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Originally published in 1940. Contents Include - CALVINISM AS A DOGMATIC SYSTEM - The Knowledge of God - Knowledge of Gog and Self-Knowledge - The Knowledge of God from Natural Religion - The Biblical Doctrine of Creation and Providence - Man's Fallen State - The Perfect Standard of Righteousness in the Law - The Mediation through Christ - The Appropiation of Salvation through Christ - The Holy Spirit and Faith - Repentance - Justification by Faith - The Nature of Justification - Christian Liberty - Prayer - The Eternal Election - Church and Sacraments - The Nature of the Church - Preaching and the Sacraments - Baptism - The Lord's Supper - CALVINISM AS AN ECCLESIASTICAL SYSTEM - The Organization and the Ministry - Calvinism on the Continent of Europe - At Geneva - The Reformed Church in Swittzerland, Germany and the Netherlands - Caqlvinism in France - Calvininsm in the English Speaking World - SOME ASPECTS OF CALVINISM - The Calvinism View of Scripture - The Principle of Authority in Calvinism - The Calvinisic Way of Life - Calvinism and the Social Order - Church and State - The Revived Interest in Calvinism

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