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35. And Jesus travelled through 35

And Jesus all the Cities and Villages, expounding went about all the the Scripture in their Synagogues, and cities, and villages,

their teaching them the true Doctrine of the teaching in

synagogues , and Christian Religion, and proving his Authority and Divine Commission by pel of the kingdom,

preaching the gofthe miraculous healing of all sorts of and healing every Diseases among the People.

fickness, and

every 36. And when he saw a great multitude disease among the of People gathered together about him, people. he had Compassion on them, because

36 But when he

faw the multitudes, they seemed to be weary and scattered, he was moved with wandring for want of faithful Guides compallion on them, and Teachers, as Sheep having no Shep- because they fainted, herd. They were willing to receive the and were scattered Instructions of true Religion, and de- abroad, as sheep hafirous to be directed in the way of Hap- ving no shepherd. piness; but they

ewih Doctors, Scribes and Pharisees, had filled all things with Hypocrisy and vain Traditions, and there were none who taught the People with Sincerity and Faithfulness.

37. Then Jesus said to his Disciples: 37 Then faith he : The Harvest indeed is great ; There is a unto his disciples,

great Number of People, that are wil- The harvest truly is ling and prepared to receive Instructi- plenteous, but the

labourers few. on : But the Labourers in this Harvest are few; there are but few who are able and fitted to instruct these people, in the Ways of Righteousness and Truth. 38. Pray ye therefore to God, that

38 Pray ус

there. he would provide skilful and faithful fore the Lord of the Ministers, to be sent forth to preach harvest, that he will the Gospel through the World.

send forth labourers into his harvett.



Christ's Instruction to his Apostles, at their being sent out

to preach, ver. 1. The Blesing of those who receive them, ver. 40.


"AND when he had called un

*HEN. Jesus calling together his

TH to him his twelve twelve Men, to be sent forth to preach

Disciples, chose out of them disciples, he gave the Gospel.” And that they might do it them power againft unclean spirits, to

with the greater Authority and Efficacy, caft them out, and he gave them Power to prove their to heal all manner of Commission by the miraculous Works fickness,and all man- of casting out Devils, and healing all ner of disease.

manner of Diseases. 2 Now the names of the twelve apo- Twelve Apostles, are these.

2, 3, 4. Now the Names of the itles are these ; The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and An

1. Peter. drew his brother, 2. Andrew, James the son of Ze

3. James. bedee, and John his

4. John, brother,

5. Philip. 3 Philip and Bar

6. Bartholomew. tholomew, Thomas, and Matthew the

7. Thomas. publican, James the

8. Matthew. fon of Alpheus, and 9. Another James. Lebbeus, whose sur- 10. Thaddæus, or Jude. name was Thaddeus, 11. Simon the Canaanite. 4 Simon the Ca

12. Judas Iscariot. naanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him.

5. These Twelve Jesus fent forth ta These twelve preach the Gospel. And he gave them Jesus fent forth, their Charge, saying ; Do not go among and commanded any of the Gentiles or Samaritans, be them, saying, Go cause the Salvation of the Gospel must first be offered to God's peculiar People.

6. But

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6. But go in the first place to the not into the way of poor deluded Jews, who were original- the Gentiles,and into ly the peculiar People of God; and

any city of the Sa

maritans enter ye offer Them first, the gracious Terms of Repentance and Reconciliation.

6 But go rather to 9. Preaching to them every where the loft theep of the as ye go; that God is now about to house of Israel. establish the Kingdom of the Mefias, 7 And as ye go, wherein he will be worshipped in Spirit preach, saying, The and in Truth; and, instead of all external kingdom of heaven Rites and Ceremonies, will accept no

is at hand. 'thing but Repentance and sincere Obedience. 8. And to convince them that


8 Heal the fick, not this rafhly and without Authority, cleanse the lepers, heal their Sick, cleanse their Lepers, raise the dead, caft raise their Dead, cast out Devils ; and

out devils: freely ye

have received, freely do all these things freely and without

give. reward, with the same Liberality as ye have received Power from me to do them.

9. And because the Design of this 9 Provide neither your Journey is wholly Spiritual and gold, nor silver, nor Heavenly, for the Instruction and Con- ' brass in your purses : version of Mankind ; therefore make no Provision for it of any earthly things ; of Gold, or Silver, or any other Money.

10. But go just as ye are ; each Man 10 Nor scrip for with the same Coat, Shoes, and Staff, your journey, neithat he now has ; t without providing ther two coats, nei

ther shoes, nor yet any other Clothes, Shoes, or Staff; or any Bag of Provisions for the Way. workman is worthy

(for the For while ye are thus employed in la- of his meat.) bouring for the Benefit and Eternal Welfare of others, ye may reasonably expect to be sustained by them for the present.

staves :

+ Thus this Passage, where the Disciples are forbidden to provide a Staj, agrees well with Mark vi, 8. where they are permitted to take a Staff

II And

ye go thence.

11 And into what II. And when


first enter into any foever city or town City or Town, enquire what Person ye shall enter,enquire dwells therein of Piety and Probity, who in it is worthy, who may probably receive the Truth of and there abide till the Gospel, and be aflisting to you in

your preaching of Righteousness. And when ye have

found such an House, accept its Entertainment, and continue therein without removing, till you de

part out of that City. 12 And when ye 12. And when ye go first into an come into an house, House, fay, Peace be to it; and pray salute it.

for the Blessing of God upon the whole

Family. 13 And if the 13. And if it be a pious and deserhouse be worthy, ving Family, God will accordingly let your peace come bless and prosper it: But if not, your upon it: but if it be Prayers shall return into your own Bonot worthy, let your fom; and the Blefling, which they renpeace return to you.

der themselves unworthy of, shall be

redoubled by God upon your selves. 14. And who, fo

14. And if any Houlé or City shall ever shall not receive refuse to entertain you, and shall reject you, nor hear your your Doctrine, and despise your Words, words; when ye de- and refuse to be reformed; when ye part out of that house or city, shake off the depart out of that House or City, shake duft of your feet.

off even the Dust of your Feet against them; declaring, that since they have wilfully rejected the last means of Salvation which God has offered them by you, ye will have nothing more to do with them, but leave them to the Judg

ment of God. 15 Verily I say 15. Afluredly I tell you, the Punishuntó you, It shall be ment that Thall be inflicted on the more tolerable for Inhabitants of such a City, shall the land of Sodom be more terrible in the Day of and Gomorrha, in Vengeance, than that which was inthe day of judgment, Aicted on the Inhabitants of Sodom. then for that city.

Because the Inhabitants of Sodom might have repented, if they had heard your Preaching and seen your Miracles; but these Men having rejected greater QFE





fers of Mercy, shall be liable to a severer Punishment.

16. And now, behold, I send you 16 Behold, I forth as Sheep among Wolves ; gentle, send you forth as harmless, and innocent Persons, among sheep in the midst of passionate and cruel Men. Be ye there- wolves : be ye therefore Wise and Prudent, that ye give fore wise as serpents,

harmless them no just occasion of reproaching

doves. you or your Doctrine; and be meek and gentle, that ye may win those that are of good Tempers, and avoid provoking those that are bad.

17. But when ye have done all you 17 But beware of can, you must expect nevertheless to men, for they will be perfecuted by wicked and cruel Men. deliver you up to the Though ye be never so careful to avoid councels

, and they giving them any just Offence, yet mere- their fynagogues


will scourge you in ly for your continuing to preach the Gospel, they will carry you before their Magistrates, as Malefactors; and scourge you in their Synagogues, as Apoftates.

18. And ye shall be brought before 18 And ġe shall Governours and Princes, and Kings, for be brought before the Gospel's fake; by which means your governours

and Innocence shall be discovered, and

kings for my fake,

your Doctrine made known, even to the

for a testimony a Gentiles and to the whole World ; that Gentiles.

gainst them and the they also hearing of your Doctrine and Miracles, and seeing your Simplicity, Sincerity, and Innocence, may either embrace the Truth, or be left without Excuse,

19. Now when Men shall thus bring 19 But when they you before the Magistrates to be judg- deliver you up, take ed, be not follicitous to meditate what no thought how or ye shall say in your Defence, or in

what ye shall speak, what manner

for it shall be given ye shall apologize for


in that fame your selves to the best advantage. For hour what ye thall your Works and Doctrine shall be their speak. own Vindication; and God, who by his peculiar Providence supplies you with all other Things that are necessary or convenient, will also at that Time provide for your Defence.

20 For

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