The Umayyads: The Rise of Islamic Art

Museum With No Frontiers
AIRP, 2000 - 223 sivua
This fascinating new series will present 12 Exhibition Trails in 11 countries, which follow the chronology of the spread of Islamic art in that area. The Museum With No Frontiers programme is based on the novel idea of organising exhibitions without transporting the works of art, instead allowing the visitor to discover the artefacts, architecture and museums in their original environment and within their historical and cultural context. This concept makes it possible for the Islamic art academic or enthusiast to experience art as a living illustration of social history. Each Exhibition Trail is divided into a number of itineraries that provide detailed information on the history and significance of each structure or work and offer practical information on guided tours, transportation and cultural activities. The beautifully illustrated descriptions of the archaeological sites, artworks and architecture are written by experts in the field who live in the specified area itself. Visit the virtual gallery for further information. The exhibition is devoted to significant monuments from the reign of the Umayyad caliphs (660-750 AD) in an area that stretched from Amman to Mo

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