Sivut kuvina

my yoke

28 9 Come unto 28. Come therefore unto me, ye me all ye that labour, that are weary of the slavery of Sin, and and are heavy laden, desirous to know how to be reconciled and I will give you

to God.

Come unto me, ye that are reft.

weary of tedious Rites and burdenfom Ceremonies, and I will teach you the moft easie and acceptable way of serving

God. 29 Take

29. Take upon you my Religion, upon you, and learn and become my Disciples. I will teach of me, for I am meek

and instruct you, not in the ways of and lowly in heart : and ye shall find reit Pride, Haughtiness, and Cruelty; but

in Meekness, Gentleness, and Mercy. unto your souls.

And I will change a heavy and burdenfom Service, to such a reafonable Obedience, as every good Man must ap

prove and rejoice in. 30 For my yoke 30. For my Religion is easie and is easie, and my bur- good; and the Commandments of the den is light.

Gospel are by no means grievous.

CHA P. XII. The Disciples plucking and eating Corn on the Sabbath-day vindicated, ver. 1.

A withered Hand healed, ver. 9. A blind and dumb Man healed, ver. 22. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, ver. 31. Hypocrisie of the Pharisees, ver. 33. Their unreasonableness in asking a Sign from Heaven, ver. 38. Obedience the chief thing respected by Christ, ver. 46.

AT that time




Jesus walked through the Cornon the Sabbath-day fields on the Sabbath-day with his through the corn, Disciples. And as they were going, the and his disciples


Disciples being hungry, and knowing what they were * permitted by the Law



* When tbou comeft into the flanding Corn of thy neighbours, then thou mais pluck the ears with thine hand, Deut, xxiü. 2j. VOL. I.



in such case to do, plucked the Ears of gred, and began to Corn, and rubbing out the Corn with pluck the ears of their Hands, began to eat it.

corn, and to eat. 2. But the Pharisees, who watched 2 But when the all Occasions of reproaching them, ob- Pharisees saw it, they serving that it was the Sabbath-day said unto him, Bewhen they did this, said to Jesus ; See hold, thy disciples do you not how your Disciples break the that which is not

lawful to do upon Sabbath? Why do you not reprove the fabbath-day. them? 3. Jesus answered, saying ; God ne


But he said unto ver designed by any positive Constitu- them, Have ye not tions, fuch as the strict Judaical ob- read what David did servation of the Sabbath, and the like, when he was an hunto put such Difficulties upon Men, as

gred, and they that

were with him, to hinder them from doing things absolutely necessary. For have ye not read how David behaved himself in a like Cafe ? 4. Do ye not remember, how when

4 How he entred he was hungry in a Journey, the Priest into the house of (1 Sam. xxi. 6.) gave him consecrated God, and did eat the Shew-bread out of the Tabernacle, which shew-bread, which in strictness none but the Priests were

was not lawful for allowed to eat; and both Daviúl and for them which were

him to eat, neither they that were with him, eat of it? with him, but only Now if David be no where blamed for the priests ? for doing this, why do ye reproach my Disciples for doing so small a thing, as plucking and eating a few Ears of Corn on the Sabbath-day?

5. Again, Do you not remember 5 Or have ye not how the Priests are by the Law ap- read in the law, how pointed to do several sorts of Works in that on the fabbaththe Temple upon the Sabbath-day, and days the priests in the yet they are no where accused for temple profane the

fabbath, and breaking the Sabbath in so doing ?

blameless ? 6. You will say perhaps, this was a 6 But I say unto Case excepted, because in this case you, that in this the Priests were employed in the place is one greater Temple, and about the Service of God, then the temple. by God's own express Command. Very true ; And if so, then the Business of


7 But accuse

7 But if

Mens Salvation, which my Disciples are
going upon, and my Presence, and my
Permision, will much more excuse them

in this smaller Instance.

had 7. But besides ; fince God every
known what this where declares, that he prefers Works
meaneth, I will have of Righteousness and Charity, before
mercy and not sacri-

Sacrifices and the exacteit performance
fice, ye would not
have condemned the

of all positive Laws and outward Cere-

monies ; ye have no reason to accuse
my Disciples, for being so intent upon
Works. of greater Importance, as not
to have made provision for a strict
Observation of the Sabbath in its Pha-

risaical and utmost Rigour.
8 For the for, of

8. Especially it being evident of the
an is Lord even of Sabbath in particular, that having been
e fabbath-day.

instituted for the use and relief of Man,
and not to be a hindrance to him in
the performance of Moral Duties; it
may in Cafes of necessity be difpenfed
with by t any Man, and much more

have its Rigour relaxed by + me.
9 And when he

9. JOn* another Sabbath-day, Jc- * See Luke was departed thence, fus entred into the Synagogue ; and then vi. 6. he went into their

there offered it self an occasion of con-

firming the same Doctrine by a Miracle
in the Synagogue, which he had before

preached in the Fields.
10 And behold

10. For there happened to be in the
there was
which had his hand Synagogue a Man having a withered
withered: and they Hand; And the Jews ilill watching

for 'somewhat whereof they might



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+ + Since on the one hand the Phrase Son of Man cannot without harshness be understood of any other than Christ ; and since on the other hand some Expofitors not without great Arguments, (and especially from the parallel place, Mark ii. 27.) conceive it in this Passage to mean only Man in general; I have therefore endeavoured in the Paraphrase to express both Senses.

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accuse Jesus, observed him and † asked asked him, saying, whether he would think it lawful to

Is it lawful to heal heal the Man on the Sabbath-day.

on the sabbath-days?

that they might ac11. But Jesus said to them, Who is

cuse him. there among you fo ftrict and scrupu

1 And he said lo:us an Observer of the Sabbath, as

unto them, What that if but a Beast of his should by man shall there be any Accident come in danger of its Life, among you, that or of any great Mischief, he would not

shall have one sheep, immediately relieve it, though it were and if it fall into a on the Sabbath-day?

pit on the fabbath12. If then the fear of the loss of hold on it, and lift it

day, will he not lay a Bcast, be accounted by you a suffici- out? ent Excuse for breaking the Sabbath ; 12 How much how much more ought an act of Chari- then is a man better ty towards a Man, to be preferred then a sheep? wherebefore all ceremonious Observances ? fore it is lawful to do So that, even your felves being Judges, well on the fabbathit is lawful to do Acts of Righteous

days. nefs and Charity upon the Sabbathday.

13. Then Jesus bad the Man stretch 13 Then faith he out his Hand, and its Strength imme

to the man, Stretch

forth thine hand : diately returned to it, and it became and he stretched it found as the other.

forth, and it was re14. Upon this, the Pharisees went stored whole, like as out; and being filled with Rage and the other. Indignation against Jesus, they consult- 14 I Then the ed among themselves how they might Pharisees went out, destroy him.

and held a counsel an 15. But Jesus knowing their Defigns, gainst him, how they and because his Time of Suffering was might destroy him.

15 But when Jenot yet come, retreated from thence fus knew it, he withwith his Disciples into a private Place. drew himself from Nevertheless the Multitude, discovering thence : and great whither he went, followed him; and multitudes followed he healed all their Diseases and Infirmi. him, and he healed ties.

them all,

+ By their distorso às, their mutterings one to another. Luke vi. 8.

16 And charged 16. Yet because he was not willing them that

they to make any more Disturbance, and to should not make

enter into more Contentions with the him known :

Pharisees ; but desired to discharge his Office quietly, and to heal and do good to all Men without much noise; therefore he commanded the People not to

make him known. 17 That it might

17. And thus was fulfilled that Probe fulfilled which phecy of Efaias (Ifai. xlii, 1;) was spoken by Efaias the prophet, saying,

18. Behold, my servant, whom I have 18 Behold, my

chosen ; my beloved, in whom my Soul is servant whom I have well pleased. I will put my Spirit upon chosen, my beloved him; and he shall preach true Religion, in whom my soul is not only to the People of Israel, but well pleased : I will to the Gentiles also. put my spirit upon 19. And this he shall do in all him, and he shall shew judgment to

Meekness, Gentleness, and Humility; the Gentiles.

without Contention and Noise, without 19 He shall not

Tumult and Disturbance. strive, nor cry, nei- 20. He shall not with rigour and sether fhall any man verity destroy those that are weak and hear his voice in the fallen, but shall with mercy and gentleftreets.

ness recover and reform them ; till by his 20 A bruised reed hall he not breakin meekness and goodness

, he shall cause true and smoaking flax Religion to be spread triumphantly over fall he not quench, all the World, and be established for till he fend forth judgment unto vic- 21. Insomuch that even the Gentile tory.

World shall be converted by his Do&trine, 21 And in his and publickly profess his Name and Reliname shall the Gen

gion. tiles truft.

22. 9 After this, the People brought 22 Ş Then was brought unto him

to Jesus a Man possessed with a Devil, one possessed with and so miserably afficted, that he was 2 devil, blind and deprived of the use both of his Eyes dumb: and he heal- and his Tongue. And Jesus cast out ed him, insomuch the Devil, and healed the Man; and that the blind and immediately he that had been blind dumb both spake and dumb, both fpake and saw. and saw.

23 And all the 23. At which Miracle the People people were

were exceedingly surprized, and said ; F 3




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