Biennial Report of the Bureau of Agriculture, Labor and Statistics of the State of Kentucky, Nide 19


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Sivu 219 - It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to employ any child under fourteen years of age in any business or service whatever, during any part of the term during which the public schools of the district in which the child resides are in session.
Sivu 410 - On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.
Sivu 220 - A duly attested transcript of the birth certificate filed according to law with a registrar of vital statistics or other officer charged with the duty of recording births, shall be conclusive evidence of the age of such child.
Sivu 222 - Every employer shall post in a conspicuous place in every room where such minors are employed a printed notice stating the hours required of them each day of the week, the hours of commencing and stopping work and the hours when the time or times allowed for dinner or for other meals begins and ends.
Sivu 224 - ... nor shall they be employed in any capacity whatever in operating or assisting to operate any passenger or freight elevator; nor shall they be employed in any capacity whatever in the manufacture of goods for immoral purposes, or any other employment that may be considered dangerous to their lives or limbs, or where their health may be injured or morals depraved...
Sivu 219 - No child between fourteen and sixteen years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work in or in connection with any factory...
Sivu 219 - ... establishment, store, business office, telegraph office, restaurant, hotel, apartment house, or in the distribution or transmission of merchandise or messages...
Sivu 224 - No person shall remove or make ineffective any safeguard around or attached to machinery, vats or pans, while the same are in use, unless for the purpose of immediately making repairs thereto, and all such safeguards so removed shall be promptly replaced.
Sivu 220 - ... that such employer shall either furnish him within ten days, evidence satisfactory to him that such child is in fact over sixteen years of age, or shall cease to employ or permit or suffer such child to work in such factory.
Sivu 159 - That every individual or corporation that carelessly, negligently or wilfully, maliciously or with intent, sets on fire, or causes or procures to be set on fire, any woods, brush, grass, grain or stubble, on lands not owned by such individual or corporation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor...

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