On the Face of the Waters

W. Heinemann, 1903 - 432 sivua

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Sivu 400 - We are making slow progress in the city. The fact is, the troops are utterly demoralized by hard work and hard drink, I grieve to say. For the first time in my life, I have had to see English soldiers refuse repeatedly to follow their officers. Greville, Jacob, Nicholson, and Speke were all sacrificed to this. We were out with all the cavalry this morning on a reconnaissance, or rather demonstration, for some miles, and got a wetting for our pains ; however, rain at this season is too grateful to...
Sivu 72 - Their eternal cult of purely physical passion, their eternal struggle for perfect purity and constancy, not of the soul, but the body, their worship, alike of sex and He who made it, seemed incomprehensible.
Sivu 307 - ... post. Luckily, the enemy have no head and no method, and we hear dissensions are breaking out among them. Reinforcements are coming up under Nicholson ; if we can hold on till they arrive, we shall be secure. I am making every possible arrangement to secure the safe defence of our position.
Sivu 356 - Bible that stripes shall be meted out according to faults, and if hanging is sufficient punishment for such wretches, it is too severe for ordinary mutineers. If I had them in my power today, and I knew that I were to die tomorrow, I would inflict the most excruciating tortures I could think of on them with a perfectly easy conscience.

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