Carlingford).


1865. W. E. Forster, M.P.


Sir Arthur Steel-Maitland, Bt., M.P.
W. A. S. Hewins, M.P.

1866. Right Hon. Sir C. B. Adderley, K.C.M.G., M.P. (afterwards Lord Norton).



1868. Right Hon. W. Monsell M.P. (afterwards Lord Emly).


1871. E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen, M.P. (afterwards Lord Brabourne).


Lt. Col. L. C. M. S. Amery, M.P.

Hon. E. F. L. Wood, M.P. (now the Rt. Hon.
Viscount Halifax, G.C.S.I., G. C.I.E.)
Hon. W. G. A. Ormsby-Gore, M. P. (now
Lord Harlech, G.C.M.G.).

Lord Arnold.

1874. James Lowther, M.P.


1878. Earl Cadogan.

Rt. Hon. W. G. A. Ormsby-Gore, M.P. (now Lord Harlech, G. C. M.G.).

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June, W. Lunn, M. P.



Dec., Dr. T.Drummond Shiels, M.C., M.P.
Sir Robert Hamilton, M.P.

1882. Hon. (afterwards Rt. Hon.) Evelyn Ashley, M.P.


The Earl of Plymouth.

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1897-11. Hugh Bertram Cox, C.B.
1898-09. Sir Reginald Laurence
K.C.M.G., C.B.

1907-16. Sir Hartmann W. Just, K.C.M.G..

1909-16. Sir George Vandeleur Fiddes, K.C.M.G.. C.B. (afterwards G.C.M.G., K.C.B.). 1916-24. Sir Herbert J. Read, K.C.M.G. (now G.C.M.G.) C.B.

1916. Sir Gilbert E. A. Grindle, K. C.M.G., C.B. 1916-21. Sir Henry Lambert, K.C.M.G., C.B. 1921-25. Sir Charles T. Davis, K.C.M.G. (afterwards G. C.M.G.)

1924. Sir John E. Shuckburgh, K. C.M.G., C.B. 1924-27. Sir Charles Strachey, K.C.M.G., C.B. 1927. Sir Cecil Bottomley, K.C.M.G., C.B., O. B. E.

1897-07. Frederick Graham, C.B. (afterwards Sir 1931-37. Sir Cosmo Parkinson, K.C.M.G., O.B.E.

[blocks in formation]


1925. Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Amery, M.P.

1929. Rt. Hon. Lord Passfield.

1930. Rt. Hon. J. H. Thomas, M.P.

1935. Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, M.P.

1938. May, Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, M.C., M.P.

1938. Nov., Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, M.P.

1939. Feb., Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Inskip, K.C., C.B.E., M.P.


1925-30. Sir Charles T. Davis, K.C.M.G. (afterwards G.C.M.G.)

1930. Sir Edward J. Harding, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.

1925. The Earl of Clarendon.


1927. Lord Lovat, K.T., K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., C.B., D.S.O., T.D., A.D.C.
1929. Jan., The Earl of Plymouth.

1929. June, A. A. H. Ponsonby, M.P. (now Lord Ponsonby).



Dec., W. Lunn, M.P.

M. MacDonald, M.P. (now Rt. Hon.)

1935. June, Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, M.C., M.P.

1935. Nov., Rt. Hon. D. H. Hacking, O.B. E., M.P.

1936. The Marquess of Hartington, M.B.E., M.P. (now the Duke of Devonshire).


1925-30. Sir Edward J. Harding, K.C.M.G., C.B. (now K. C.B.).




Sir Harry F. Batterbee, K. C.M.G., K.C.V.O.

Sir Geoffrey G. Whiskard, K.C.M.G., C.B.

E. G. S Machtig, C.M.G., O.B.E. (now Sir Eric Machtig, K. C.M.G., O.B.E.).
J. E. Stephenson, C.V.O., O.B.E.

The total estimated net expenditure from Votes administered by the Dominions and Colonial Offices for the year 1938-39 was as follows:

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Secretary of State, The Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, M.P.
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, The Marquess of Dufferin

and Ava.

Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Sir Cosmo Parkinson,
K.C.B., K.C.M.G., O.B.Ě.*

£177,078 £1,892,255 £52,956 £504,715 £43,075


Deputy Under-Secretary of State, Sir John E. Shuckburgh, K.C.M.G.,C.B.†
Assistant Under- (Sir George J. F. Tomlinson, K.C.M.G., C.B.E.§
Secretaries of Sir Henry Moore, K.C.M.G.§§S


A. J. Dawe, C.M.G., O.B.E.‡

Legal Adviser, Sir Grattan Bushe, K.C.M.G., C.B.

Assistant Legal Adviser, H. H. Duncan.

Second Assistant Legal Adviser, K. O. Roberts-Wray.

Third Assistant Legal Adviser, W. L. Dale.

Chief Medical Adviser, A. J. R. O'Brien, C.M.G.. M.C., M.R.C.P., D.P.H.
Assistant Medical Adviser, A. G. H. Smart, M.B.E., M.D., Ch. B., D.P.H.

Financial Adviser, Sir John Campbell, K.C.M.G., C.S.I., O.B.E.
Agricultural Adviser, Sir Frank Stockdale, K.C.M.G., C.B.E.

Assistant Agricultural Adviser, Dr. H. A. Tempany, C.B.E.
Labour Adviser, Major G. St. J. Orde Browne, O.B.E.

Private Secretaries to A. R. Thomas.
the Secretary of State Rear-Admiral A. Bromley, C.M.G., C.V.O.
(Ceremonial and Reception Secretary)
Private Secretary to the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State,
J. W. D. Locker, M.B.E.
Private Secretary to the Permanent Under-Secretary of State, R. Burns.
Publicity Officer, A. Ridgway.

16 May, 1938.

31 May, 1937.

2 July, 1937. 15Aug., 1931. 1 Oct., 1930. 4 Sept., 1937. 1 July, 1938. 1 April, 1931. 31 Mar., 1930. 1 July, 1931. 23 Feb., 1935. 26 Jan., 1938, 28 Mar., 1938. 18 Feb., 1930.

1 Mar., 1929. 23 July, 1936. 30 May, 1938.

19 Dec., 1938.

1 May, 1931.

2 Jan., 1939.

3 Sept., 1938.

17 May, 1934.

Accounting Officer for the Colonial Office and Colonial and Middle Eastern Services Votes.
For the business of the General, Social Services, Middle East and Pacific and Mediterranean Department
For the business of the West Africa, East Africa, and Tanganyika and Somaliland Departments and the
Royal West African Frontier Force and King's African Rities.

For the business of Personnel Division.

if For the business of the Economic, West Indies and Eastern Departments.


(A) General Department.

All general questions relating to the Colonies except those connected with economic matters and personnel. The list of subjects dealt with includes defence, finance, international and inter-imperial relations (other than commercial relations), mandates, League of Nations matters, merchant shipping, aviation, surveys, films, liquor traffic, legal and judicial matters, postal, telegraph and wireless matters, railway and transport developments, etc. E. B. Boyd, C.M.G., C.V.O.

W. J. Bigg.

F. G. Lee.

G. Walker, Officer of Colonial Accounts.

J. A. Calder, C.M.G.

V. H. Boyse, O.B.E.

T. W. Davies.

(B) Economic Department.

All questions relating to economic matters in the Colonial Empire or in individual Dependencies including tariff matters and commercial relations with other parts of the Empire and foreign countries.

[blocks in formation]

(C) Social Services Department.

C. G. Eastwood.

J. G. Hibbert, M.C.

All questions relating to labour conditions, nutrition, public health, education, housing, etc. G. L. M. Clauson, C.M.G., O.B.E. F. Farmer. Clerical Staff of the General, Economic and Social Services Departments :-W. J. Daines, F. Kennedy, A. E. Gaunt, G. J. Lunnon, F. J. Ireland, L. F. Steed, E. T. Mitchell, A. W. A. Smith, H. L. Coggin, F. Bowler, S. H. Field, C. G. Gibbs, G. A. Lusby, A. L. Sampson, D. W. H. Wickson.

G. W. St. J. Chadwick.
R. C. Cade.

E. H. Howell, M.B.E.

C. J. Jeffries, C.M.G., O.B.E.e

F. J. Howard, O.B.E.

J. M. Martin.
S. I. James.

E. Melville.

H. T. Bourdillon.

Clerical Staff:

K. S. Minter.

J. E. King.

H. W. Atterbury.

Appointments, Conf. Clerk :-C. E. Pooley.
Assistants-A. H. Jordan, W. J. Muston, S. N. Adams.

[ocr errors]

Lt. Col. W. H. A. Bishop.


(A) Recruitment and Training Department.

All questions of recruitment and training, including courses of instruction for officers before and after entering the service.

Major R. D. Furse, C.M.G., D.S.O.

Captain A. F. Newbolt.

Major G. S. M. Hutchinson.

P. Maynard.

D. K. Malone.

T. R. Parsons.

W. S. Nicholls.
M. A. Willis, M.B.E.
D. Delahunt.

G. N. Irby.

D. L. P. Tovey.
T. D. Vickers.a

(B) Colonial Service Department.

All questions relating to the Colonial Office and Dominions Office establishments and staff questions affecting the Colonial Service, e.g. general conditions of service, schemes for unification, promotions and transfers, pensions, discipline, honours and ceremonies.

J. Megson, M.B.E.
L. S. Smith.

A. D. Garson.f

E. R. Edmonds.

G. Venning, M.B.E.

W. R. Shipway, M.B.E.
M. Jewell, M.B.E.

J. A. W. Sumner.

E. W. A. Scarlett.

G. Hurford.

R. H. Burt.

W. F. Warner.

H. Garton.

G. E. Bailey.

R. B. Gray.

R. Norris.

Miss D. Blanchard.


West Indian Department.

Jamaica, Turks Islands, British Honduras, H. Beckett.
British Guiana, Bahamas, Bermuda, Trini-A. H. Poynton.
dad, Barbados, Windward Islands, Leeward N. L. Mayle.

Lt. Col. S. J. Cole, O.B.E.

A. J. D. C. Loch.a
H. M. Foot, O.B.E.b
G. Green.

W. H. Harman, M.B.E.
L. J. Brearley, M.B.E.
F. R. Fairclough, M.B.E.

Miss O. Macpherson.

H. L. Allen.

W. F. Dawson.

Miss G. R. Orton.

R. J. Jenkins.

H. Nield.

Miss D. G. E. Walker.
Miss O. R. Biggs.

J. H. Emmens.
K. E. Robinson.
D. G. Maurice.g

a Attached prior to taking up administrative appointments in the Colonial Service. from Palestine. e Establishment officer. f Secretary Colonial Advisory Animal Health. g Seconded temporarily from Uganda.

b Seconded temporarily Council of Agriculture and

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