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Lends you too rough a hand to search


Speak they of griefs, that know to figh and grieve;
The free and unconstrained spirit feels
No weight of my oppression.

Johnson's Poetaffer.
Griefs that found so loud, prove always light;
True forrow evermore keeps out of sight.

Chapman's Widow's Tears. It is some ease our forrows to reveal,

If they to whom we shall impart our woes,
Seem but to feel a part of what we feel,
And meet us with a figh but at the clofe.

Daniel's Cleopatra What news brings't thou, can Egypt yet yield more

Of sorrow than it hath ? What can it add To the already overflowing store

Of fad affliction, matter yet more fad ? Is there behind yet something of distress

Unseen, unknown ? Tell if that greater misery
There be, that we wail not that which is less.

Tell us what so it be, and tell at first;
For forrow ever longs to hear her work.

Amaz'd he stands, nor voice nor body stirs ;
Words had no passage, tears no issue found ;
For forrow shut up words, wrath kept in tears ;
Confus'd effects each other do confound :
Oppress’d with grief, his passions had no bound.
Striving to tell his woes, words would not come ;
For light cares speak, when mighty griefs are dumb.

Daniel's Rosamund, My coming but increas'd grief's starving store;

For 'till that passion of itself expire,
All kind of comfort but augments it more :
Like drops of oil thrown on a mighty fire.

E. of Sterline's Cræfus.

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And as you

Shall forrow, through the waves of woes to fail,

Have ftill your tears for feas, your fighs for winds ? To misery what do base 'plaints avail?

A course more high becomes heroick minds : None are o'ercome, save only those who yield.

From froward fortune though fome blows be born, Let virtưe ferve adversity for shield : No greater grief to grief, than ch' enemy's scorn.

E. of Sterline's Yulius Cæfar.

I drink
So deep of grief, that he must only think,
Not dare to speak, that would express my woe :
Small rivers murmur, deep gulfs filent flow.

Marston's Sophonisba.
Long time he toss’d his thoughts ;

see a snow-ball being rowi'd
At first a handful, yet long bowld about,
It fenfibly acquires a mighty globe :
So his cold grief through agitation grows,
And more he thinks, the more of grief he knows.

Language, thou art too narrow, and too weak
To ease us now ; great sorrows cannot speak.
If we could lgh our accents, and weep words,
Grief wears and leffens, that tears breath affords :
Sad hearts, the less they seem, the more they are ;
So guiltielt men stand muteft at the bar :
Not that they know not, feel not their estate,
But extreme fense hath made them desp'rate.

Dr. Donne. As doth the yearly augur of the spring, In depth of woe, thus I my sorrows fing; My tunes with fighs yet ever mix'd among, A doleful burthen

to a heavy song : Words issue forth, to find my grief some way; Tears overtake them, and do bid them stay:


Thus whilft one strives to keep the other back,
Both once too forward, foon are both too Nack.

Drayton's Queen Isabel to Richard II.
Things of small moment we can scarcely hold,
But griefs that touch the heart, are hardly told.

Drayton's Barons Wars. -Oh, be of comfort ! Make patience a noble fortitude, And think not how unkindly we are us’d : Man, like to cassia, is prov'd best being bruis’de My heart's turn'd to a heavy lump of lead, With which I found my danger.

Webster's Dutchess of Malfy. I suffer now for what hath former been : Sorrow is held the eldest son of fin.

Ibid. Palt forrows, let us mod’rately lament them ; For those to come, seek wisely to prevent them.

Ibid. Unkindness do thy office ; poor heart break: Those are the killing griefs which dare not speak.

Webfter's White Devil. Be of comfort ! and your heavy sorrow Part equally among us ; storms divided, Abate their force, and with less rage are guided.

Heywood's Woman killd with Kindness.

Woe will break; 'Tis not the greatest grief, that most do freak.

Goffe's Orestes. Great forrows have no leisure to complain : Lealt ills vent forth, great griefs within remain,

Goffe's Raging Turk,
There's no way to make forrow light
But in the noble bearing ; be content ;
Blows giv'n from heav'n are our due punishment:
All shipwrecks are not drownings; you see buildings
Made fairer from their ruins.

Will: Rowley's New Wonder.
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He doubles grief, that comments on a woe.

Return from Parnaffus. Times have their changes, forrow makes men wise ; The sun himself must set as well as rise.

John Ford's Perkin Warbeck. Souls sunk in sorrows, never are without them They change fresh airs, but bear their griefs about them.

John Ford's Broken Heart. Sorrow doth hate To have a mate ; True grief is still alone.

Brown's Paftorals

Oh do not hide thy sorrows, shew them brief;
He oft finds aid that doth disclose his grief.
If thou would'st it continue, thou doit wrong;
No man can sorrow very much, and long.

But had he been here
He had been flint had he not spent a tear.
For ftill that man the perfecter is known,
Who others sorrows feels, more than his own.

What I have lost, kind shepherds, all you know ;
And to recount it were to dwell in woe :
To fhew my passion in a fun'ral song,
And with


forrow draw your fighs along; Words, then well plac'd might challenge fomewhat due, And not the cause alone, win tears from you. This to prevent, I set orations by; For passion feldom loves formality. What profits it a pris'ner at the bar, To have his judgment spoken regular ? Or in the prison hear it often read, When he at first knew what was forfeited ? Our griefs in others tears, like plates in water, Seem more in quantity. To be relator Of my mishaps fpeaks weakness, and that I Have in myself no pow'r of remedy.

Ibid. 1. Pray

1. Pray do not conceal
What's your disturbance. By communicating,
You'll lefsen something of the suffering,
In making me partaker.
2. I Thall add to'r.
We shall be like two neighbour-buildings, when
A flame proceeding from the one hath seiz'd
The other's roof, it makes the burning greater.
Friend, let me luffer, be thou free..

Nabbi's Unfortunate Mother.
Be advis'd how you
Express your trouble ! Grief while it is dumb
Doth fret within : But when we give our thoughts
Articulate found, we must distinguish hearers.

Shirley's Love's Cruelty. My griefs shall lead me this way, And my love a happy harbour find ; These tears the ocean, and my sighs the wind.

Sharp's Noble Stranger. He, fad heart, being robb’d Of all his comfort, having lost the beauty Which gave him life and motion, seeing Claius Enjoy those lips, whose cherries were the food That nursid his soul, spent all his time in forrow, In melancholy fighs and discontents : Look'd like a wither'd tree o'ergrown with moss; His eyes were ever dropping isicles,

Randolph's Amyntas.

- There is no joy, But either past, or fleeting ; and poor man Grows


but to the experience of grief ; And then is truly paft minority, When he is part all happiness.

Gomerfalls Lodovick Sforza. To vex, when mischiefs are quite past and gone, Is the next way to bring more mischiefs on.

Nevile's Poor Scholar.


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