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The Times.-“ To be accurately informed of the details of all the questions of the day is becoming more and more difficult. The questions not only become more numerous, but we hear so much more about them that they seem also to grow more ramified. Mr. Whates's POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK will be welcomed by many a legislator anxious to refresh his memory on some point that crops up suddenly in the House ; by many a journalist tormented by imperfect recollection of the march of events ; by many a newspaper reader puzzled by references to chains of circumstance which have altogether slipped his mind .... When it is added that the information has been arranged so as to be easy of reference, it will be seen that THE POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK is a work of reference that should never be far from the politician's hand.”

The Standard.-" THE POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK may now take rank as an established work of reference, which will be found useful not only by Members of Parliament and professed publicists, but also by everybody who wishes to obtain a concise and accurate knowledge of recent events."


Niger Convention-Soudanese Revolt (Uganda)-China Papers covering occupation of Kiaochau, Russo-Chinese Manchurian Railway Agreement, Port Arthur and Talienwan Negotiations, Non-alienation of the Yangtsze Region, Concessions to England-Cretan Negotiations—Tsar's Peace Conference Proposals - Report on Egypt-Soudan; Convention-Anglo-French Negotiations re M. Marchand and Valley of the Nile-Anglo-French Negotiations re Madagascar-Newfoundland, Reid Contract-Old Age Pensions, Report of Committee-Correspondence with South African Republic-Sugar Bounties Conference--Report of Tuberculosis Commission-Turkey and Greece Peace Negotiations and Treaty-Report of West India Royal Commission-China Commercial Reports-Colonial Reports-Text of various Conventions, Notes, &c.

POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK, 1900: Among the principal contents of this enlarged

and improved volume are :

An exhaustive presentation of all African Documents - Report on Egypt-Sir W. Garstin's Special Report on Soudan - Niger Convention, addition to-Sierra Leone Commission ReportPapers relating to South Africa from presentation of Boer Claim for Damages on Account of Raid to Boer Ultimatum of October 9th, 1899-Macdonald Expedition (Nile Valley)-Alaska Modus Vivendi-Anglo-German Agreement, Samoa-Army and Navy Estimates-Pure Beer Bill Committee-Budget Statement-Queen's Speeches-China Papers covering Anglo-Russian Railway Negotiations and Agreement, Coup d'État, Concessions to European Powers, Loan Negotiations, Opening of New Ports, Northern Railway's Extension Prospectus and Negotiations, Pekin Syndicate (Shansi Agreement), Russo-Chinese Agreement (Port Arthur and Tālienwan), Wei-hai-Wei (Assurances to Germany), Text of Wei-hai-Wei Lease, &c.-Cretan SettlementIndian Papers-Report of Royal Commission on Licensing-Boundary Question between British Guiana and Venezuela (Evidence and Decision of Arbitral Tribunal)-Colonial Reports-Selection of Commercial Reports, principally China.

POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK, 1901: Among the principal contents of this volume are:

Documents relating to the Accession-Full Presentation of Documents on African Questions -Report on Egypt-Administrative Scheme as to the Soudan-Ashanti Rising-Despatches and other Documents on the War in South Africa (including Hospital Commission's Report, Majesfontein, Stormberg, Spion Kop, Ladysmith, and Lord Roberts's Despatches and ProclamationsUganda and Railway Reports-Wild Animals (Preservation) Convention- Agricultural Labourers' Wages Report-Budget-Army and Navy Estimates-Full presentation of China Documents (Boxer Risings and Siege of Legations, Anglo-German Agreement, “ Open Door" Declarations, Report on Yangtsze Valley boundaries and approaches, China Consular Reports)-Isthmian Canal and other new Treaties-London Water Supply, Report of Royal Commission-Couplings, Report of Royal Commission-Colonial Reports, &c., &c.

[The above issues may still be had for Six Shillings net each volume, or One Guinea for the set of four volumes (1899-1902.) As only a limited stock remains on hand in each case, and as back numbers will not be reprinted and the original documents become in course of time unobtainable, subscribers who do not already possess the earlier issues are recommended to obtain them without delay.]



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As was explained in the Preface to the first volume, the purpose of the POLITICIAN'S HANDBOOK is to furnish the Governing, Literary, and Commercial classes with the essential information given in Diplomatic Correspondence, Parliamentary Papers, new Treaties, Reports of Royal Commissions, and other Documents issued by the Government. Two principles have been observed in the preparation of the Digest: the literal reproduction of such parts of the Documents as are of historical value ; and the incorporation of official facts and expressions of opinion bearing upon present and prospective events and likely to be serviceable to those who are interested or professionally engaged in current controversies. The book is divided into two sections, Political and Commercial, and in each the topics are classified—as far as they lend themselves to classification—and are given in alphabetical order ; but as this arrangement does not make the work completely self-indexing, a full index is also given at the end.

An introductory Review upon the principal Documents contains statements of opinion on which general agreement cannot be expected. The aim of the writer has been to supply a critical exposition of the course of Diplomacy in certain Foreign and Colonial questions and to bring out into clearer relief than was possible in the Digest the political and other results of the activity of the Despatch writers and Treaty makers. The standpoint from which Correspondence and Treaties are dealt with in this Review has not, however, been allowed to influence the preparation of the Digest. In that part of the book absolute impartiality has been attempted. Arguments with which the writer has little sympathy are presented equally with those which seem to him to command acceptance.

In the Commercial Section much of the space is occupied with official communications bearing upon the trade of the Far East. No attempt is made to present the points of the entire series of Consular Reports. Many of these Documents are needlessly belated—as, indeed, are the Reports from the minor Colonies. And some are singularly destitute of useful or interesting information. Only such Reports are selected for treatment as either relate to current international questions or contain matter which throws light upon economic and social changes in the districts where the Consuls reside.

The thanks of Editor and Publishers are again tendered to the news.

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